Having my life Policed by idiots that always ensure that others do what is needed by society is that which I am very well aware of anyway but I always think they do it because they are making a lot of money from doing so which can also be confiscated to pay for the damages. What we are looking at here is the beginning of an assault on that stupid Politicians plus music industry plus media plus community idiots plus money freaks in the city violent greed thing they always want to do with my work and earnings. I do not need any sociopaths pretending to be psychopaths rubbish from anybody.

What I have already said about homosexuality is with respect to homosexuality from what happens in society and what I said is that we cannot attribute marriage to homosexuality except in a colloquial sense in which we describe a union between two people from two sides of society and whatever it is they seem to do with each other. The issue remains the same with homosexuality in the Church or homosexual marriages legalised by Politicians – I have a bottle of wine I want to share with my friends but because there is no civility anymore on account that men fuck men, they barge in grab my wine drink it and smash the bottle against the wall to do my stuff, then tell me that there is no need to be frustrated of scared because homosexuality has now been legalised and if I am too angry I can become one of those. So it is the Politicians that need to set out clearly what the law has now become because if they are not banning Christianity and institutionalising homosexuality then they should be banning homosexuality to institutionalise Christianity but if they do not seem to be doing any of the two, then it is advisable that they shut up.

The usual prognosis is that it is done and set up to wind me up or get to me, with respect to which we have a long standing issue anyway. The one where they never complain while they are really busy gathering facts about me and my career that they can use to link me with racists in order to sacrifice me to racists to stop them from killing people because every life is precious and worth saving. I mean I have never seen racists kill anybody in ten years I will say but they will make sure that is disputed so that they might sacrifice me. they say the problem is with women and I have no idea because what they must be referring to is women who have a bad health and do not like people to bother them excessively because they have jobs etc, so are always looking like they are tired all the time and have a bad hair day or women that always tell idiots like them to shut up so they do not stir the violent side of society, for my part I cannot make out what the connection is between hating those women and sacrificing me to racists so racists do not kill anybody on account I have enough love to go round for everybody.

They always say I wouldn’t survive in the US for example but clearly the US is not a place that has a welfare state so there are more sick women there trying to get to work and having a bad hair day all the time anyway, as far as I am aware of which I am only making clear to them why they hate me enough to sacrifice me to racists so that that love might be used to save lives and why they never complain while they are at it until they need homosexual marriages and want one to wind me up.

I have never seen such a collection of resurgent insolent ageists in my life; I want to take you by the hand and lead you in the direction that you are meant to go because I want the world and when I ask them what their names are or even remind the female ones they are women, they make legislations on sexism. Some do ask if I am aware it is some kind of really violent equality campaign that is sexually abusive as well but it is not what they say it is, what they say it is, is that it is sex and love which can never be a bad thing so I will not change that otherwise I will not be having as much fun as I can have. I mean tax payers money is being spent on them to help them attack the things I do to earn a living for their fun so the Politicians are least to complain they do not know what it is all about and I have not yet done anything for my part to look into the matter of the insolent familiarities of the lower classes in my direction, so there is nothing to be concerned about in a real sense (for now I have to keep telling people I don’t need their stuff while it gets violent and they get into a habit of striking my chest and then threatening me as well – sometimes I do get down to their level to cause them serious damage to realign their stupidities with reality but soon once I am back to work they are back again and so of course for the Politicians I am not giving back that stupid left as well so they can come and get it if they want). They always love to pretend and claim there are so many things preventing this from getting completely out of hand but I have no idea what those things are supposed to have been anyway.

The idea I have interfered with the powers of Politicians is altogether a ludicrous claim; the truth about it is that whenever Politicians see anything that gets attention in a social context they want it and the approach is always violent, the big problem here is making an entire empire by savaging its finances into something that gets attention in a social context so they can want it and they need to stand aside. I mean the clarification of my position is that I have a place in the hearts of a few million people around the world and they have no respect for what will happen to me if I break them, what they know is climbing I and out of character by doing these things on one hand and on the other complaining their wives love me instead of them which I find incredibly insulting because I am no body’s alternative as it is enough their wives have a crush on me and that is something I must take responsibility for. Even if they are mad they are not deaf as well; I like my life and I want to enjoy it and I am not giving back that stupid left so the Politicians can come and get it if they want it and of course the problem of lower class idiots getting involved with me violently when I do not want it will again soon become something that will be settled in its own merit.

