I am told that I am rather convinced that I can walk on water, while it is either what I have said and done does not make any sense or it is deathly serious – which indicates some public place trouble makers are out of their depth and some antisocial behaviour performed by adults and in public service gave way to a sense of serious mindedness. The point generally being that it is because of me that somebody lost a Royal position at Buckingham Palace, concerning which they are determined to ensure I have lost mine too but it has rather always been a matter of some goons at the Monarchy that The Queen wants nothing to do with because they have anal sex with everybody – so what happens is that they hang around and nobody tends to pay attention to anything they do and have been targeting me because they have been making friends with society goons who get their hands up my bum and tell of what must be done to make Celebrities important and rich, which consequences propels them to seek these sorts of friendship, obviously which it becomes a huge public matter on account anything that looks like these must without hesitation end up with some sort of sustained and continued support from Politicians irrespective of the fact they were complaining the effects everyday – for my part I deploy it to facilitate some Book sales because they simply will not stop organising themselves into communities that ensure they blow out these things on my personal life, finances, academic work and career. The difficulty it seems, being one of showing that the excesses of Society does not have a place at the Armed Forces and that I am just a Hermit Offering the services of the Commission that was given me to aid the Monarch in whose service people pick up jobs at the Armed Forces.

I do get told I am a failure and a disgrace but I wouldn’t know anyway, I have dropped out of University because of these kinds of gits making their stupid assessments about me, while they are responsible for the fact every goon that does not wish to put in anywhere near 40% effort towards what they want to accomplish, showing up on my concerns, is supposed to end up doing something with my Public image to announce the fact they are looking for trouble that they are ill prepared for all together as it were – closely linked to the processes by which they get to show themselves to be too important for the day job but the part of this nonsense that has gone on to a stage where these goons can then set about chasing peoples bums at the Monarchy will be the one where they know I am protected by the Crown but are looking like they do not want me to be a living breathing person and not a memory all together as it were, doing their stupid assessments on what is really not their business and then showing up here when they cannot deal with any of the problems, to build a crowd that is just that stupid and will spend its time chasing my bum. Its not the only one they mess around with – I have mentioned this one because it is the ones that the Families at the bottom part of the Monarchy are most accustomed to using; there are others such as when I ensure these their goons spend time on my Public image to a point where they look like they are making an announcement seeking a violent situation – closely linked to processes of inviting violence at the work place all day long, which works a treat for Politicians that clearly spend all their time being opportunistic about public matters and leaving others looking like the age of 60 was a luxury, alongside Celebrities who do almost the same things with respect to peoples public image looking for as much trouble as they can find like a dynamic duo for the purpose of all sorts at Public matters; which works the best with any goons that spend time avoiding work and showing up here to manipulate whatever their minds had contrived as it were and will not accept a living wage if it was given as Christmas present. Now what they are after is the one that will certainly get HM responding to their insubordination and rebellion i.e. if the whites were dealing with the racism in their Communities instead of getting all over my Public image and whatever else society goons were doing about my life ending up in the hands of media and celebrities from whence I could never recover it, there would be no public problems – not that I expect results instead of stupid insulting statements about the things that provoke them right down to those times in which they envy what others think of me at the Monarchy and how I grab all the attention all together - still, we know the assessors who claim I am a failure and a disgrace are the ones who complain the most about the existing Political instability while they have never allowed a job done at an Office of State to last 24 hours without trying to get an angry response from Personages and Persons at the highest levels of authority.

The effect for me on a personal front is that every time I am caught up in it because somebody had made a mess or the Men had stopped some women from doing an important thing because they wanted control, my academic work falls to pieces and the usual outcome is that I will be waiting for those responsible at Industry and jobs market as well.



  I do not have any problem with the idea that people are rich and famous in anyway; the reality is that they are usually the most insolent fools in the world and cannot get on their public media to do anything without passing some insult in my direction and I always feel it happens because there is a serious problem with them as persons and that is why we will continue the way we are until we get to the bottom of it. If this is therefore not the correct disposition to be famous with, it is important they shut it down and move on and leave me alone; it’s like that stuff they do where they tell me where I am supposed to be left or right, and if I stand by a traffic light they feel as though they should tell me how quickly to go past it – I mean they cannot drive past if the light has not gone green for them but I must always return home to recollect; how old am I and did he really do that? This happens every single day and all I really want is a process where they keep their fame off my public work and my books and my Royal property and then there will be no complains on any either side. I mean I have had my fair share of men congratulating women on their good stuff when I walk down the streets, so I know what it means to be okay with people and I am fed up with their fame and fortune thing and especially the part where they tell me any attention from me will do controversy or legitimate.

