The popular idea is that my work is difficult. It is not. All we see here is Politicians trying to get rid of me in order to own my fame. If people look back at it they might think it is a bit too much to put on other people but I am not assuming it gets to mean the Politicians understand the concept of too much anyway. All that rubbish about getting rid of everything that authenticates and attaches me to my fame, my face, my work, etc with their big Political mouth and it has been like that for the last decade so far. Now what we tend to have is an idiot in the office of the Prime Minister who starts following me around everywhere I go to hurt me and make out in public they are taking care of me and all that bullying designed to make sure they make me as clumsy as possible, so that I might become made by them the person people like to hurt when they feel like getting rich. I am David Cameron and no body has ever put me in my place before, I can therefore go from claiming things to claiming things to claiming things with a big mouth. I have asked if it is something he does because he it is his real character or something he thought he could do when he gets involved in Politics? I have also asked if he thinks he is that lucky bastard namely Tony Blair who is not essentially doing so well with it as it stands? I couldn’t care less anyway.

The media ones are just the ones that fail to see that they are the ones people will want to hurt the most; bearing in mind if you are white you want to ignore racists and carry on with your normal life and if you are black want to ignore stupid black people and do the same. Except the Politicians come to the aid of those and open your life up then when they find out people cannot get you still pay them tax payers money to keep up with your income but it is when this does not work still that media idiots and celebrities who think with their insults they have found somebody that will make the country work while they get rich with a large gob and their business connections turn up to make you suffer any problems there are because you are the one that knows how to solve them, lest you keep the process whereby you solve problems to yourself and it will go on like that until you make a place in your life where you can accommodate all these problems and they can build up more and more and more to feel decadent then show off to get connected to the rich; Obviously not me of course, I am the one people bully to test how decadent they can get but the rich as in especially those stupid insolent audacious girls; all of who do not know that if I ignore the Politicians I am completely fine and that they are the problem.

Its like when they make out the story that London 2012 is facing the risks of match fixing etc. I find it difficult to understand how they could not have foreseen that it will be that way when they Olympic games came to the UK under the leadership of a socialist Party. So I say if they will demonise the Labour Party if they foresee it, let them knock themselves out with it then.

They ask me about where I stand with respect to the fact when people see younger people they automatically assume they don’t want to do anything useful with their lives when it actual fact they do. I wonder why it would be a confusion anyway when regardless of whether or not young people want to do something with their lives the real issue here is my life and the fact people do not wish to respect the fact there is a particular way in which I live it. They know how to spend all of their time doing things on and onto people all the time like it was some kind of right they have which they actually don’t, they claim their reasons for this is that they use these powers as defance mechanism against evil and violent people but never do they use them on evil and violent people because they are busy using them on those who have what they do not have.

I have made it quite clear that a process where they tell me they will become criminals if they don’t have my property spent on them will lead to serious problem here with the Politicians that barge into my life and do so for them; what more do they want. The fact that it is one thing to be a hate figure who goes around finding jobs you can get your hands on, so that it can be collected for those who have little Privilege and need to share some Privilege with those who have some and quite another for people to be showing you all the time that they love to be made a fool of, especially at the Universities? So that when you get out of it you decide what is really important to people is to be made a fool of and spend all your time doing so-hence when it has been that way for about 2 decades you do get to think about stopping when you have 3 more decades to retirement because politicians have lies they tell which mean that it is a good thing to on account they have roped in the life of a young person who had a good future whose fame they want to confiscate, then pretend the person has no right to hurt them so that others who have never amounted to anything can begin to make a fool out of people as well like you do. I mean being the hate figure that gets his hands on jobs which when he does means is the thing that carries privilege that those who have never had some need to have can be ignored if you do not wish to work for others, the question here is that they want to do something useful with their own lives. It seems that when I put out the warnings and the papers on my websites it does not mean anything at all.

I am not saying it is a problem as such. it is not a difficult issue for me to deal with. I already know it is impossible to steal everything, down to confiscating peoples sense of faith when they are fighting or looking after issued concerned with being persecuted, so that you can tell them and force them to take leave of it to be evil in order to make money and then also tell them thereafter when to go to church to clean up, only to turn up with good grades at school as well. It is impossible unless it is the persons good grades you have been translating into your own work and it will never do. I had made them the promise I will wait for them at the jobs market and they have not believed me at this point yet.