The story of me giving off the idea I am British when I am not is not unusual, it is the case behind the anus and penis insults from the idiots who like to bandy it all the time - the reason it has become a topic for conversation today however is that they said it meant they were the ones that had created themselves a history and right that involves abusing and violating me and so it has meant I got myself prepared to detach them from that stupid country and hand it to anybody else that will be offering me some sex just to find out what it is exactly they can do as well. The bit about me messing around with the British Military is an old tale, the reality is that they have not got a clue what they are doing and have no idea the way the Military itself orientates with Communities and Families is that old tale where if somebody goes wrong people can go to somebody that knows how, to learn how to help defend the Country etc - these idiots and their Celebrities are involved with National and security services because they think it is some big joke that lets them get rich and famous by bullying people and so we are having to deal with all sorts of nonsense that was not our doing because they want to stay alive and further their stupid careers. Its nothing unusual about the fact the lower classes who will be the ones doing the fighting as it were when war break out, have a real problem letting other people live in their own Countries due to the extent of British Military capability that does not actually exist to serve them and are always as such full of hot air and in need of leadership all of the time, which they are also well aware is not something I am willing to provide them too for my part - so its an old story of exasperating me to find out I react to situations because they want to copy those things that Soldiers who are Loyal to an Arch Prince end up doing in the heat of battle, which involves the part of their lives that are concerned with his leadership and its just to add to some of the things we see in terms of winding me up and going off to attack something that matters to me like a journalist or a Fashion model or a celebrity in order to show they are superior which is orientated with making money. All I a saying is that it is a simple process I have explained before about not wanting to tolerate any more of their trading showing up on my Royal Estate whereby Mr A will carry on and by the time Mr Z is done and I can breathe, it turns out Mr A through to Mr F were back in again and no matter how hard I work to prevent it, it will happen anyway while they exhibit themselves as buffoons in suits all over the City pretending there is no victim with that stupid civil and criminal disobedience that their good appearances hides all the time. It is therefore fair to reiterate that everybody including people such as myself who are Christian, always get themselves aware of culture in some way because they want to keep and look after their careers and family well being - their specific orientation with culture is the one where somebody wakes on the wrong side of the bed and ends up talking about careers others have taken up instead because they are not well groomed and I will be turning this on them very soon indeed - just as I have warned the war on Celebrities I am waging at the moment will easily become the least of their worries when I do. The Politicians on the other hand are the reason we are here - the one where they have a space on their right hand side and some have a space on the left and it is where all the goodies will end up with a big mouth. Its usually when I want to strike back that it turns out they are clever people and know what needs protecting despite their destructive behaviour but the reasons they never spend their time on these important aspects of their stupid lives instead me has never really been clearly obvious - The media have always been an old story, they can chase peoples minds and are kings of profitable disobedience as a whole but of course we all know they hate my guts too. They do say its a matter of republican sentiments getting out of hand in the UK because of me, which is utter nonsense as those are just a collection of goons that never listen to anything anybody is saying to them, besides which meeting their demands does not tend to mean those who are cleverer than they are and regularly get the better of them so they can call on a crowd for help will cease to do so anyway - for my part, they do love to assume when I tell them it will be the last time they see the culture and society if it gets in my face, it is very likely that I am bluffing. The story of not being able to handle these issues is an old one but we all know I do not wish to handle it because when Market goons and Media goons and Celebrity goons get out of hand after years of tax payer funds being spent on them by Politicians who want to develop their self confidence that useless people like me break, it is the Politicians that end up complaining all the time about hurting bottoms, so I really do not see why they should be stopped at this point for my part as well and yes they do say that my activities are indicative of war with Politicians which is utter nonsense - its a simple case of whom exactly they are talking to concerning that space on their right hand side or left hand side about which they go into government buildings to ensure the nice little earners are doing their bits, leading to a need to address and abusive me all the time and quite simple that it can only carry on until I find where they keep those things and get rid all together - we are not talking about spreading that nonsense about what I am not getting from the British Royal Family when their one activity in life is to stifle the earnings of the Estate and destroy the Diplomatic and Political relations then show up on Media and markets to hope an Arch Prince will work for them, the first occasion of which was the one about detaching them from their commitments, so they can complain about a prancing goon that is creating world disorder at Industry by taking power from their secret societies - so they can employ fools mainly from Ghana who imagine their fingers millimetres off peoples bum all the time and assume there is progress that will be made that way. So they do claim I started the whole thing but we all know what sort of damage finding subliminal messages all over the streets when you step out of your door, claiming you are to be dominated in spirit first before being allowed to get anywhere near academic achievements, which will ensure those who do not have what you have had the effrontery to own when others are more superior can share it, does - so its not a negotiation what my position is with them as well; its the popular culture and celebrity ones that are my main concern at the moment, they are actually