Now it is said that I am losing everything I have which I am not; we are dealing with the fall out of five year intensive abuse and vandalism associated with a bunch of gits deciding for me on the basis of their version of what sales and Industry is, how to run a Royal Bookshop. The problem we face now is not that I have found it difficult to move them on after letting it run so that its purpose might become obvious since I do not want it to play up nasty surprises at me so often, it is the social issues surrounding the very publicly abusive way they have performed their stupidities at my expense. They have continued to claim that I suggest my superiority all the time but am vulnerable to these matters which is utter nonsense as there is nothing in the form of a superiority based conversation associated with the fact that they are constantly in need of options – something of a process where they want to ensure that the points of the week at which they made the most profit in a business happened all the days of the week, which has nothing to do with their business and the way their business works but the destruction of people’s lives and finances with the contraptions they claim adds up to a business; the worrying bit is that when we look at it, the pattern is the same with the facts associated with sexual assault for instance and various other violent issues that show up at the Law Courts and it becomes so difficult to decide what we did for the 14 to 16 year olds when this their need for options at their fingertips that ensured they had all the money they wanted because others were entitled to the insanity associated with being seen getting around looking for sale opportunities while they were entitled to more than that, for my part on the matter of superiority all together, I believe the warning that they need to keep away from my Books and stop following me around is very clear, it is a prelude for a process where I started attacking their careers and finances as well, to ensure it was a lot less amusing than their stupidities who laden me with five years of financial complications over their ideas on what running a Bookshop should be like, while omitting the fact they are doing it from their very public civil rights complains about wealth and social inequality all together – they do like to say that describing them as a bunch of idiots would get me into trouble and I suppose I can see what the reasons are.

They do say that I need to resolve my complicated financial condition which I don’t; I picked a terrible neighbourhood to hang about and run a Hermitage with a Bookshop in which the Business was about Brand influence and private Equity Intellectual Property Administration, the profits coming entirely from the Bookshop and I don’t want to be disturbed considering when people ask questions on whether I know what the prognosis for their behaviour is, it’s the same story i.e. Klepto-Media, Klepto-Politics, Klepto-Celebrity, Klepto-Industry but if we left it to the Brexiteers and extremists, those would definitely tell us what life could be all together; I don’t want to be disturbed and those who think I smell need to give me my space. The accusation they love above all else is that my position further deepens wealth and social inequality problems which is utter nonsense – what happens with the 5 year nauseating financial complications and its effects is that it was devised at a time when Industry people were chasing me around, poking and prodding me, trying to convince me I had problems and needed money because they wanted to get into a partnership with what I am doing to make money as well – it speaks for itself. Besides which half the time I see them, they are busy wrecking careers to replace real workers with local Hoodlums and criminals, boasting features like tackling women who just walk around looking free, which leaves fancy women that are older than I am me unable to find a  partner and settle down, while claiming my very nature to be to a mystery all together. Then we find them say that these women must have run out for me at this stage which is just as well, as it prepares for the next generation – the assumption my children will likely behave differently and there will not be one that fancies women that are older as well with a need to rip up their sugar baby and sugar daddy lifestyles because they continue to spice up their sexual activities at his expense while being repeatedly told off for so doing.

