We hear the talk all the time of how people get to pay millions of pounds for a car when that value could be better felt if spent on poor people, which is really like comparing apples and tomatoes; since we all know that I for instance could earn up to 2 million pound for three paragraphs of my Books being collected by an Auto Company for design processes but have written a Book of 300 pages of the same type of thing; the MPs think selling the Books is a bad idea, I think they need to stop being silly as I have to make a living. So it is an example of the fact that years from now, people will try to find out what the real value of my Books are, in terms of man hours and the workable equity property in them and then if somebody wants to make it a store of value, they will go to auction to do that; what this sort of thing shows is the damages that a lack of basic civility can do to others which these media fools never seem to comply with because the victims of such abuse can never get out of being vulnerable in all sorts of ways to losers like themselves unless there is violence involved but I do not need any violence to remind people of their hurting bottoms and the fact I can always organise the mid-size gangs that will match them every step whenever they want to decide what other people’s property like mine, should be doing to make them comfortable. They love to brag that I suggested delay leading to denial and then oppression could never happen to me but I have always rather held this deluded opinion that I needed a job in hand to facilitate an outing and then some money with which to bankroll my Books but have found that with every job comes somebody who recognises me and becomes way too fond of heir ruffian image on account he or she knows where my Books are, so it doesn’t work – I had only come to a decision and decided to start working on the Books wholly in the first week of November in 2016 and we are in the Middle of June of 2017 at this stage – so their case has become important obviously for a reason but if it isn’t the bit where I have done everything but still unable to consolidate my endorsements considering I do not have a literary agent that takes care of things for me, on account idiots have jobs on TV and so we see that process where we cannot get an ounce of truth from them to complement their insults and bullying play out as per I take a job out of the media all the time whereas what really happens is that every person that gains access to my information when I look after an Intellectual property administration business always ends up looking to a group of fools that have corresponded with it by setting themselves up as the means through which people flush my life down the loo because they have – the first effects were recorded in the Books, now we find ourselves talking about whether or not delay can amount to denial and then oppression as well, something of a skill they possess, over the fact it is time to sell it, don’t call me stupid. I mean there is really no reason I spend my energy calling them stupid except the fact I am desperate to bring an end to this nonsense and their stupidities are the one thing that affects me so badly above all others; we all know this is the sort of behaviour that needs to persist long enough for an artist to gain from their work only after they are dead, while for every disobedience these idiots find themselves better off with publicity and talk rubbish about the power and success that their distant violence brings, whereas that was just one of those things their stupidities do, whereas when they see what you have and want it, either way of having it or not having it on time, you will become a damaged person; which yet as I mention is going to come to an end on my case and I do not care what carnage was the result too; I mean there is really no need for them to pay millions of pounds for a car anyway whether it be a classic or not, so I am lost as per why they bother. What we are seeing besides the fact it is impossible to get any truth out of them is a process where they get their information fed to them but are in need of something that supports their stupid ego and hence set about playing with mine as well; the depression is acceptable because they think others will be carrying the pain for them as well; so we are only in the middle of June of 2017 by the end of which I was meant to have finished work on handling them to ensure I can consolidate my endorsements and run my business like people run a business without daily sabotage and interference people find amusing, I have at least 15 days to go; I wouldn’t spend any time pointing out they are stupid unless I had a reason to and for now every lie and disobedient each time I do is still as profitable as the first day it began.

