The case of whether or not Politicians want to be powerful does not apply here; what applies is that this is not their property, this is not their own personal lives, this is not their own homes and this is not their own lives and boy do we know that or what? I don’t care how heavy it gets as a result of the fact I can get about explaining the contents of my books to them and then force them to buy it in order to use even the contents of it that they have in their stupid heads – the rule is that I sell the books before they read them, I sell enough to make it acclaimed before they can make a media spoof about them otherwise I will stifle everything and I have warned they will never recognise the west ever again if that rubbish about profiting from my work actually pays off anyway, so it is up to them to keep playing around to talk rubbish about violence as well with that stupid media. I mean such things as sit in your home without a case and realise an idiot was giving a speech to his party today and ended it with how he does not know how I take up his stuff and then do it to pretend it is mine – what sort of insults are those anyway if they don’t mind the question and what do they expect me to do about it then if they are interested in reason? They always invent these things associated with their greed and need to spend other peoples possessions as well to make sense of the money they would have made through it from the point of view of the perspective and prism of their social and cultural deviance about which they think they wish to incorporate wickedness and violence with as well, all of which they think makes a collection of things they can do with no plans to stop unless you had killed them with a big mouth, then turn up on other people’s lives without an interest in their religion which then makes the personality or their profession which then makes the personality or their studies which then makes the personality or as in my case all three which then makes my personality, to peddle personality and get rich, the personality they round up and stifle finances and academic work to treat like a possession as though the owner has no feelings then we hear the noise making after that too in pretence I have not had enough of them as well for my part – it does appear they want a piece of me and I implore them to that effect to keep talking nonsense of the violence which will ensure they definitely get it.

They say they do these things because they want to feel like they are connected to their culture again but given half the whiff of a recession in the air in the next 50 years or so and the thing with Politics will again be that they can do whatever they like with anybody’s personality on account they control the majority and facts and figures therefore show that they should be the people that are richest. If not then it is the one that tends to happen rain or shine about how their women can beat up men like me but it is mostly about talking nonsense everywhere and all over the place to create the sense that I steal women’s beauty and all I do and own can be ascribed to their stupid daughters that are deployed by media idiots who want my earnings and can never have enough of it; hence I must always contend with problems so I can solve them and offer things they can deploy for their ends at all times through these fools that turn up to talk nonsense all the time. The part about everything I do being a function of how I am manipulated has no basis on reality too especially for the blacks; in terms of that, they are only able to do those stupid things they do with people who do not know how to settle in on the fact all they own belongs to them on account they have gone and handled it but I believe I have been clear about that stupid media and that stupid pop culture and that stupid politics – it is when they have made profit with my books before I have and it has actually paid off that we will find out and whatever it is they want around here they will find as well. I believe they wish to find out if we can develop backwards on civil rights and that is one of the things they will get from me as well, especially over provocation around the corridors of International Communities they have come to think of as their personal and private property too, so that I can leave it for extremists when I am done as well. The claims they are making me vulnerable to extremism is utter nonsense – they are the extremists and like every such organisation there is leadership and they are being insubordinate and hurting me is on the line and I will milk it to the end; I don’t mind the insults and the gossips and conspiracies they talk nonsense about and turn up in public to prove either, the blacks have no shame and think they can mess up other peoples lives whenever they want to. Those stories about what I do and how I run my affairs coming to light as a result of their actions is nonsense – what is important is how much I can milk their insubordination in their various extremist groups and how far I can go milking it too, like everything I work for an own disappearing in a jiffy every day with a big mouth and an excuse to support the idea that should continue whereby I allowed it grow so big because there is nothing I can do about it with that big wagging we suffer the listening to all the time about which as I said it seems to them nobody can ensure we develop backwards on civil rights and leave it for extremist groups to manage when finished as well.