Now with respect to getting into trouble with media fools on the other hand however, I do feel they misunderstand me a lot because this is not the 1980s where their corruptions of involvement based democracy and public displayed socialist vandalism of people’s property held sway against and over absolutely everybody. They are always such a collection of bullies that are convinced that the Politicians will play their game – whereas the reality is that I am a lower class leader which most of what I write and say and do expresses and the Politicians are the big boys and girls that run the country and it does not really do to criticise them; I criticise them because they have made themselves into a real problem in the last couple of years and for that reason only I have a go. I know they think they have deep ties with the Monarchy these days but we all know the reality to be that of the fact that The Heir to the Throne has been getting around with them a lot and so has the Parliament, so the pillars and systems which ensure that both institutions can control each others activities are being destroyed; half the story has to do with how they will not keep it away from me when how I am likely to react is entirely predictable i.e. it should always be there the old system whereby when the Heir to the throne does fame and fortune to a point and Politicians have enough, they send him a letter to stop otherwise Parliament will be forced to take up his stuff and do it but as it stands Parliament has been getting around with popular culture as well in itself and they say that this is the reason the Heir to the throne has been doing the same as well which is not true, since we all know that Marrying your ex-mistress has nothing to do with whether or not another deserves his own family life. The other half of the story of course is that they really have no excuses as it were since we all know that each time we consider the matter the reality is that they have planned out every detail of what they have done, so that we can see it is some kind of a master plan with an incorporated safety mechanism that will protect their interests, hence I need to look after myself and the next time fame idiots get up on my media equipment to pretend I buy them in order to get people talk through to me via them, we will have a serious problem on our hands as well. I mean I have no idea what has convinced celebrities all over this world that they are worth more money than I am anyway, besides the I am doing my fame and fortune at your expense and any attention paid, controversial or legitimate is good enough because what you think does not really matter with a big mouth routine, I have continually mentioned they need to stay off my public work and stay off my royal property and stay off my books, which applies in the same way to their financial industry public menaces  – it is all equity and easily damaged as a result of that. My warning is that the next time they will feel my own side of the story as well and there will be no talking; after all for the most part their republicans always think that what everybody is thinking is that when they are made comfortable as per the country is run to suit their needs, then there will be no problems provided no body provokes them, whereas what everybody is thinking most likely is a question of who the hell they think they are to damage and handle peoples lives and property like they normally do and blow their insults all over the place like that as well - I mean they would say my idea Celebrities are not worth more than I am financially is based on delusion whereas the reality is such things as a certain Beyonce that cannot take pictures of herself in bras and Pants without me for example and these are an example of the really provocative stuff that we all try to get above and get closer to God but I did mention in any case the next time will see no talking but a process where they hear my side of the story as well, they never listen and have no respect for anybody and this should be the beginning of that.

There is no such thing as nonsense we have to live with due to changes and a rise in some new global powers. It seems that some are rather convinced that the way to operate is to work out how to use my personality for self advancement and have not given up a targeted criminal handling of my person and my effects and property to make that happen, so whenever we had reached a stage where they have become the CEOs of companies from shareholder positions they have got their own and its my turn, to wait for them to think the relationship between me and them has changed to that of respect for them whether or not it involves disdain from me and then we will play out what the real costs of those insults were in the first place. I know they have computer viruses and so on but the main point is that we now know what they are angry about and manipulating it should bring about sales here. I do not have a really low IQ, that is utter nonsense and such a test would never have been conclusive; its just reality that some upper classes have property that people want to deploy to get things done, middle classes need to get into a game where we find out how far below their class they can go and lower classes we need to experiment and investigate exactly what they are angry about. My case at present is that I am building my company and one finished I will be able to do such things with all my time and even when people bother me while I am studying it will make no difference whatsoever. They have said I will never finish the company, I have responded with the fact all they do is a matter of opinion then and they have determined they have won a great battle instead, so it continues and its the same old story where they cannot move away and regularly do my own going to the gym stuff for me as well, which for them has become the answer to everything especially money, looking for trouble. Of course people never say such things about idiots that should end up in a builders yard turning up to determine the answer to everything in life is whether or not others go to the gym because they think it will become a human rights issue but again even if it does become one is it not what they really are? Those stupid insults.

