Now they say that I have completely given up on the business of taking revenge on white people for the things they have done to black people and it is utter nonsense, what happens rather being that they claim slavery and slave trade started out and ended with white people picking off people from faraway lands to sell and trade as items at the Market, while the way it really began was Africans selling other Africans to white people who did not sell their own white people as well because that was rather superior. The outcome of this has been the constant and incredibly annoying suggestion that the real reason slavery and slave trade was stopped, is largely due to the way that the black market which later emerged after it was established, inflicted untold suffering on human beings. They are still doing things of that sort as we speak – where I am an inferior type of black person, that the Royal family got involved with to provoke them and will not stop until it ends badly as well. What we know is the consequence of this is that they spend time trading criminal enterprise products with racists, claiming they are other people’s masters and asserting themselves on the rest of us, over an assumption we were all ignorant of the fact this is what they are doing but the big one is that the part of slavery and slave trade which affected them was the black market version where they were kidnapped and placed in plantation fields for the rest of their existence. Slavery and slave trade was never stopped by the horrors of the black market like we know the modern day slavery will not come to reason, it was stopped because the UK has an unwritten constitution and people are proud of the way it sets out the Government must primarily look into the interests of local people before wondering what overseas powers were thinking, while it is always the choice of the Crown to push for a certain percentage of the population to get educated, so if we try to fit the trading of human beings into this, we can find that it was a business model that was never going to last because there were people that will never let it.

Their excuse is always that I have had the difficult parts of this matter taken care of for me by those who were here before me and its utter nonsense as the difficulty is usually that they never listen to what others are saying, have difficulty accepting other people’s leadership and their understanding of what is right and wrong is incredibly flawed. This stupid statement usually suggests that if it develops into one of those stages where they recognised my contributions or leadership when their safety and security was a direct threat to mine and the social concoction of racism was mixed into it, I would not have developed a way to preserve myself from the consequences of their stupidities as well. They have consistently claimed I have done nothing about racism while we know racists always live a life of crime and its such small crimes that the Police eventually start to think that Law enforcement time is being wasted because all that can be done is give them a caution and let them go, during the times they have committed a thousand and one crimes that only brought them cautions, they had amassed enough money to become a proper social problem – they know that the Liberals are so greedy and tell so much lies that so much trouble have been made by Liberals such that if they got about telling people it was their right to take advantage of others over their money problems and the solutions that will improve it, many will be so dumbfounded they will be lost as per how to respond, while the Liberals have always maintained its about actually doing something that hurts the racists where it matters the most while it’s actually about their greed. Much the same as wealth inequality issues where people take anything from them while I had written a Book that Industry trouble makers cannot destroy and had to build my Bookshop in a way which ensures they suffered more than either myself or the culture and society goons because a Bookshop was never a toy as it were.

They say I claim they make such a huge amount of trouble for everybody that people will be unable to respond when racist had decided it was their right to take advantage of others but none knows what I mean – I wonder if they have thought of the pick I will make of the trouble they brew for everybody such as women smelling all the time because a bunch of stupid men working freedom had set them up in obscurity in order to grab public image and become Celebrities and once they find me near a Church decided I must be the man to smell while they grabbed my public image to work with the men that took advantage of them – we all know what this does when it gets mixed with racism and that their stupidities are constant and relentless at it, I could dredge the list of the trouble they make further but I think this will do for the time being.

