I am told I have not stopped showing indications that I had failed to consider the threat that the popularity and abusive Celebrity culture posed to me but this is not actually the case, as any escalation would mean that they were willing to explore the various available options where collateral damage was considered to be solution for a problem that involved a need they had to fool around with my concerns and abuse me to such an extent and with such intensity that my state of mind was affected and I faced difficulty just trying to be the real me: it had since arrived at a stage where it was affected by those abuses and therefore decided that it considered itself an important individual(s), that were entitled to have my career and finances suspended while they adjusted their own to the new conditions and this is the last of it that I will tolerate. When I get rid of its insults all this nonsense would move on, especially in terms of insults associated with that stupid need to encourage people to do something that will forcibly make me do their bidding, especially as we can see we are never free from their need to complain about which enemies I ought to tackle for some entitlement they thought they were due but if they wish to explore collateral damages, the ball was always in their Court. The Politicians have suggested it was partly my fault but not really on the whole I.e. I did open up my public image to Celebrities that assisted me with crime control publicity and used it as a tool to secure the big break whenever those who worked show business industry wanted to part with their huge wealth on social engagements – these goons are supposed to be the self invites whose friends never stopped spending money to attack others and hated the fact that celebrities allied to me were picking up the money that was meant to be spent attacking others, therefore needed to plug the losses, however an entitlement to get involved with me had since grown instead into an abusive way to maintain access to my personal space on account that it felt good, despite the fact they were feeling this way and working on it too. So people say it was never clear why the west would cling to celebrity culture but at the same time hated it about which the facts I have mentioned should clear up the matter, that we do not hate Celebrity culture if there were people complaining endlessly about the antics of the male population, hence explaining the problem that is the Americans, who claim that gold digger gimmicks exhibited by these fools was valuable and useful and we see the state of my finances due to the fact that when they were affected, they developed a new form of abusive behaviour that the same idiots could title gas lighting and sit around society corners sending out low lives to share my personal space, make a mess of my Bookshop and run me down because they were men i.e. the state of my finances because I have not been attacking Americans, goes without saying I have written this on the second day of a decision to start attacking force him to do something I want new breed of Celebrities, who were the same that never stopped pressing the point that I am a low life and criminals were better than I am until they damaged my career and now need it suspended a bit longer, so their stupidities may adjust to new social conditions at my expense, shooting off the big mouth about the threats I may face if I resisted and we are set on a course where we will get an opportunity to see what becomes of it. They do claim their problem to be that no matter what they did, it was never enough to measure up just as much as we know that since they put a name to their faces on a public stage where they worked, they should have taken the responsibility to keep a good reputation and not get known for attacking those that are trying ti improve public welfare – for my part on the other hand I have informed them the most important leadership was public leadership, after that was professional leadership that decided code of conduct for professions and there are so many other interest groups before we arrived at their immoral society and whatever it is they were doing with it, of which the outcome was always that they were not providing leadership as Celebrities, for their immoral society as much as they were blaming others for the problems associated with it and the problems that it created. I have been informed that I never have really told people the nature of the threat to the whole gold digger gimmicks was valuable and useful American face in the world thing but we are talking about the fact that if there were idiots at industry boardrooms with ideas about other peoples career being used to serve them, to which effect they ran off practical jokes up and down, round and round, ensured the career did not mean anything to anybody no matter what the owners did with it, then when some twat from the middle east or communist territory digs up some minerals from the earth that can be sold for money, the victims of such nonsense would face a greater threat undoubtedly; it does this and then I end up paying the price for it, should I want the stupidities moved on and people who performed it to fool around somewhere else, it issues threats and I had to assess which collateral damage it was prepared to follow like that everyday, making a complete mess of my Bookshop and picking up my career along with product publicity for the very important gold digger gimmicks that I was cash strapped because asset maintenance formed 70% of my daily engagement at a Bookshop, thus the Client could not read Books and the partnership was suspended and could be made