There is nothing between me and their really dumb fame and fortune girls and I have no idea what is wrong with them anyway; they marry some and acquire others for the purpose of unleashing them on my earnings and anything I own. I am only making it clear there is nothing between me and those girls save their claims of love and sex in my direction which can never be wrong until they feel me in the same way as well of course and of course back stage media camera bullying every time they appear on Public places. I have said anyway their girls of which I have no idea what they suppose those have to offer me or what makes them think they are my mates etc, that I have had enough of and their dumbness which does not necessarily mean they are deaf as well as they can clearly see somebody’s Government work going on here. Maybe I might want to acquire some of such girls if at all I have such degree of disrespect for other people in me, by which I can spend their earnings on a daily basis anyway. Their Politicians on the other hand will never respect how provocative it is the get out of their offices and chase me around the streets claiming they are doing representative and open government and it always happens when I trust people each time they speak of civil liberties and then after that they cannot shut their mouths of which they are doing very well too as we speak. Then of course they all tell me it is the big fat man sitting on my stuff but they never say so in good time either, they always rather claim it is civil rights. It does not trouble me in anyway either, they can keep their defence mechanisms but crossing me with such nonsense as back stage media bullying happening because those their stupid girls are really my league will eventually lead to something else entirely. As I said before that politicians + media idiots + music industry + get rich quick scum + community goons thing by which they like to go to my market place to give it their own brand of publicity then find out thereof what the future of my business may look like and take that for themselves which is then followed with abusive violence must now end. I mean it is the same old story, lead in one direction and what they need is not leadership which is what your job is but money which you must provide on the other with a big mouth. They need to get off my stuff and leave alone my book sales-it will be their undoing.

So let the Politicians decide what happens with homosexuality and not the Church, so that those of them that do can do so and get into the Church to tell people their duty is to lead while other people preach the gospel. I mean it is at the heart of the problem we are dealing with at the moment; how big businesses will sit back and watch me catch up with them, when they are the ones that wrecked my finances playing personality games and profit for stupid girls in order to create this condition where everybody gets to see me happen. I know I say these things to the hearing and write them with the knowledge that the wrong eyes will see and read them-that line between my life and theirs that I drew in my teens which they erased with the entirety of my 20s looking for trouble must be redrawn and of course they can erase it again if they want; it is something I do to test and measure where they are with regards to my right to exist altogether on that their stupid game which has to do with how they are the only ones that need money. As I mentioned; at the heart of this get rich rubbish over my leadership and job are Politicians, the Media and the music industry which is what community idiots like to identify with. Same old story about that line itself whereby they offer me things I am not which I cannot say no to because it is offered violently and so even if I say no I suffer pain and they get on media as well, which means somebody sits somewhere to second guess the future of my business elbow me hard and take that for themselves just like they like life and existence itself to be for them which must also be applied to everybody at their expense, looking for trouble no body gets to hear unless they are in trouble as well.

Obviously these dumb girls – I am dumb and sexy and confident, do not do anything less than what they are; it is the back stage media idiots and their cameras, after which they complain I talk but have taken over their lives and I suppose they think I will give that back too.

