So there is the story of influence that is needed when the conservatives win elections of course, I couldn’t get my head around the story but we all know that there is no matter of influence going on here save the insulting process of peoples foolish women telling me men like me should be doing violence and leaving my life for women to get around using influence but this is one such occasion, for they say the issue is that others have won elections which the matter needs to be settled as it were. The great old story of the fact that most of them that travel to the UK most likely gave money and other gifts to witchdoctors in various cultures in order for them to get to the UK, be successful at their visa and reach the UK for a good life, so there is that fundamental prognosis of course that the devil is powerful and wickedness pays and that is why they cannot be detached from it – so they have discovered that waiting for there to be an imperative for them to serve the devil on my account will mean I have the means to pray to God for help to break that bond they have with him so it’s a constant drip of initiative for evil and wickedness being practiced on me, so they say that if they do not turn up to rip up my finances over a period of decade and get the Politicians to help them cause delay to my recovery in order to create the sense that evil is powerful and that they do what is in their nature to do while I am supposed to do what is in my nature by doing good things to them on the other hand, they cannot exist, so it is rather really difficult for me to locate exactly how the Politicians hope to explain that away as their right, which is why the Politicians are always in trouble around my concerns at all times – they don’t even keep to the modernisation rules that says neither God worship or devil worship matters when people are trying to make money and get by, they need to get out of bed to attack me all the time and I am not complaining about being bullied by them and so will not tolerate this influence story any further. They do say they have made me suffer and that it may be sufficient to clam them which is utter nonsense; they have not made me suffer a trophy victory, the reality is that their civil and criminal disobedience is just as well, when it becomes a major issue we will enlarge victims clubs at International communities yet again as it were but apart from that it’s a story of the fact I am given my benefits to help me find jobs so I am supposed to use it to get a job from somewhere or use it to foster my own job, when I get the calculations wrong all the time it can become a problem because it is such a small amount, it’s not a matter of suffering, it’s a matter of putting myself on the line so they can put their money where their mouth is. It’s never really been a problem, there is simply nothing good about it – nothing good about the reality people want to abuse and attack and insult a Christian and handle him in every foul way socially and culturally and politically and sexually, I am not complaining for being groomed to have the society seek my blood like that as such, so I have no idea why they are complaining on my behalf except that I have been cutting them off from that stupid media and fame so they can lean further to the right to handle me and they can been complaining about the number of times that their blood and that of their stupid children and families will be used by the devil to get things done and when it is exactly that my own blood and my own body parts and private parts will be used by him as well – so we understand they are not supposed to get in my personal space and threaten me and then start selling the disposition like they do because of the consequences that are attached to that but they want to exasperate me and make me hysterical so as to handle parts of my body that people do not get to in order to pacify the devil for it while they target me still. So the story has always been that serving the devil is something they do as a matter of choice when we all know that attacking me is a matter of pleasure and we see them look like the devils army all of the time too because it has eaten them up all through their childhood as it were, their threats will not continue to be tolerated here for as long as they have assumed that it will be as it were – they need to practice it on themselves, otherwise that stupid wealth inequality story can only become one of the many casualties. What we have here therefore is a collection idiots that would like it if people thought of them as out of the ordinary and it’s been 15 years of targeting and provoking me sexually and socially and Politically every single day as it were while they expect there would be no consequences save the ones they cook up concerning the need to do me harm for destroying the parameters by which they practice their evils and it is not actually true that if they turn up here they will not die like stray dogs as it were, never mind the old story of me talking from a distance with that their big mouth suggesting they want me to come round to their place all together to see what will happen as it were. It’s the old question of whether they do not know what they are doing due to their evils taking them over hence need information thereof as a result. Apparently evil is much more complicated than that and I have no idea why they need to ask when mine will be used by the devil to get things done all the time anyway – they are the devil worshippers and they need to have it worked out, it is the reason I get in their personal space to threaten and dominate them and push them further and further into it as well, then sell it on myself all together too, so we know each other and understand each other perfectly, never a case of thinking I am infallible like they love to make out on that silly media all the time either and as for the culture and society, they will never ever see it again and they know it.

I am just fed up with the story of influence being directed at me all the time and yes they do say its people making excuses to spend my stuff but this is not the only means by which they make excuses to spend my stuff and abuse me in all ways including sexually so that they might buy their bodies from the devil and stick me at the deep end either – when they threaten me we really need to get to the bottom of what brings it on as it were. It’s not true the way I handle it means they can never be taught a lesson and hence counterproductive, the reality is that they want to be oppressed and I need to show who can get others to work and pay taxes to pay off the deficit that their Political masters created for the Country and touching me physically will definitely lead to an even bigger problem as well. It’s never true I hate them because they are anti heroes either, such claims are much the same as the story of how people are trying to impress them to make Monarchy relevant – in terms of the former 3 hours somebody has to do his job after putting a name to his face on National television but in that time we are unbearably put through all kinds of nonsense by an idiot who feels he has better been somewhere else having a pint with his mates and because they must use me to get things done, it is never done until they bottom out my sales and wake up the next day to do it again, then get about threatening me too rather than keep off the company and its market place as it were and in terms of the latter it’s a matter of their ego mostly but that said I think a man who gets so drunk because he drinks everyday and does nothing else, that he loses his sense of direction and turns up to take out his penis and piss on my curb is a better person than they are and the grown up hooligans have their days numbered when it comes to their behaviour towards my book sales. They always say it’s a matter of how much I see free stuff of course whereas everybody knows stuff is free because it pays for itself; I mean take pornography for instance – it is a livelihood that exists at the low end of either moral or immoral society but is still free, free because we are all adults and the only group of people to whom it would make sense to sell pornography to is children which does not make any sense whatsoever, in my case however it’s all people falling in love with my work, people begging me to continue with it because it is that good, I am never really a happy man when there is the slightest interference and certainly when it is a result of their stupidities as well. It’s much like the story of the fear of Africans of which there isn’t any – only that since it is impossible to look professional 24/7 in order to ensure their games does not get to affect your mind, then you have to conclude they do what they do because they want you to oppress them and so because we are all adults and the whole process of every feather ruffling leading to shocking behaviour is going to be financially violent, it always stops being so funny when third worlds emerge. It is never true I have been forced to work exceedingly hard and that it is a scar that people can exploit – what is true is that these guys lost half a pair of eyes and half a pair of ears to evil and their need to practice it the last time, so what they are saying is that I need to lose half of mine as well to it as nothing will stop them lest they go blind rather than a process where we share and have half a pair each and I am only saying I don’t need to, what they need to do is find somebody that will murder them so we can all have some peace.