stale. Here it would be said that it was still an issue that I refused to take control but I want to fix my finances, at the same time I have no wish to end their suffering for this incredibly important valuable gold digger gimmicks mantra. What we have ended up with is a wealth equity effect where the goons who spent money attacking others spent it on them on my account, whilst they got off fighting communists on my behalf, to which effect they were famous enough to know that it can be as simple as a matter of a criminal making a decision to work with the law instead of other criminals, over a deal that was offered but because they got involved people got killed already, they are famous enough to know their insults combined with a need to be seen integrating my work into their fame careers should also have informed them not to mess with the career publicity especially the part that involved crime control at the public work office; so far it has built a crisis from some private security work I did for a retail outlet because I engaged with idiots that showed up to play with the work and risk the property of clients, to a tune where I wanted them to inform the Celebrities they rely on for an exit, of their gimmicks, as much as they bothered me, in true nature which just like it complains about me every time it was being arrested by a Police officer for doing something wrong, until an Office decided to have a look at what I am doing, which was a waste of Police time, it claimed I had offered it a license to get involved with Celebrities who never stopped picking up on the way I had exposed my public image to them, so I can put the words in their mouths and groom them for the bum fingering fun as much as their insolence does me, which had since provoked the famous idiots to a point of no return, what we are seeing suggests that if a character should have been shot by the Police but the famous were fooling about with crime publicity which risked other peoples lives, to which effect he was made a deal to get involved with the famous, they could take it with ease, thus the main problem that they were financially comfortable and allied to the King of England and the American President (claiming everything I experienced was what I deserved whereas reality suggests it will not stop the gimmick where I was a big one that should be slaughtered to satisfy racists and alleviate those who experienced discrimination, would never stop no matter how much they were warned, now ended up with a crisis of decisions at the security services where it had to be ascertained if they were lambs to the slaughter, about which their alliance with criminals never left them with the career crime personality for such a purpose but before we got there, we first saw the random mass shootings).

They do claim I had not yet figured out how to stem the financial losses and that everything I got was as I deserved it. on the matter of what I deserved however, it would not stop a gimmick where it had found a big one that should be slaughtered to alleviate those who suffered discrimination and satisfy racists, up to the point where the crisis at security services was a question of whether they were lambs to the slaughter with their career crime gold digger personalities. On the matter of financial losses, the men have entered a state where attacking them would make sense if they were always engaged in something that will damage my career so they could handle me like I was a cult leader about which there was a good reason for me to live a life of violence as such, while the tin can feminists always behaved as if I was talking about psychopaths whenever I mentioned their sociopath nature and the stupid sociopath men behind it talking nonsense at me all the time, since psychopaths were also likely to perform the half well dressed goes for a walk at midnight and cannot explain why he raped a woman on his way home gimmick but cannot get people to like their personality enough to befriend them whereas sociopaths get everywhere – it is the one insult from the famous where people needed to forcibly make me do something they wanted and it is building up to the part where my presence in their neighbourhoods meant other birth signs needed to think about reading something I wrote not getting involved with my personality, to explain what they saw if it concerned their stupidities so much, 6 years I have spent on social security issuing warnings on the insult and it will not end, so I think there is a need now to take physical action.

They do claim if I left their insults and abuses to them I should never expect it to end naturally which I understand completely, just as I suppose they have been able to make sense of what I am now saying and what I am doing over what I had said. It is as they also claim that my State provided security provoked them naturally and we know this made so much sense in the matter of a group of people who made such a mess of security service work every moment of their stupid lives, that getting involved with them even in a platonic work environment was a choice, to blend in perhaps, be like them may be or just become friendly and neutral – so it should have made sense of the way that the security was provided for me on the matter of people doing strange things with Industrial parks and when the Police frequents the area, they enlist school children to abuse people randomly and help out with their dirty work, such that it would have been clear that I was able to run a Bookshop successfully, found a wife with whom I settled down and everybody knew of the expertise by which I and my family handled the matter in question.