The idea of people who have links with businesses bullying and intimidating me each time they want to secure my market to make some money which of course is everyday is rather always something I would dissuade people from doing; the fact is that I know everything and I know where everything is-I know where the music industry is, I know where Films are, I know where Theatres are, I know where the Media is etc, so things do not appear to me the way that money freaks suppose it should appear to everybody. I mean they ask how it would be possible that all I have done is not connected with my own life but it is not clear what they expected bearing in mind they have never before done business with their own lives despite how shoddy they are. The idea of taking up something from my websites to present them as their own which will make me jumpy does not apply, it makes me jumpy but that depends as well. I am jumpy when there is work to do but when there is no work to do then I do not blame myself for the massive equity costs of such gimmicks; especially the ones that will directly impact the equities businesses can only get from buying the books which of course they had the obligation of printing for me at some point and therefore are at a disposition to dispatch as they like robbing me of sales while their Politicians talk rubbish about public services being provided at my expense, so that I might want to ensure that it is, in order to get them into trouble again. On the contrary, I do not see any of it as something that most people do, like I said I know where everything is and therefore know it is done by a tiny group of very determined fame craving attention seeking idiots and this I am going to crush absolutely taking no prisoners for my part. They need to leave alone the book sales; I mean they used to say there was no way of knowing that singing songs about me for example is destroying very expensive equities but now I have told them they are not so innocent anymore, they know what they are doing. singing songs about me cannot be wrong they used to say but of course it can in everyway, it is somebody else’s livelihood becoming their plaything. Of course I don’t want their friendship; Politicians rule the world, even their Pornographers are powerful, it is no body’s business who I do business with and it is therefore not clear what they always like to turn up here to find out. I mean making Porn movies out of Obama’s life will never happen but for me it does to the point where I cannot get my books off the shop shelves. As I said, they know they are playing with peoples livelihoods now and are not so innocent anymore. I can see a future where media profits are attacked daily on this matter because they think they are really powerful in fact they think doing these things, playing with peoples livelihoods is funny and of course they tell lies about it all the time as well using media power to make up peoples minds and determine what truths they believe.

Do I know that most things they do to attack me especially the media and fame ones, is a function of what people do to them for attacking me? I know it perfectly the reason I deal with it when they do is simply because it is such an awesome amount of insult to attack me, get hurt by those who have a duty towards me and then take revenge on me for it. I mean only I can live in this life and that is the question for them; do they live here now? It is always the case that when I do anything about it they get a good feeling either which of my not doing anything and that is why I always do but must make it really expensive because that is what that good feeling is, very expensive stuff.

The part about business and the world the way they want it is not a matter that causes me concern although they make their Public displays to show they expect me to fall to pieces. The truth of it is that they are just not putting it together; I said something about the fact Politicians rule the world and even their pornographers are powerful and more so against me, I have mentioned their girls have nothing to offer me and that I owe them nothing on account they had more money than me when I started off my business. So in my view it is one of those things I will eventually have to end up doing to show there is no such thing as an emerging new world because I built an empire; they will never believe anything people tell them because they are invincible and I intend to put this to the test too especially the Americans. I am a Christian and all these things are an incredibly proficient use of my time to teach me all kinds of rubbish about the devil and I am a grown man, I am not going to store them up here, they will have to be spent.

The point that was always the point that was the point is always that they need to get off my book sales. Apparently I now have to do that violence for others as well; the one that involves what happens when people ask for my market equities to save a company and a product with because they have lots of respect for its wealthy owners which companies are now afraid of because of what I do to consolidate those equities deployed in such ways and how it tends to mean they loose a piece of their company, while those who do it with their media abuses simply become more and more violent because they realise this time they can do it for their own ends since they will loose nothing but it has now developed to a point where these companies were okay because we are allies and I must now do it for everybody according to what my fathers tell me to do as well with a big mouth and of course if I ignore it they make money from that and the world will never be a good place especially for me. There are definitely other more useful ways people can spend their time but that will not be chosen by them so it reminds me of revenge I never had over the abuse which led to a process where my work was detached from capital which made this possible years ago and any compromises I make will be Political capital for them as well which will also not be a good for my health and safety and well being.

So it is never actually true that I am a religiously intolerant person, the truth is that the fact we live in a multicultural society is no reason to excuse things people do to hurt me. I mean they do have their reasons for those things they do obviously but no matter what will be the result if I act it applies also they know everybody has a limit. They are always doing it, I am a Hindu, I am a Buddhist, I am a Muslim, I am this and I am that but the entire purpose of all they do is to barge into my life and tear down any defences I have against any evils of society I am defended against then sit down and provide me with leadership that will get me killed. Their biggest problem of course is that they never leave people alone just like they complain I rip peoples defences to pieces as well which of course is something that I only do their modernisation or not, when Politicians make an open show of my faith in a disorganised way, knowing very well we live in a multicultural society; some of them always look like they have it in them to do these things all the time which makes sense of a lot of things as well.

This of course is meant to have been the best time to make mention of the fact I left the cultural aspect of these things to other professionals like The US Rock Singer, Prince.