So they have become rather fond of making those statement that facilitate using me as shove piggy shove which says that I would do well in the Military on account I have played a video game and I suppose it is now time to speak about the fact these idiots having damaged my finances either need to start giving me money and paying my Bills or get the hell out of my way when I am doing it considering we now live in the same life as well. It is an old story of how disturbed a person is supposed to be in order for general incessant requests for his left hand side and right hand side yields results that mean they can move into it and if they move into mine there will be fresh trouble on a global level again. In the end they are always coming up with something that amounts to a me that I am trying to run away from which I must be made to face up to and carry like a weight on my shoulders while their stupidities add to it for good measure and if it takes up my time one more occasion, this whole process of getting on by letting them run to a point and having an outburst from time to time will give way to something far more effective a methods of dealing with Politicians and Journalists because it means their stupidities copying my personality and setting up some money to become me on that stupid Media has generally become real again.

They claim journalists in my world take advantage of the fact they are the Men in the Industry and it is utter nonsense; I know because there is no way that a journalist in a Court that is attached to state office and therefore works in terms of Service operatives and every other goon on the streets that are making living hell for others, is likely to have an easy ride with them – even so there is no way the result whereby I have to go off and get these journalists a new backyard because their male counterparts have taken over the old ones and are using the abuses as means of stirring community physical and distant violence against us all whenever we are not cooperating with their needs, is likely to have been the result of such a condition, they are lying again as it were and if it does not come to an end soon enough, I suppose they will be the ones selling Books by hurting Politicians and Journalists. Besides which in any case it all speaks for itself i.e. when I am fighting for myself I can tell people to rip up the business empire or public image or Book sales again if they have the guts for it but when I am not, then I have to go round all that bend and so on – even so, I am not the one making the most capital out of what is happening here, they are the ones extricating the most convenience from it as well, so those who say I think I can justify everything can play their stupid games somewhere else. It’s like when they say I make people sad when they get involved with me but the reality is that people are fond of adding onto me on grounds I am too happy and this will affect my levels of concentration and degree of success and they turn up to make use of my work without paying for and create even more sadness, then tell me to do something about the fact they have been affected and get at me from very unexpected places all of the time like the men they are. I mean how on earth am I supposed to sell Books that others are trying to hide, in order to make themselves wealth because my personality is their trade secret; so I will give it 24 hours and if nothing changes the process where they are the ones selling Books by hurting politicians and male journalists will have begun too.

They do say it is because I really do not know what I am doing but then again, as a student I wrote a Book that they want to hide from the world and use as trade secrets while I won myself a Royal commission as well, so it does not at all call for respect considering I have made that really difficult too and hence people need to put their backs into it thereof or go away. Just like the other story about a Royal commission I have lost and its always about Prince Harry who started off his career with a new found respect for Men and when I said I have none for him as well as a result, they were all up in Arms if they were friends and aides of His, now people are not anymore and the remnants of that mess are still making trouble; where corrupt goons in the Military and Police service want to see market square abuses that turn into racial violence against innocent people resulting in an outcome where those who behave in such ways feel they are a protected people – so I am at a loss as to which stage One got off from his to cancel my Royal commission when he is still having trouble actually shaving his beard, hence never really true.

