The case for how people cherry pick my information and negate the whole story in order to cause me trouble is not in any way a problem for me, it is the issue at the heart of the destructive behaviour that certain individuals you must protect a livelihood from by any means that you can and the law allows. They never ever listen and so they clearly are too stupid to understand what the damaging effects of their activities and when they have a need for it with which to acquire media and certain excuses that will never die away as well in order to engage in, the assumption as it were that your world revolves around them and there is no way that a truth can ever exist – until that is you make them understand getting out of bed every day to look into the image of a company will get them into trouble and then the need to claim there is controversy in your work which means that although it does something for them and they gain from it, it is not satisfactory enough to spend money on and seldom less modern and up to date for such an eventuality to occur and like to spread it around and encourage others to feel the same way too. It’s nothing unusual; the same old case of have enough of them and wind them up and then they start to think they are evil and that is why people should let them have their way which means they start to target you and cling to you and stalk you all the time and when you do nothing about it their women end up with problems, so they can put people up to it on ground you don’t pay any attention to them or have sex with them and so on and that means that Politicians can use them to make power and ensure you are trapped somewhere at the civil service to become a plaything for them more than they have ever done too; they turn up on public places to invent and instigate all these conversations they suppose others are meant to respond to while paying no attention to the fact they are a public menace and if at all they do, they want to determine what you get to do about them by telling you that the more you react is the more they will do it and that it would have been better if you did or said nothing about – the impudence.

When the Monarchy is not yet interested in me, it’s more like grown up versions of stupid fat boys getting Politicians to help them see to it they dominate my temperaments and aura before I am allowed to do or finish my academic work and then whether or not I get a job with it can be discussed later, when the Monarchy is interested in me it shifts to threats of trouble if I become a Prince or look like one and yet I they say am responsible for making it into a lot of trouble by describing it as a war which instigates a need to fight within them as well and cannot seem to stay off the book sales so that we might actually get to meet as well and I need the money, so they need to fight the war as it were and then they can tell me what to do about it too.

They speak of nothing I say or do implying any form of progress all the time which makes no sense either, since you know when you wind up stupid men and they like to target you all the time so their wives can end up with problems because you simply refuse to do anything about it, then all things anus and penis and insults and lack of progress should be their stupid children gratifying themselves. It’s the Politicians that spend tax payer funds on these things, so we will have to sit out the part where they do something about it too – I dealt with mine by the end of my teens and since I met them they have continued to prove to be violent civil rights fraudsters; the talk of progress of which they are the one making any around here as it were. At the time they regularly thought of themselves as hell raisers which is why people must be given to them as items when spotted – the one whose temperaments and aura must be dominated by them because they need it and then if satisfied they can be allowed to do academic work depending on whether or not the satisfaction is disrupted and so on and we have not even begun discussing the jobs yet after academic work is done and they say I am the one who described my work as a war courting trouble. I will hold onto the celebrity and civil rights and popular culture and when we meet in public over my books they can turn up to prevent me from being Royalty.

I have not in any way gotten myself stuck with things that I shouldn’t have in the first place; what happens here is that these guys do these things because they want to cash into the perks of my office and so when I had decided they are an evil that cannot really be eradicated as such and I mean by means of social change of even religious ideals, then I have to cut a deal with determine what they take and what they don’t but instead of that having improved the situation, what it became was a hate campaign against those who do their stuff for them and do not let them do it by themselves claiming it is customer service for a product or even leadership and that is why they need to get off my books so that we can actually meet if they are that keen. I mean the democracy and freedom story is supposed to hide a subtle racism but it is so disingenuous for this to be built around the prognosis of pretending they have not been contaminated by handling my possessions all together.  So they love to play this game whereby they have done everything to bring me down and I have done everything to ensure they cannot and now it is up to the Politicians to finish the job for them and all I am saying is that if that happens they will no longer recognise the western world as they know it presently.

The story of this problem I am said to have with homosexuals is of course utter nonsense; the reality is that they are not just prepared to blame others for what emerges as a result of their lifestyle, they are prepared to ensure others are in a condition where they regularly pay a price for it so they can have their lifestyle and so I wonder what people suppose it means when I mention stupid men that want access to my personal life in their minds and as a matter of a state of affairs, which means I get to wind them up and when they target me all the time their women end up with problems and every anus and penis insults is their stupid children gratifying themselves – it does not stop here, it goes far enough alright, up to the part where anti-Semitism becomes an issue because some of them have been provoked by others as well – the clubbing and the binging and the lout lifestyle, the property destruction and public menace and especially the other part of those they have targeted that turns up in public to grow and grow and grow at the hands of the media threatening to swallow up the real people from which it was built – it is all homosexuals and their community and they need to do something about it, nobody really cares if they have sex at the anus or not. I am not reasoning with them for my part and this should not be mistaken for that i.e. lets go out there and rip up some major world religions has proven not to be as much fun and games as they had supposed that it was going to be, what they want now is to get the rest of us to accept their version of what causes the things we see happening all over the world today – yet having said that, when they see the Pope they have camera in their hands and can mess with that as much as they like, regardless of the fact these are the persons that are normalising the damages they have done and it is the same with the Arch Bishop of Canterbury and so on and as for me, my books will be discussed with them and prevented from selling when there is no part of my life and work that agrees with their lifestyle being something I would fancy – no real reason for me to be seeing or putting up with their company. They do say these things are because I have ruined the hospitality of the big companies and I cannot make it out myself either; they are the ones that are responsible for the fact that there is a feeling here that I will lose something if this complain is pursued and all I am asking is to have my Literary Empire and all its property equity globally placed to be returned back to the way I made it - valuable enough to provide for the needs of a Royal Estate and valuable enough to provide for a book sales profit margin numbers - its all I ask and the Royal Estate is not their own either, whether or not people have a certain sense of vanity attached to the fact I have a source of income that is not determinate while I hold government office and will never stop turning up here to wreck the finances and get involved which encourages organised crime is not going to stop that from happening, so in a general sense in terms of wrecking their hospitality I am completely blown away.