I understand the talk to be rife, that I am now counting the cost of my misdeeds which is unbearably annoying and insulting naturally. It comes from a group of people who are perpetually in a state of fighting those that are perceived to be in positions of authority and the way that this develops into a process where they and their families get hurt which brews deep rooted hatred that causes more antagonism towards people in authority and perpetuates the cycle does not bother their stupidities in anyway, what concerns them instead is how they might end up being implored to show a sense of concern for the fact that if random people just got off counting the cost of the consequences of their personal decisions, the prospects were that their problems will grow into a state of endless war. For my part it’s difficult to understand how they are unable to see that the reasons the authorities never seem to run out of manpower when it comes to bashing them, was clearly not to do with the supposition that they were geniuses.

I find it impossible to make sense of how a process of doing something with my beliefs everyday added up to a condition in which their insults bore such results, that I was counting the cost of my misdeeds but the reality of it is that this is the violent part of the practical jokes they randomly play with my career and finances, as per whilst they weep and wail over the consequences of their personal decisions, I am randomly counting the cost of my misdeeds.

They do need to see where I am coming from; the nonsense I have had to tolerate at their hands, the pointlessness of it and the effect it has on my health, on account that my entire youth was spent being afraid of repression and oppression by people in authority, such that when I got off complaining, protesting or acting on it, I would only end up becoming preacher for peace while I never got what I wanted and people never stopped doing it to me. I am sure they can see a connection between their insulting behaviour and a process where people in authority act in these ways.

So, we are now said to be in a grid of social crisis but there is actually no social crisis, just what Politicians think is happening. The truth of it is that these are characters who spend their time on what we do in terms of getting out of bed to get into a work based disposition, such as enabled us to find work and then we either got to love the work we do or we found work that we loved. Their bits however is more a matter of working on me, so they have worked on it and gotten into a disposition of doing it to such an extent they have found work, working on me and they have come to love the jobs they do or have found a work from working on me that they love.

As bad as this is, we still have to contend with a process where in terms of my Books, they have completely altered the Publicity, such that it is impossible to decide who the beneficiaries of my Books were bearing in mind they will be the only people paying me for writing it – in terms of myself, working on me has produced an imagination that gets up my bum to incapacitate me so I cannot actually just allow them work on me to find work and career while their entire existence relied on it. This is the reason that this matter can only be resolved by keeping issues as they are, so that upon detaching them from me, they will drop down to obscurity, I had therefore mentioned these facts as a response to an understanding some people may express, that they did not deserve to – adding to the fact that if it is not easy to handle me in such ways and to get off trying to make industry out of the way that my financial wellbeing now depends on their willingness to stop working abusive practical jokes on me, it can be conjectured that what they spend their time on, is far from jobs, employment and career. We also see that in the time that I had not responded in such ways, the Office blocs are full of young insults channelled at me and black Girls with a big mouth describing me as a bitch – an apparent product of the way this really applies at the Hermitage, which is very different from these questions of social crisis that Politicians ask.

At the Hermitage it’s a simple matter of people picking up the service processes of my Bookshop to set about solving every problem associated with their immoral personal decisions and so from their point of view it is a profitable way of abusive me, can be as violent as they please and they did not have to stop doing it. So here it is shown that the possibility I might decide people in Uniform took one side and they took the other and did not get to trifle with my Books was very real and so with respect to my Office and Authority, it is about to develop into a fight between a Hermit and the immoral media and Celebrities, which is an example of the ways in which it can come to a stop the way that I would fancy it did – so here it becomes obvious to the Politicians that for each time we hear them complain, what they have left out of the story, is that they have over time been able to abusively determine what the outcome of my academic pursuits and finances would be and keeping this going is the source of all abuses channelled at me, which destructive effects lead me to conclude that they are stupid and there are things they are about to learn here which will ensure they had stopped being such a handful of idiots at my expense.

They do claim that this is all a product of the enemies I have at the Monarchy which is utter rubbish. The enemies I have at the Monarchy made themselves enemies because they had so little respect for the Queen and of the processes whereby they got to decide I had to work faster and harder, it was the bits about getting Industry goons to abuse me endlessly while getting another group of society goons to fight my corner without my consent that appealed to them the most, except we have entered into a point of this issue where they have to sort out the problems. I am sorting out those problems as we speak and whilst I did, they will have to settle with the way that I work i.e. they are fooling around with a group of very stupid and destructive individuals who whose behaviour towards other people’s finances only tended to improve or their victims can only recover from them what has been taken, when their abuses had been allowed to grow into something of a state of public place crisis – so if I allowed them abuse me over a 6 month period and set about solving the problems over a 3 month period, I will take out the trash but they will have to hang around at the Monarchy dealing with the heat, whereby the harder and faster that I work, is the probability they will abdicate their position.

