The IMF Chair person Mrs Lagarde said 15/9/2011 that the economic crisis is being hampered by a Political lack of resolve, clearly this caused a stir. I agree with this but what I don’t agree with is the nonsense that goes off from it by financial idiots all over the place about how I am responsible for it. I am not responsible for it; they are the ones that see buildings for example or buy products for building structures which are manufactured by companies that broke equities with me, in order to turn up in public places to ensure the buildings are not buildings any more as they make out spending more of my property on it, that it is the process of making sure those that have more power authority than I do are making me do things that others wants to see me do. Why would they do things like that? The only answer I have gotten from them is because they are using my work without paying for them in that old evil game of theirs of seeking things and refusing to use the route to get them because there are alternative ways and in this of course is the question of what it means, wanting books that contain equities for economic recovery without buying them and the answer to it of making more and more criminals rich like the Greek debt crisis. What do they mean by what I said and how I must do what I said? What did I tell them, that I make people rich? What do they mean by what I said about my ability to make people rich and how this is what all that they are doing is based on? What is it about extortion? So what are they complaining about then? I am not responsible for the Political lack of resolve these fools are the ones that refuse to work for their own profit seeing I will not make my books available for their insults and so when they want somebody that has more power and authority making me serve them by giving them what they want, this is the Political lack of resolve and it will stay that way and get worse and worse and worse and worse, since we are now certain they want problems that are bigger than them and will certainly get one. What I told them about myself is that I am an intellectual property author; how do they expect to get the economic progress they are looking for without buying the books in which the equities they want to spend are written? What do they mean by what I said? None of it is up to me-I am not responsible for the lack of Political resolve, they are responsible for that.It beggars believe they have the money they have, which of course they cannot account for and this fact does not surprise me.


As far as they are aware all those Television insults have paid off; my office is now run on the basis of what I said, complete with their Black idiots playing 'the game'-claiming to be my parents leaving such insults for racial extremists and holding all the Political Aces, hoping their boy as insolently as they possibly can will be forced into the game with their big mouth and which is not hurting badly enough yet as it were. No body is moving any left or any right around here until I am certain and confident it is the right thing to do, unless they will get their own and make their trouble somewhere else as such or just go to hell.