They do speak of Tory Policies and how that will affect me all the time and it will never make any sense anyway; I mean the Conservatives know I am simply not going to let people mess with my Books but others need to know as well that what the Conservatives get up to is not an excuse for them to mess with it as well. I can understand what they are saying i.e. when the Tories make Policies that harm us, because we are bigger than you we will harm you as well and yet when we hear them talk about their blame culture and need to have scapegoats for their problems rather than solve them, they speak of civil rights and not the fact looking for trouble seems to run like blood in their stupid veins. It’s as I said, they lost half a pair of ears and eyes to evil and I ought to share by losing half of mine as well, lest they become deaf and blind the next time it is demanded of them which of course does not really apply as what they need to do is find somebody that will kill them so we can all have some peace around here. So it has never been a complicated matter as such – an old story of I am upper class they are lower class and I can exist in a bubble that says it has nothing to do with me all round and anything that touches me will experience shocking behaviour on my part too but then again the reality is still that I am a Christian and should not be blamed for the fact these fools like to put the worst of them out there for others to deal with as a basic nature every time they step out of their door, then assume there will be no fall out for it, except they think they have a Christian to blame for that too – so its Tory Policies hurt and you feel what we have in store and what will happen to you as well but it has been happening for the last 15 years with their big mouth anyway and by the way of which the primary prognosis for what has happened to me so far has been that even while they put the worst of them out for people to deal with day in and day out they still wreck people’s lives and take everything from them if people feel others are important and they are not, they say such people ought to be made to give up the respect that they owe others since they speak of what they don’t know having been such persons have not seem what their homes look like in order to decide and settle who is more important, so it’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t and I do get very sensitive to every single bit of their insolence as a result of the adoption of such a disposition whereby they think a history of bullying me is something they will add to their repertoire and get used to, hence their need for new civil rights with the use of my personal life and they are not supposed to seek their well being from my personal life when they make clear decisions to make their neighbourhoods hell for themselves like they do at the moment and need to stop complaining – there is really nothing whatsoever that they can do, it’s been happening to me for 15 years with their big mouth so far and until there is a clear line drawn between me and them as a people it seems it will never improve too. A typical example of how these fools turn things on its head and show up in public to issue their threats at me is for instance a pet cat being trained to bother people early in the morning or late at night if they fail to give a girl what she wants – I mean it can be explained by the fact everybody is making neighbourhood hell for everybody else and people have to survive but if you isolated this by itself the reality is still that it was supposed to be a per Cat – so until their case leads to a problem between me as a person and them as a Community those insults and threats it seems will never take a turn for the better. They do say I bring it on myself by getting involved with them of course which is utter nonsense too – I mean if their Politician children lose elections the Liberal democrat and Labour Parents will turn up and tell their children to stop being sad but look to how others are doing their stuff, referring to those who won whatever conversation that was supposed to constitute and it is an evident example of the reasons I cannot leave my products at the Market place and return after to find it the way I left it.

So finally is the story of what my position in uttermost clarity concerning female inequality is, which has never really been a mystery, we all know that if you happen to need to say one thing for five times at least to your male counterparts before they had started to understand what you are saying while they know the feeling is such that it is right, then there is every indication and probability that you will prefer female leadership but then again the level of prejudice expressed and channelled at people that are like that such as myself is almost unfathomable and only seems to be progressive rather than baffling to those who have put themselves at the heart of the matter only – the fact that it can come all day from homosexuals that are at the same time complaining about their rights being abused is one of them cases that have people dumbfounded. So that the main purpose of all of it is usually in my view to draw attention away from the activities of really stupid and criminal women about whom people need to shake you out of the sense that you can ever get to the bottom of their stupidities, hijacking the whole issues in order to deploy it for their own ends as violently and selfishly as possible, then explain it away as power and assume everybody will find it amusing whenever they feel like doing so but then again the lines become clearer between women and the idiots in their part of society when women are supported in all matters, right up to things they want to do at the International communities and that is why these idiots hate my guts so much and do regularly show they feel like destroying any progress that concerns female inequality too all together which in my view does show we are heading in the correct direction and I can therefore in such circumstances develop a peace of mind that is well enough to allow me concentrate on my academics, leaving then the question of how on earth people continue to explain their story when they claim women ruin their lives.