They do say my attitude is brewing a condition where Politicians will rebel against the Monarchy, which is again utter nonsense; all they will do is create a lower class world where they all want to be thieves and when they were done making each other so corrupted in every way, show up and let me know, so I can start my own campaigns about how good stealing is too but first, we have to live in a lower class existence where everybody wants to be a thief and they are doing very well on that in terms of whose interests they want to represent at Parliament; it’s never been a matter of respect, we have very clear tools – election manifesto decides every aspect of Policy, bye laws and delegated legislation decide what happens with unexpected situations at Local level and at National level committees decide how new government laws outside of manifestos are handled – what we have with these goons is the committee aspect taking over some 70% of everything Government and opposition want to do, talking nonsense alongside their security guards who love to abuse those who are not giving up public images to them but getting about doing the stuff that the daddy should be doing instead about respect and what my attitude brews, which has nothing to do with me and what they have developed here occurring over matters which have nothing to do with them either for good measure. We hear that I do not hold with any form of regard the fact Politicians are capable of creating a very bad and uncomfortable place to live but I do not have to, as they actually cannot: the fact people are older than me is never a good justification for ripping up my finances to pretend their salaries are the meaning of life for me all day long and years on end thereof – the insults are like some kind of sponge and everyday there has to be some mishap that allows it to mop[ up my finances and so they need to know that all they really can do is create a lower class existence where everybody is a thief or wants to be one and when they are done I can start my own campaigns about how good stealing really is, to see what becomes of it – they are not more important than I am, they are MPs and I am an Arch Prince, one is more important than the other and it is not them. In any case in terms of being reasonable the reality can be easily understood by such facts as when I get a job and their one obsession with that job becomes a history where I was told what to do and messed around and when asked why it is important blab of how I should make my way in the world where my own class is, when done, back to the insults and involvement with it which mops up the finances and causes me to acquire them stupid jobs. They say the war I wage on MPs is a cause for alarm but we all know I do not wage any wars on Politicians; the truth about Politicians is that if you go to their homes, what you will find is that if one child injures the other, be it for trivia or something serious, the injured party has to get some compensation or another from the other side before its okay; when they show up in Government buildings, other people’s children and the lives and property and careers those have become carcasses all of a sudden and they become dogs who have found what they have always been looking for. Hence its actually not necessarily true that people are allowed to do whatever they please in government buildings and if we take closer look at the Politicians we have today, it does not actually occur to them that such a fact is in existence – like the story of Women and how I make up all I say and do from my own ideas whereas that is another insult brewed from involvement with my birth Mother who wants to raise her Children all over again when they are way past their teens, so that ever fool that wants to get out of bed and spend other people’s lives and property in gaiety can do his stuff if he wants but actually cannot; no idea why Women get stuck dealing with that nonsense anyway but just as well, the most successful women are the ones that actually pull off processes of dealing with it.

So I now have to deal with threats from their girls and Women as well and it is the most ridiculous aspect of all; the goons say they want their freedom from me but nobody knows why they are always getting involved with me barricading my public life so I have no mobility or making out my Court is free for all with their Media, if they want their freedom from me so badly for instance but generally it is an old tale of those threats and the fact I will soon have to find out what it is exactly they will do when they are done issuing them too for my part. In the end I already have people who fill in those roles they want to play at the Royal Estate and those are people who mean a lot more to me than they do as well.

It’s never been a problem just the same issue of the fact nobody really know exactly why Politicians and TV Personalities and Journalists love to take that issue of me being a Christian and therefore a kid character that is actually a grown up and can be harmed without consequences therefore, to a stage where every single thing they do on Public places fundamentally involves teaching me lessons and assuming the right to touch and handle me and punish me for doing something bad anyway? The reality is that they are nothing, they are not significant in anyway and I had also shut down the left hand side because I do not want them to be famous i.e. when it comes to fighting for myself it is a matter of seeing what they will do when they are done blowing off their big mouths where it really matters but when it comes to fighting for whole communities which is what happens when Women do get involved, One is forced to take the longer route hence the conversations we tend to have on a regular basis that gives them all that impetus they do not know the reasons for as well. This has never been a crisis for me either; these guys are the reasons nothing anybody learns stays in the mind; I have shut it down because I do not want them to be famous – of course their girls are having a go as well, makes it even more ridiculous. Their freedom is what they will never have if it means their barely criminal and criminal stupidities will own half my life and business empire with that big mouth; what will happen instead is that they will want it so badly that they do not actually know or can measure how they need it exactly, so I can sell my products in peace as it were.