Another group have suggested that most of these issues are a product of the way I relate with people for my part as well which is not linked to truth or reality in anyway – we are talking about a decade long period of Men turning up to make me like them, make me into a character that made the same personal decisions they made with themselves, because they had set me out as a profitable victim of financial corruption. So we find that they will through it gain money to protect their children from any abusive thing that I might do and those who did not join them will be at my mercy literary and this will not be a secure way to conduct my affairs and they will have had a social disposition to enforce it, the attempts to which had made a mess of my career once my University study had been botched 5 years into their perverted interest in me. What this indicates is that my position is not my choice and that they made this choice for me, while the poverty that allows them perform such nonsense is acquired and settled up on by choice, whereby we would all move on if they showed up a single problem that they had not created for themselves. This feeds into the other question asked of whether I know of the reasons they behave in this way and it’s an old tale of feeling as though upon a younger person taking up the same social disposition they have been stuck with since last time they became idealistic people and such a young person having made success out of it, would mean that they had been consigned to a life in which they were the lowest of the low in society but then again this position is not that which other people’s personal decisions inflicted upon them even though one feels sorry for them over it. Here like in other instances, I am said to be very good at handling it and I suppose I had to consider two things; one was the way that I would get the issue sorted and catch up with my own life thereafter and the other was the way that what they have inflicted on me, based on me holding closely to my religious convictions, would make me lowest of the low, the man who is abused by Children that he thinks are untouchable until the rest of the world enforced that view against him. The latter did not concern me at all but the former has now developed into a process where they can feel that I had begun to work on a way to ensure they stopped handling my Books and all comments about my concerns and on my Public image to help feel good about the consequences of their immoral personal decisions, had come to a stop.

They say that what has happened at the Monarchy recently scared me witless and yes it did because their gimmicks had progress into something that concerned state ceremony at a point where I knew what to do about it but was very ill prepared i.e. the state of my finances matched against state ceremony problems involving goons who behave like school yard gangs and it’s always an issue something important, something valuable and how there is always a need for an excuse to do it. hence like it is said of what I have mentioned above, that if I had done this earlier we would have been better off; whilst the condition was that there was an economic crisis – we could not rely on the goons who created the crisis in the first place to recover from it and we could not ask those who have the strength and energy to work us out of poverty to do it, so I had to take a Middle Ground and they had the range to invent all sorts of nonsense that they imagined but we have reached that end point at this stage as well all together. My relationship with social crisis have always been one of developing equity for young people with respect to the way crime affects them at school, while developing some equities for Celebrities as well; this means that we end up looking at Government as though we are the ones that look into the shit jobs while the opposite was the case, entirely therefore reliant on how much abuses from the Celebrities would keep it looking this way into the future and as we can see – they are happy to tell me about their bottoms feeling sore and the way I will get beaten up for failing to do what must be done to cover their backsides while they got rich, if they had media jobs and the way they invade my concerns and turn everything into a means through which criminals and anything that made them uncomfortable paid unnecessary attention to me in order to make me get into a fight with people as will make them comfortable while they made money at my expense, if they were Celebrities – so it is all developing into something that makes sense of the drop outs for the system they have created; that their pictures are taken to blow kisses at criminals on my public image and sold as magazines in the corner shops but the above described goons have not got a corner shop, the civil rights goons hang about picking up my Royal work and Public image to modulate crowds and grab my income because it rather tended to suggest Celebrities lived on foodbanks. So it is wholly developing into a case of the Hermit versus the media and Celebrities and is likely to resolve this issue and see an end to their assault on my finances and career, the way that I would fancy it.

They do claim the concern here is that I am an example of the way that power is ignored until it inevitably gets corrupt and always does, as equally as it corrupts absolutely. The truth on the other hand is that it’s difficult to make sense of what they are saying when they are the same group of people encouraging young people to pass life changing insults and abuses at me, claiming I am a bum, while describing me being covered in the dirt of what I am doing as a corruption of power. What becomes clear is that their understanding of justice, equity and equality is about taking from somebody something that they have not been privileged to experience, own or taste and this essentially is stealing. It would rightly be pointed out that what this shows most is the way that Americans operate and yes it does in terms of Liberal America and what Liberal America considers to be important – we have seen them become friends of Muslims and regularly trash my career every time that a fight breaks out and a soldier that belongs to their persuasion takes part in the fighting; so what matters to them is to have a footing in the lives of Muslims in order to counter characters who must pick a fight with everything that appears to be a form of authority while their children take up from where they left off and it becomes a vicious cycle, the reason for this being that it does produce outcomes that are intellectually bankrupting for the British whom they claim have got something that needed to be spent, but for them it is a way to solve the problems associated with making sure their arse is covered while they get rich but before then one of the least destructive behaviour we will see is a process of hanging about at Office windows with violent lasciviousness that helped to decide how younger people ought to exist, over money they have earned.

They do claim it’s a process of getting caught up with the German issue which is the source of all my problems but it isn’t – they are talking about their own problems and we see that manifest in this publicity based insults and assault where they got to ensure I ended up with PR that suggested I got my problems involved with people’s lives, because it would cover their tracks to do so. We see the same behaviour is exhibited by their white boys who cannot live without regularly slapping Girls panties, once they realised they had done damage, they get a new Haircut and change their public clothing which makes them immune to the same processes of abusive behaviour. Ultimately we see the obsession to pillage my finances id developed around those who tried and failed to solve this problems and although they have stopped me all the way like a habit, it is still not enough for them, after wrecking my career to get me caught up in it. It does settle up on the way they will join the Military when everything I do to carry on my concerns in safety had been destroyed by them and especially through these gimmicks and insults.