I am told Celebrities are already losing a lot of money because of me but I am aware of this, as it was supposed to have been an abusive show business built of perverting my wealth equity public life that allowed Celebrities to mop up funds that some trouble makers loved to spend to pervert public policy and the general peace, into something that made sense of immoral society gimmicks, claimed that I was below criminals, left it open to gold diggers and made me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy – so it was a system people signed up to, picked up show business products to make money and get rich, I pulled the plug and a fight kicked off over what is clearly their right, if I left their insults to them to deal with, it simply would never stop, hence my point, especially considering ideas offered where I am a coward people could do as they please with and they have been fighting some communists on my behalf. In the end there is the point raised about my mental stability but I raise such a point here endlessly too. I do understand the concern i.e. what people have referred to as gaslighting is referred to as anomies in sociology, so since I control such a huge section of it, there is as such the question of whether I did because I am myself mentally stable. Officially however, the purpose of doing so was to beat the time factor for the general public i.e. those who ruin peoples lives to build their own should get comfortable at some stage and therefore cease to handle their victims at such a point – whilst for my part, having been able to decide a huge section of what was a group of men hanging about somewhere to send out idiots that would make the most of somebody else’s personal space whilst they then tried to get rich abusively, making up the reasons for their vandalism as they went along, I can now say that I am able to ascertain which ones should become a main matter for public concern at any given time and at the same time able to rob criminal communities of a huge amount of power, I do therefore understand the question completely i.e. whether I keep it so close to home because I am myself mentally stable.

They do claim the problem to be the disrespect I get away with which is utter nonsense, it is rather the disrespect they had become accustomed to because I had been too busy to respond over the years. The nature of it is to do with something people say about the way I never pursue the matter as seriously as it looks i.e. there is my career work and variables where I invited people to take part, the variables being for instance things like Celebrities who see me do the wealth equity and want my life because they were entitled, when asked to make a living selling a product to an idiot who never stopped spending money to attack others, it will make the money and show up later running me down over matters of people it ended up in bed with. The part about my career could be people doing strange things with industrial parks and when the Police stops them, they enlist school children to run people down because they had placed labels on others and I am one of such persons, building up to a risk I faced when people came into possession of my literature, bearing in mind they would have paid for it at that stage. The part about my work could involve the fact I wanted to pick up th wealth equity where the Celebrities had left off, the part about other peoples involvement could be that the products being sold to trouble makers were in the market fulfilling purpose and I had to look out for a hierarchy of responsibility. So it works like this in a lot of instances, my work and other peoples involvement, thus I am not allowed a moments peace or normalcy from a bunch of idiots who decided to feel privileged enough to get me fighting their enemies, showing up here to pull my legs, churn my tummy and play stupid practical jokes about instances where I would have gotten torn up so others could feel safe, which then plays into the aforementioned concern about my mental health, about which I set out to people the way that a bunch of ageist gits sit around somewhere to send out hoodlums that ran me down over my social life in order to make money, causing things to happen about which none was responsible, which I can track, so if I can identify them and track them and the ability to track them meant that I regularly decided which of their gimmicks should be a matter for public concern at a given time, robbing criminal communities of huge amount of power, it is more probable, that I am mentally stable but the question would never have arisen if it was quiet here when I wanted it to be. The icing on the cake was the University experience, where the main point of crisis was that I was an odds with some society gits who had ideas about the way the law works in favour of the weak and deals injustice for the strong, whilst their women ran of verbal abuses when none asks them questions around here, about the way I picked up a career that was too much for me and did not have the energy to protect it from the bad people who wanted the income, thus creating a problem for others – I could have been allowed to graduate at that stage but the Celebrities and Media decided otherwise, it is not that I did not pick up a diploma to help me counter their interest in my career and product publicity, its just that the insults of the famous and a need to rely on my public image for gimmicks because it felt good, shreds the finances by deciding client attention, what they have now announced being that they did not plan to stop it amicably. Hence I must look to the reasons for the clash with the famous i.e. dropping out of University on account I got caught up with the social lives of people who worked Government offices and crossed paths with female journalists, so they decided to determine whom I familiarised with, having cleared out everything that I did to play a part in botching my academic pursuits, they are still here, famous peoples insults shredding the client interests everyday, now making statements born from their local fools running my life with the social activities of criminals to climb social ladder, about controlling money, which had nothing to do with their interest in my career regardless, whilst being allied to the US President and the King of England.