I am said to be suggesting I am suffering from some stomach Ulcer of something but I don’t have a clear diagnosis, it has always however been there to build me a history of stupid black women seeing what they can do to crack it, near clear why people do it, from an issue with my religious faith, to questions about sex and eventually the sense that I have grabbed an existence that should belong to women, made something of it and planned to keep it for myself, as stupidly as possible – the part where I have ignored their existence until they have ended up with an anxiety issue as well, likely to lead to ulcer too but mine has gotten worse since, so the business of working on my diet has set the stage for a degree of bullying that runs at a National proportion; again no idea why people do it but what has become quite clear is that I really do feel as if when they try to live up to threats they issue because of the smell they cause, I am going to try hurting them very seriously as well. Hence I get asked if any of these threats I issue are in any way linked to reality but it is – we all know the main question is a matter of a right to teach other people’s children a lesson even when you are right and their stupidities are legendary; we all know that for world the first and second world war was worth, Hitler’s Father used to beat him all the time and we know that German society works in such a way that there are those pocket of boys in the neighbourhood whose only skill is to make people mentally ill and slap girls panties, then extend the behaviour to absolutely everybody else, could have been responsible for the reasons German Parents at that time never spared the stick, not to mention the perverse love that Hitler had for his Mother as well – such products from it as being informed you expect some justice due to the Celebrity, Media and Politically corrupt abuses but what you will get is only more corruption. It is much the same as the story that I am being unfairly treated at the Monarchy when I am not; what happens is that these goons never give it a rest, corrupt, pervert and disturb the Queens peace all day long, so they have placed themselves in a condition that means someone at the Military wants to respond to the sexual abuses that puts them in charge all the time by dragging them off to boot camp, which is not necessarily a bad place as such, it is an Academy and the education is second to none but the context and nature of the circumstances in which people end up in it, especially when it is about putting them straight can be difficult to deal with as well; so the stage is one where I get off rounding up all civil duties associated with such things each time I am targeted, which means that the more time they spend on me is the more attention they draw to themselves in that respect. As for the story that I am a coward, the twin story on the other hand is Politicians telling alternative tales about these matters all of the time; so for the former, the reality is that bad things happen to good people all the time and it is not right to think of yourself as an exception, however which should you want to avoid the bad bits none is making your choices for you unless they actually are, looking for trouble like Media and Celebrities for instance – talk of me as a coward is one concerning which I think people engage in because enough had not yet died over it so far. The stories the Politicians tell of it is that it’s never a case of the best work you have done for your career being something society trouble makers wish to lay claims of ownership to unless it is placed in a condition that makes you look like a vagabond; I for my part am quite clear about it to such an extent that we know the one that causes the most problem at this stage is that they saw me do private security Industry work and have since wanted to own the way that I did it, to own the way I did the private security Industry jobs for the purpose of their servitude of Celebrities and Public transport lasciviousness until they wrecked the career and or academic work all together, except I am an annoying piece of work that turns up to pick up matters and continue from where I left them, the reality of which is rather that it’s always the fact they have an insatiable appetite for security while there are people who need protection getting bullied by them all the time – so I protected those people and when I left the job I left the history behind for those as well. What it does tend to show is that I am more manipulative than they are and I do understand people thinking it is bad but it’s not a case of just getting about being manipulative either – going back then to my tummy issues, the outcome is this arrangement we have settled on where I have a problem with their society, they need to give me my space or it’s okay for us all to smell like what we ate each time we stepped outside of the door, such that our position does not jeopardise female security in the process – I suppose people might want to understand how my mind works and it’s as simple as the fact that my view of this nonsense, contrary to the alternative stories Politicians tell of it, is that there is nothing else more stupid and in terms of being unfairly treated at the Monarchy story, I get told the structures I created to handle them is saturated but it is not technically, they are simply making as much trouble as they can.

It’s all a selection progress associated with the state of superiority of Celebrities – I used to be the one with a Public image they will get money from only and then they found out from the way I handled a Private security job that we actually have talent, skill and energy to work for it, so I also became the one that had tummy problems when his energy was being spent over stupidities, vandalism and interference than he had fed himself for because I am hungry, while those who tummy didn’t serve them and kept the money they think belongs to them safe, all garnished with very insulting journalistic pricks that will not lay off for the time being, while their Industry, culture and society gits are starting to brew up an authority issue in the sense that if they are not working for and making money while poor people were giving them money, somebody runs this Country the last time we checked – while I have personally reached a conclusion associated with the stupidities of their society idiots being the ones that target me the most because I did not get into a fight with people during the security guard job while the Celebrity stupidities were due to the fact their own stupidities allowed these fools who turned neighbourhoods on its head to plan a life on other people’s wallets to get away with it.