It has now eventually culminated in the suggestion that my activities especially the government support I get is almost criminal and needs to stop but I have no idea whether this was almost criminal or the fact that every time I am seen travelling somewhere, I am followed by the men and abusively and publicly insulted in a way that distracts me from what I am doing and then when I started failing to touch in my payment before I board the tram systems and so ended up paying fines and was keen to clear out any fines incurred, I was turned into a cash Cow that failed to touch in and paid fines, then got a label of crime pasted on him so they might carry on with such behaviour at his expense to any extent that they wanted. So this veil that is placed on people faces over the problem with me needs to be removed if they wish to discuss whether or not my activities were nearly criminal, what they really spend their time on is being a handful of serious public control problems at my expense and need to stop following me around; I have as such for my part said my piece on it too, I am done tolerating it. They do say they can read my mind and any mind they can read must be a woman’s mind and it’s an example of these stupidities showing up where I have done the best work for my career with the support of Politicians, making me set up my Bookshop to ensure the guy who wears suits to ensure Public services were delivered swooning my career to leave me cash strapped every time in order for them to play their practical jokes and its followers suffered more than either myself or these goons, due to the costs and benefits of running the Bookshop all together. They can only read the part of my mind that I want them to read, the part that feeds into their private security Industry corruption and blows up at the careers of their Celebrities, which they say serves me as well and yes it does because they are always a threat to me because they needed money, so I had to make time for the purpose of making them work for it, which must now be seen in terms of my activities being nearly criminal on account I have gotten government support for too long, which itself is entirely due to busy bodies at the work place getting their noses all over it. I do get told I should try to make it simpler and that would be a case where it never stops; the Daddies cannot have enough of turning up in Public places to say that they did something alongside me and I grabbed the proceedings, the tall superior idiots with a need to pass insults at me all the time that sets me out as an alternative to their marital and sexual partners never stop blabbing how much trouble I will get into for being given a Royal commission, especially in terms of me being a character that shows up to take back careers that were taken from him, the other idiots who have suffered never stop blabbing of how I think I have solved the problem but I have not and of course they churn the tummy and issue threats for it too, so it’s never more difficult than making it quite clear if it will not stop of its own accord, I am going to try shutting them up the way that I want. They do love to act as though their wealth equality issues will always make them slippery at my expense but it doesn’t – when we asses it, we find that they are never engaged in the business of fitting their lives into a job role and making it a career and this is why their mates have more money and they have a need to make excuses and tackle young people they have always set a trap for and in my case with a big mouth, just like the business of spying on me to make a mess of my finances and everything I did to move it on was wasted through their media access, is built on those sayings they blab in public places about Children who don’t have a daddy losing their way in the world; it’s never because they had financial problems, it’s always due to simply misogyny and the blabbing that my activities are criminal for instance is an example of what happens when it has not yet become a war with the daddies. So to make it simple, I would say that it does not stop being a source of fun for a month, if this was the time frame I needed to ensure my Bookshop was impervious to their practical jokes, it does not stop if it appeared I was going to die because of it, it wants to talk about criminal activities I may have engaged in. They say I have omitted the real reasons people hate me so much but that usually comes in two forms; the first being that I am a character who has the ability to save people from the bottom hurting but has refused to co-operate with superior people who regularly set me out as an alternative for their sexual and relationship partners, as though many people love to get into a relationship with messy state of affairs, talking nonsense at me all the time and the other is the story of my disrespect towards The Prince of Wales. In both cases, they will not stop if I were about to die because of their activities – while Prince Harry wants to sort me out over disrespect towards his father by getting involved with characters that blab of being important all the time, then show up to turn neighbourhoods on its head and plan their stupid lives on other people’s wallets, like instability that somebody else will have to tidy up; it’s all incredibly stupid and developed from the need for simply misogyny, has nothing whatsoever to do with me like every response to it hurts the Media bottoms that pushed my career into such a condition regardless of how hard I worked to keep it out of trouble and if I continue to run this Bookshop according to their schedule and not mine, I will make trouble for them as well. There is no disrespect towards The Prince of Wales, he enjoys wrecking my academic work and bashing me whenever there are public matters I can assist with, I now need to ensure I am no longer in a place where such activities are possible. They do love to say that they warned me about this kind of result and its utter nonsense – these are a bunch of busy body idiots who enjoy getting involved with people’s concerns to express how others should exist, the main problem is still that their stupidities need my leadership but what they enjoy the most is working misogyny on me and I am done tolerating it as I said; every part of it including the bits where I am said to be disrespectful towards The Prince of Wales is incredibly stupid and if I had not stopped running this Bookshop according to their schedule, there is going to be trouble for them as well – it hangs around deploying Publicity to beat me down all day long, runs communities that helps it run me down all day long and at the same time not only does it claim it is more important than I am, it also says that religious leadership churns its tummy and I need to keep my mouth shut about it if I do not wish to experience further trouble, that said, every time it engages with the Public, I feel it at my financial bottom lines.