the reasons I dropped out of University and most of them then passed exams to return to popular culture they didn't need the exams for and I must now do the popular culture until I return to the academic work I do not need it for as well, while I am of which the Books will pay my way or they will have a new problem to deal with and it will be global too alongside their black friends. I have never thought it a crisis; I am aware that if these disposition did not place me in an environment full of idiots, whereby they make clandestine decrees or liars all over their society, then provoke me and get the politicians to make laws for them on an original disobedience, I would have already deliberately placed myself in it and know perfectly where I am as it were. They are very stupid people, that is a given but would they get off and spread rumours and lies and create open secretes everybody will work by, which says somebody has to be dominated spiritually first before being allowed to do his academics so that people can share, if that person was one of their bloc head children - they are stupid but they know exactly what they are doing. Of course they know where my Books are but just like the Politicians and a problem with the guy that was not crushed when they played for the demands of the Unions on account he affected their self confidence that was vital for going off to do a job in Government buildings by simply walking down the streets but I am still at a loss as per what they suppose it really means. Of course it is eventually said that nobody else gets targeted the way I am but its an old story of being a Christian and imagination of theirs running wild as per what can be taken from me and what the Bible will expect and what they can do when I refuse to go along etc - so it is still the old story of the health being affected to a point where the academic work and finances is damaged because I am now harming myself and how they would touch their own children in that way, which mean the actions I have taken could be the wrong thing to do. Bottom line being I doubt if they would tell their children to hand over income and Book sale market to elders because the Bible says so and have trouble understanding what will happen when that big mouth goes off again about having earned the right to violate me because of a no response to their anus and penis insults they have fallen in love with (They say its about some imaginary sexual habit of mine they are aware of and everyday I get beaten down in my own bed and feel frigid all day long looking flustered - if not that, we see them dress how they like and behave anyway they want at Church so people can be constantly informed of what their Vagina looks like when we never see them tell the rest of the world what their Vagina looks considering those will be most likely to attach importance to it as a whole, what we see them do instead is blab about feminism and continue to seek money in such ways never the less; yap yapping the right to violate me having been earned, and for the last time too as it were). So they do say I think of myself as something that everybody else wants but I have no idea if I have yet convinced them that having them conversations about seeing the world according to what I smell and what I hear and what I see is not necessarily something a Christian actually wants to do so far for instance. The Politicians will say that when I talk in such ways I am serving them the way I should, which beats the imagination why Politicians think I regularly act so as to serve them when even the alliances with those who actually want to be allies is such as uncomfortable bed all together in the first place. The only thing I share with Politicians is the process of being a victim of bullying whenever they put up some products somewhere and get to government office where they act in a way that will ensure the nice little earner is doing its bit and of course there is no empirical evidence that bullying me makes it profitable but we all know it affects my health when other means of making me into somebody that speaks of a career that has already been taken by others is important to them - however the general idea being I should never dare to act in a way which affects the finances of the Politicians while it is also said I need take responsibility for what has happened here which I supposed I am being asked to take responsibility for talking too much when I have written my books and as I am about to sell it another persons need to move into my right hand and become the person that influences others without showing his face in Public gets enough support from Parliament to distract me from everything which happens because the Politicians are selecting friends for themselves and selecting friends for me and the whole gimmick has gone global too. So they keep telling me I am going round and round and round and not heading in any direction at all but will not give up interfering with the issue, which is not true - what happens is that the fools who think they have a lot of secret society powers are scared of me but for each time I put out my products the Politicians will have something to say that is absurd and that after ripping my finances will allow them fools to show up around any thing else I am doing for financial well being to play with my tummy and anus and penis and so on - it is not a condition that would ever lead to outcomes whereby I act in a way that pleases Politicians, especially US Democrats etc; if there is another one in 24 hours I will sort it out and rip it up again, doing so is something I know very well. They do say the way I talk will get me into trouble but everybody else knows the only sort of trouble I am going to get into is the one where all they know is calling on whole communities to force people to solve problems that will make them feel excessive levels of convenience, which we all know will end in some global lamentation over what has become of that stupid freedom in a very short period of time - the kids always say they want to teach me lessons and its the same story; they are scared of me and want to teach me lessons, the girls want me to be abused by their Moms so they can feel special too and its an old story where the bloody idiots are not in a gang but want to live like one where you House share with somebody and its a fight everyday over who has the most power at the Toilet and the Public spaces like they are selling Gang membership (whereby it becomes a temptation to teach that stupid toughness a lesson that will mean that gang nonsense becomes more important than ever and attracts the main thing in the process too like we see their silly parents want to do with absolutely everybody all the time) - beyond which the scum are largely unable to see I am older than them and if threatened will kill them all together.