I am aware they seem to want to take their hatred for me to what they describe as a dramatic level; hence it has in their opinion become a topic for the day’s conversation. It makes no sense why it should be anyway since in my view they have decided that and so it should imply they will get lost at last. The celebrity ones are very well known and like to think of themselves as everything you could ever have dreamed of but of course it only reminds you of the sense in some violent things people do about men with girls that can do what they like with you, a bit of which I have in my family background as well – like 14 years of turning up on media to pretend you have a job in which you regularly beckon on men back stage to grab the career of some boy for you to gratify your stupid self with and hence means you can try and wind him up as well and expect no consequences for it whatsoever. I think nothing of it as new – I mean we all know media is a place where you show people how clean and crisp you are – how incredibly cool or how lets all get along cool or how I want my fresh air cool etc and various other forms of cool, so rude idiots like these have come to think it is news that they believe it to be a place they regularly appear to call on men who collect the careers of those whose fame and property they want to deploy, for them to gratify themselves with and thus one needs the provocation as well.

They do say my books do not work alongside my prognosis of what media is meant for of course but that was before they decided they wanted a use of my personality and that should involve a condition where the politicians must help them to the effect that unless they can dominate me at will I should never be allowed to finish my academic work and or get a job. The facts on the ground being that personally for them they knew I was more important and more clever and more of a leader than they were and such dominating will be very distressing for me, for my part they also knew I was 21 when they started and that I was three years older than my adult age and was not going to get any financial support from anywhere but myself so they proceeded to do it anyway knowing perfectly that everything works against the idea that such domination will ever be successful. So I thought I ought to write the books to start them off with spending their own as well hence I don’t really care if it is a prognosis that suits them and their stupid insolent greed.

The other issue that makes sense is about the case of what my problem seems to be with their media and their culture and whatever have you but everybody knows in any case that when I don’t want to look the part of something people can point a finger at so their stupid children can feel like stabbing in order to see what a knife will look like on human flesh with those stupid juvenile minds, it is what they will get up on media where I cannot reach them to shoot off an abusive insult so that they might have anyway – same with when their girls decide they want a Christian they can bully until he is gay so that they might be powerful and same with the fact that they generally never listen to what other people are telling them which causes you to have the ways you have about them as well:- so apart from that everything is peachy.

I can understand they say all I say and do is in my head, I know it is all in my head because I know they have abusive racy community croons but the part where a collection of Politicians you want to get into a fist fight with and beat up seriously, who have done things to me without reason or provocation that creates a result where they can dish extreme violence at me whenever they want turning up to talk nonsense about how they want to take their hatred for me to the next level is definitely not in my head. We do hear the part where the problem with me is largely that I want to marry above my station; the facts about that is the issue of those who are preventing me from doing so using problems that follow me around so that they do not end up in the lives of those that are rich and privileged and they always claim it is a social issue to buy time and gather their strength because if they do I can be beaten of which I have no idea which part of doing so changes my name as well anyway. If Members of the Royal family were to be interested in celebrities – the popular culture ones that make their money without bothering me would have mattered but usually they matter only in terms of culture and not relationships but these fools are not popular culture celebrities that make their money without causing me a lot of suffering. They say it is their culture which I damage when we all know what happens is that they go off to African country to bring around some stupid black women who a fair idea of discrimination to turn up and make sure my academic work is in tatters so her stupid children can pass the exams and get jobs in companies I broker equities with as a replacement for me, which then goes a long way right up to turning my equities business into a recognition seeking contraption put together by somebody without a sense of direction who needs a lot of connections and thinks he can get it anywhere and that is before we hear the big mouth wagging about violence as well because they are certain I have thought it as a social issue for long enough to be weaker than they are. I mean I do get involved with popular culture and the reality of that is more to do with a millionaire trouble maker who sees a pretty girl and lets down his guard for example and what people find out ends up in a song but because it exists they will get involved and do it as well for commercial purposes and the prognosis of that will be to do it all the time as well, solve one of the problems, talk nonsense about damaged culture, provoke me all the time and generally try to prevent people from marrying above their station even when they would not have wanted to, which will make sense to anybody that wants to marry them above their station as something they do because it was their right to oppress those that are below their own station. Hence they will find the trouble they seek here and I have no problems with that for my part either; especially about the destruction of my finances so they can make out on media what my station really is. Of course the biggest issue of all is that when they turn up to do it as well and to party and to run off the high life, we are looking at early days which is about inventing new ways in which others can be used as well, which is most of the time to culminate in their stupid girls letting their hair down in a rich man’s car – so when they blow off their big mouth about people marrying above their station and taking problems that follow them around into the lives of rich and privileged people which is what their own looks like, it makes you want to get hold of them and force them to serve thereof and I may have unwittingly described here the Scottish National Party in the business world as well by the way.