There is this claim of course that is common place among Politicians especially that no such Company as mine is and or has been identified anywhere which does not make any sense, since the other question is rather what I would say to a salesman if I have paid him to sell my Books and he wants confirmation of this Royal Estate I claim to have. It is never true my activities amount to a condition where the Monarchy overreaches itself, the reality is that HM engagements do not need to be the personal and private concerns of Individual Ministers of Parliament and the Monarchy can get anybody to do any job that they want to get people to do and there are no rules or laws against that; so that the Politicians do these kinds of things on one hand and on the other complain about interference when I have decided just like their Pop stars do with respect to making fame and fortune with my possessions and talking nonsense about a big they can crush and do not have to go their way thereof and leave me to go mine, that I will not back down for them and the system is not good enough for me too, hence they find me insulting and so do I their fame and fortune idiots and they need to practice what they preach. It is a matter of rhetoric when they expect to stop this process of trying to force the Queen to give this Office and Company more and more responsibilities until it becomes a problem, concerning which it becomes a major preoccupation to stifle income and create cash flow problems here. 

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Its never really true I am streamlining anything about their society and city centre companies and Industries and getting rich nonsense: the book shop for example was primarily developed to cater for their need to steal and the security we need as a Nation over that particular matter, we can see too as much as they can that it is actually doing the job very well right down to British - Russian Relations and they have seen the work Court website and understand that the dismantle of structures women create jobs with since I would find it easier to get a job with them can only lead to bad outcomes along with the effects of the corruptions of involvement worked with it – it is the office that is being filled up on the website at the moment and we all know what we are talking about here is not unusual; when we see them, from talk show hosts to chat show hosts and so on, it’s the same game – somebody will be paid far more money than his local MP for a regular job but at the same time feels like stifling my career so he can have my books when he is no longer a journalist and every time they are seen on the media its always all about one thing and one thing only i.e. how to get out of the reverse psychology thing that their wives have placed on them, which is why it gets worse as they think damaging your company should be forgiven because there is worse to come while popular culture industry pricks grab more and more younger girls and use them to make fame freaks to plague me with in order to continue with that and put my whole life in use; so that it becomes a matter of National interest not to fail those women as it were which is why we are where we are now as equally as we know it never stops from them unless you handle them as well and they can easily decide that another person cannot have a job he or she has always had because it will interfere with the revenge they want to have on society for not being nice to them and so on and those women are very well aware of that too as we do see it expressed by them and on and on and on.  It is not my opinion it is a problem either, its just the noise they keep making and especially on that media where I was never published by more than often around my property at the worlds Industries, that they have got it in the bag, that they have got both sides. Of course it is never true I live in a bubble where I am unaware bad things can happen to me, I rather live in one where I seem to have an inability to snap out of the delusion that being attacked by Politicians will resolve itself – it is never racism, its the same old good vanities in a Country due to an unusual thing belonging to somebody and others having thoughts on the basis of being a member of the dominant population, so we all try to live in a tolerant society as it were and they know I extend them the same fucking curtsey. I know I may be questioned about a justified reaction and what it is exactly I expect as a result but it has been a function of the bane of their activities and the answer to everything to make me react to these things for the last decade at least on a daily basis because they say if I react bad things will happen to me which is why I wanted to see what would fucking happen if I did react and what would be the result if no bad things happened to me as they claimed as well – even their pop stars do it as well; they did it under Labour and lo and behold they are adjusting so they can do it under the coalition as well, all because they are trying to be rich and famous - the thing with Politicians of which must be controlled due to rebellion I am incurring at the Royal Estate because of the violence, it clearly is never going to resolve itself by itself. We hear with impunity such nonsense as paedophiles being convicted for abusing a handful of people while Capitalism and those who work it abuse millions on a daily basis and get away with it; of which it is always a matter of personal choice whether to see sales people are Industry and Business rodents which is what they really are or to see them as the next stage to wealth and glory - all I know is as I mentioned earlier, they did these things to my Office and earnings while The Labour Party was in government in the last decade and are now adjusting to do it again while the coalition of Conservatives and Liberal democrats are in office, all because they are trying to be famous and my world in their view revolves around them - then we hear talk of how I mess up other peoples sense of morals and self control without care for what the fact the only relationship they can offer others is a homosexual one does to a Christian: no attention paid to the number of nobody's that will turn up to find out what the outcome will be when they are such inconsiderate idiots who amount to nothing themselves and they ask these questions or bring the matter up because their deluded minds convinces them that they matter and yet more still will be out there not least as a factor of their insolence to find out if the Christian can become homosexual when and if his finances are taken away because of them and it continues like that making you wonder who the hell they are anyway and the fact they are nobody's making you really annoyed indeed. We also hear they start their own versions of Christianity of course and that part we are aware of in no small measure since it rings bells with extremists especially the Muslim ones as it were.