My sense of direction does not give me a cause for concern. I already am aware the government of the UK could either set about making sure that other countries do not take advantage of our diplomatic work as there are very clear set out rules and procedure to international alliances, which therefore does not create restrictions to our right to do so but if we did, then the small people who do small things in the country because they are not qualified or skilled enough for the big roles would never let us be as it were. So I have rather pushed for a direction where international relations is settled first before we take steps to ensure other countries do not take advantage of our diplomatic and international work.

I do not do this on the basis of a few suppositions; I am already aware of these people ordering us around in Libya and everywhere else they can get their hands on. Offering business men prerogatives and bullying us over the need to bring about democracy in the Arab world, so they can can continue to go around finding places to make money but the particular one that really gets to me is that about 6 months ago was the best time for a globally coordinated move of money printing in the world to bring about a mind relieving kind of economic recovery; it would never have been perfect but we would have known that we had a stable world and they worked hard and attacked hard to ensure world financial leaders never got to do it, hence the basis for the actions I have taken and the fall of the tyrants they have been getting involved with to get rich.

Then there is the matter of scandals involving me and their spouses which I suppose would be the case that if I played around with peoples spouses I would definitely have been theirs; thus as it were the only reason they are here is to have been the ones who took my virginity (such things of which is not supposed to happen outside the British establishment because of the risks) and we can all see the bragging and the insults and the abuse and the power games and diplomatic mess because of it. Their Labour socialist party on the other hand just needs to be more famous than it is now.