They say what has happened to me ought to serve as an example for those who do not respect what they can do if they don’t like other people’s existence and its utter nonsense; it’s an old story about the idea I am being targeted because the business of doing so was coincidental which is utter rubbish as every eventuality usually results in damage while they got good feelings from involving themselves with me insultingly and now they have found something to run with that involved getting around with some powerful people in order to handle me and get rich fast but it is not an issue for me in anyway whatsoever – if I continue to run this Bookshop on their schedule and not mine we are heading towards very difficult times indeed as it were. They do ask why I think I am better than they are when the evidence they are better than me is overwhelming and its utter nonsense as well; I am not interested in which one is better than which and I suppose I have never really pointed out their need to hang around boasting about what they don’t have to get popular, resulting in outcomes where they turned neighbourhoods on its head and planned their lives on people’s wallets, now skipping the business of fitting their lives into a job to make it a career which is why others have more money than they do, to spend time getting linked up with Members of the Royal Family in order to handle me and hang around blabbing of doing what they liked at the Monarchy to get out of difficulties at my expense, I would have I suppose avoided most of the trouble they have successfully built over time but then again, it was never my career platform even at the Royal Hermitage Office to do so. I am not interested in whether or not they are better than me, it’s simply that as long as they can hang around talking about me having an ability to deal with bullying that makes people smell and then seeking to handle my possessions for every time they got into a fight, returning to bottom whip me for the rest of my life every time they got into trouble with their enemies, there will always be trouble – the sense that I should not be running my Bookshop according to their schedule instead of mine is a good start. They say when it comes to fighting there is nothing I can do much like they say I have fractured the Monarchy and Royal Family both of which are not true – for the latter it’s a matter of the business of the Royals being able to see what I do with them does not add up to a threat while what they do with me adds up to a threat which is concerning, complete with the fools who claim they are more worthy to be Arch Prince as Germany runs the UK with their stupidities as the centre piece, all of their activities have nothing to do with me and for the former, it’s more a matter of a collection of events suggesting I would lose something if I got into a fight with them and or they would gain something if they did, should this be eliminated I will be a threat to them as they appear to have a crystal ball, have ill intentions that they can pre-empt and the Politicians needed to do something about it again. They say I am always untidy and this was the main problem but it’s an old story it keeps its imagination up my bum in the bedroom, in the toilet, in the kitchen and everywhere and then I take it with me when I go out and bring it indoor when I return, so when I am too tired to tidy up, it wants my Public image which explains why it would like me to tidy up i.e. the idiots have been getting involved with Celebrities via the Industrial espionage practiced on me and the process of not cleaning the space I rent from them is a bit of an issue – it’s like idiots that ensure you feel sick and untidy all day long but their future has been built on hurting you with the business where you lived in a tidy environment, building up to this sense it is an important thing to sit around somewhere where you got enough support to cultivate a real habit of hatred for their stupidities. I have also heard them make this statement time and again, that it’s a matter of Communist Interests and the Communists have said I am licking dust for messing with them which is both utter rubbish as we know that Communist do not run this Country, communist interests are clearly good enough for Communists and we have not stretches ourselves too far out as a people the way it has been suggested at all. Where I have fractured the Royal Family however, it is rather clear that once I had gathered enough of these insults and placed them on Public display, such as will allow me to comfortably administrate my concerns, I would have no more need to collect the consequences of their abuses but it is up to them to continue building more of it as it were.