The popular idea that the most evil trouble makers always have is that they will secure themselves a condition where they can get whatever they want bearing in mind all they do about what they want is dream and know that it exists in other peoples lives. As a Christian allowing them to do so with the entertainment industry is just a process of bribing thieves with easy money and a lot of it at that, so the rule always has got to be making sure that whenever they want to be bad, they can be as bad as they will like by personally seeing to that and I believe I have also shown to some extent I will sort out seriously any politician can crosses me over it now and ever again (they ought to make their salaries available then cross other people like that anyway).

I however am therefore always being accuses of excluding people from the things I do. I do not exclude anybody from the things I do; these people always ensure they wreck my finances before they turn up to be part of what I have or what I am because they do not want to be denied and because they have plans to gain from me and harm me. I am supposed to make sure they have none of those things they want by Law, besides which the reason they do it is that they are very wicked people and in my view it is always a test of whether they can extract an income from my property or not and I will not forgive any Politician that has helped them with the feeling that they have either, those are just looking for wrath and nothing more.

I have never said people cannot play with me because I am a Christian, they on the other hand have always sent out the message they must have anything they want from me with a big mouth and lots of lies and alternative truths that Politicians like to get along with because they think the truth is a difficult thing for me when I am trying to ensure that all my beauties are spent on fantasies and happiness and no idiot with questionable morals has access to any of them or indeed gets to extract an income from the fact I exist. This however is not my real life, which is rather that I am an Arch Prince with duties split between Church and state and so having been this is where my main concentration lies must make it clear what my Film equities really are and the fact their purpose is to make it clear to people, if they are nice guys that finish last and have decided to change as a result, here they will be as bad as they want because I will personally see to it that they are. it is never really clear what gives them those convictions that they will always get what they want because they are fully developed human beings and the rest of us are half and half human beings, hence something is always falling off that everybody is entitled to. It is never difficult for me to ensure no body makes money at my expense because I am a famous person and of course it is certainly not what I want them to finance their wickedness with.

I cannot manage my personality and its effects on the world as well as keep a position which is essentially the office of one of the most powerful and important Christians in the world. This is Law, Liberty and Morality.