I would have thought where we are is rather the matter of Government spending cuts, where the governments spending cuts was from day one in their manifesto that it would be used as a tool to stabilise society and if the people did not want it they would never have voted a majority conservative and if the Liberals did not like it would never have gone into a coalition government.

We are all supposed to work with the governments of the day, except that everybody else's government functions properly unlike the ones that trouble makers like these like; who hurt themselves by claiming people commit crimes because their neighbourhoods are poor but do not want somebody else to make their cultures famous in turn because it will mean the Politicians will be unable to be famous.

I for my part they will certainly work with me to ensure the government stabilises society on time so it may perhaps have some money to spend on the people which may help the economy as well and if they don't it will be one more step closer to church since the last step they took when I took over the left and they had to move right to use my property to get rich together with their Pop Stars 

Nothing like the idea that this government spending will result in selling more music CDs for example while my books continue to be kept out of the spotlight which of course is their only forte, if they are not busy getting something to come out of my television to hurt me on account they have nothing better to do with their time, bearing in mind the fight with them was won about 8 years ago.