It’s become regular talk of course for Politicians to site up my work and possessions and run off to smooth relations with their counterparts from all over the world but what it becoming unusual about it obviously is that when done we start to hear tales of how I have only barely escaped their wrath and so on; whereas the reality was that when they hurt themselves they claim I have escaped their wrath or I am in trouble i.e. take Muslims for instance who are misogynistic, they will go off and bother the Russians until they are sold weapons and then they will return and use it to blow each other up – when that happens the west will try to stabilise the region and that means we take in the Asylum seekers and those fleeing persecution which means that the government always has relations smoothed over anyway – these kinds of insults however are a measure of the reasons I do some things I seen getting up to because if anybody were to ask them what the reasons are, they would never supply a useful one, so calling them a bunch of idiots is abusive but not doing so is a bigger problem. Hence to iron it out, it is obvious the Prime Minister does these things on account if I make his own violent as well it will all rob off on the Country, so he does it at his risk but are his subordinates the Prime Minister as well? It goes on like that endlessly and I don’t think that the choices evil people make about which side of good or evil to engage in is the problem, just fools like these first of all who know that evil does not do customer service, so they need my morals while they keep the evil to get powerful with and they will never have it – I am just experimenting as well to find out what they will do and how they will get out of this – which means that these insults are designed to annoy me and make me tell them the way their stuff is especially concerning the old case of doing the lives of women and turning up to show their western men stupidities and desire to exhibit themselves which they call freedom and therefore like to pretend it makes them super men but does nothing whatsoever when Industries kick them hard and employ the criminals in their communities and neighbourhoods and families, to kick them harder still – my point is, nobody here has escaped any stupid wrath from them. I created this whole prognosis by which evil people and moral people can interact  on an equal basis, I created this whole normalcy where both are equally governable by the administrations on the day, it does not do to be seen around my Books spending my possessions with that stupid attitude and issuing foul threats about their foolish wrath, it suggests somebody will be likely to commit genocide at some point in future around here; they would say I have just told them how their stuff is of course, I say nobody here has escaped their foolish wrath is the point I am making. It’s much the same story with the business ones; every time a business man tells stories of being more important; I know what they mean is that they bought a Royal Duchy from someone somewhere or got a Knighthood and so on but they ought to stop sometimes and think about a process where they go into an Office to Run a Business and I go into an Office to run a Royal Estate – it is a world of Wealth and Power and Privilege but it gets tough sometimes and they need to stop complicating mine – every time they make out an insult of being more important an organised criminals make their move and no matter how bad that gets they show no signs of restraint and we all know it is leading somewhere too. In the end they all took the risk and I have them exactly where I want their pompousness – like the African Tyrants I am said to provoke as it were, considering I might have thought that popular culture people are useless but they are off the scale; really provocative being the part where they must build up a blasphemy of my own work in order to facilitate the disco lights on their lewd dance floors which I don’t have a problem with if it does not attack me so but the reasons are that these things exist to ensure they cannot sell goods and services without using my morals and every idiot of theirs who travels to the UK wants to be able to profit from a habit of turning out somewhere to have things they did with me in which they were the Boss and it makes me so mad to bump into things like that all the time on account they never ever listen; I wrote Books but they got published on Television, people know they have cultures that means they can murder those who mess with it but they will set it up on media and screw with a Royal Prince all day; my point is that nobody here has escaped any stupid wrath from them.

On one hand they say this represent real wealth distribution and on the other they say my Media people are becoming more abusive – the reality of course is that it started with Labour going off to them poor countries to make connections with trouble makes they can let through the border to help them win elections perpetually and now the Tories are doing their own too, except that the Tory Prime Minister wants to know what cultural connection I have with their great history that allows me to be an Arch Prince and have set his eyes on my work to ensure he continues to bring this problems to it and flatter/abuse me for solving them until he piles his wealth to dizzying heights like we all know they do. So complaining about an abusive media people of mine is not necessarily an indication we are asking too much. He on the other hand now has a problem when people tell him to stop referring to people who are fleeing persecution and death as a swarm. They do say it is the part I play to create these problems which never gets any attention from me on one hand and then on the other that it is the kind of things I write on my websites years ago and completely forgotten about that comes back to bite me later – it never adds up as one moment they claim I make contributions to problems and refuse to acknowledge it whereas the reality is that they love to tell me what to do, are more important than I am and claim I always like to get involved with matters to make them worse which becomes a self fulfilling prophesy all the time because they are such scumbags and cannot see that too – in terms of the latter however, it is to be suggested I had no idea what I was doing when I write what I wrote on my websites obviously, so I am being educated now about the effect s. Same old story with Politicians playing these silly games with them on one hand and then on the other complaining that they cannot regulate banks for these are activities rich people engage in. These guys do not stop when you are trying to study, they don’t when you are going for an interview – they stop when you have dropped out and that is only for a while and they stop when employer has told you it’s too complicated.

They do say I have a problem with the way governments handle international development and integration and eventually border controls but I don’t – most of the goons that have become really fond of destroying my property are liberal ones allied to the Labour Party and I don’t have a problem with that fact as such in anyway, its just that it does not sit well and does not sit well alongside their need to succeed by seeing others fail which is why you are in danger when you stop the party; the party that means each time you try to concentrate on anything important, what takes precedence is the fact a girl wants to wear pants and shake her bikini bottom and it had cost me my academic work which in turn has cost them their culture and society but this has not kept them and their communities that I clearly don’t need as I already have one of my own and therefore will have to deal with too much pressure away from me – instead what I find is very clear and obvious disparity between the pillaging of my fame and what I see of myself on the mirror which I guess happens because they think they can take me on. So even their celebrities behave in the same way; their idea of investment is to find somebody they can mess with and get away Scotfree and then put everything on hold in the persons life especially when they have media and build up a state of affairs that accounts for every single bad history in their stupid lives, then finish it off by laying popular culture products on the persons public life while their men lay down empire pipelines on the persons personal life and spirituality on media and emerging then is this group they claim are socialites and I cannot tell how annoying it makes me feel for the person who told them they were famous was clearly as insane as they are. Its the same as the story of a lack of attention I pay to the matter of British security forces committing crimes, which is utter nonsense - its about having a really difficult job to complete and while you are at it people push your buttons in a certain direction which makes you react in a certain way while at the Job - we see these guys all the time all dressed in suits but are complete idiots and cannot let Police Officers get on with their stuff - they would like to use them to scare me, shut down their own personal life start a discord over my public life, spend it and share it with those they want to make connections with, so it is clearly all something people achieve using problems and that is the amusing bit but not when it is being applied, there are others of course who always say I am unlikely to come to the defence of the Armed Forces and those are the ones that likely live in la la land: so I am always accused of not getting to hold responsible those who are actually causing me the problems and it makes no sense too since I am holding accountable those that are causing me the problems - I am a Christian you see and we do not have the time to solve useless problems and get home to think about how to solve them again another time, so people have to realise when they start they can be assured I will get to the bottom of it and very quickly too indeed considering I have not got all the time in the world - or they can leave me alone and be by themselves.