They do speak of being more successful than I am naturally but we all know whatever they do has nothing to do with whether dropping out of University and ending up with a chest infection should be resolved by selling some Books to pay your fees and getting it completed. They always complain about every involvement with me cracking people up which is really down to their disrespect; every involvement on their part is designed to ensure a pampered Prince gets hurt, every time and we all know they have hurting bottoms inflicted on them by their producers when its media and Celebrity, by their designers when its fashion people etc but I do not get hurting bottoms inflicted on me unless it is community croons and local criminals, so it is basic assumption that since their role in society can be settled when they complain about the hurting bottom and I fuck the arse for them as well, even though it’s not a nice thing to point out but is actually the truth, they are expecting me to go off to the criminals to have a knife put into my belly to settle my social status as well. I cannot sit around being sad about this nonsense especially the bit where they love to insert themselves between me and Client and steal some income by celebrity culture and leave me doing things to reimburse shareholders when they have failed to do the applicable jobs properly but have taken the money anyway – in fact the things I do to reimburse shareholders is regularly interpreted as me having been perforated – it’s nothing except their cracked up out of my league media distant violence taking a swipe at me all the time and needing preparations to every time they try disrespect and nothing else that is causing the cracked up epidemic. I mean I do have to account for the people I get involved with of course and it’s that bit where it seems as though when fashion model may even get killed by the hurting bottom pressures meant to get her fulfilling the worth she is paid and doing this with a smile and taking care of the money is all she knows but they sometimes know a thing or two about civility: so it’s like when it has showed up on my case enough times and I really like it, I could solicit for her and then the designers and producers will deploy my public image to get things done and she will try to do what I want most of the time, which will ensure I do not run myself into financial difficulty as well and this is how I end up with some people I get involved with that has encouraged a free for all; question being how this would not have brought about hurting bottoms.

They liberals are very fond of those insults where they say I am a waste of space and they are so fond of making out they are a problem I cannot handle whereas everybody knows if I took it up around the matters of big business and how it affects people when you take property from the rightful owners at big business for instance, it will be very easy indeed; the one they are complaining about at the moment is that I have done very well at the money they bequeath their stupid children to go around doing my life and career using popular culture with – they cannot discipline those enough to keep them from getting killed by extremists, their main preoccupation is to discipline me instead, I bet I will then get into even more trouble with their mid-range saloon cars and three to five bedroom house insults too, so that they can grab possessions from the owners at big business and ensure when they abuse other people’s rights in such ways it affects the entire world. I mean I am fed up with knowing the facts of how the street murders happen and would like it if they stay off my Concerns, keep off my Public image and keep their mouths shut. We see it at Church all the time; it has not raised he Child well enough to avoid it being targeted by Police so it goes to Church where it can find people to blame if it gets targeted by gangs and now wants to decide what I say all the time, played out to a point where it will make me shame myself with bad smells and steal a public image as its insults gets deeper and more personal – very stupid of course but that does not mean you sit down somewhere dreaming somebody would beat it up seriously. It always does it; have this ideas about playing with others and it’s not a nice play, hurts every time and the reason it messes up your whole career and what you set out from home to accomplish like that every day is because it wants to make you into publicly ridiculed figure then build a crowd that shares the only form of happiness that can allow it support advertisement and processes of looking the part when it gets a top job or an Office role and if I see it I will cut it up again; I mean fuck me they say and its incredible too. They speak of a lack of understanding of the extent of my actions whereas the Communist power ones are not liberalising my religious faith and democratising my personal life anymore, so there is less provocation on the right and people making themselves judge jury and executioner on the left – what I have left is getting out of bed to contend with Liberal America over how delay can result in denial and oppression over my Book sales, left wondering who the hell is their waste of space around here, gives off the sense it is going to end really badly too. I mean they are stuck and cracked up, and the preferred way is not to buy Books I write but to host talk shows that do nothing but pass insults at me and make use of my personal space until I am stuck and cracked up so they can steal my Public image and escape; hence stuck and cracked up which is my problem because; I mean they will use any conniving trickery and abusive manipulation to ensure they make a lot of money they have not worked for by making use of me but who is their waste of space as well, like I have not had enough of their stupidity already? They are incredibly stupid people who hopelessly depend on those insults that tell others how to exist to survive and we are not talking about the tyrants who send their goons to chase my bottom over some revenge concerning something I did to ensure they do not kill people that chase their bottoms either, I am their waste of space like I have not had enough of them already.

They say they are losing money and it’s not the only thing they are losing – the cycle is still working pretty well i.e. it will talk rubbish at me about how clinging to my Public image to make money should not be stopped otherwise I will face what is coming to me in ways that are so clever it will appear to be its stupid civil rights as well while its tyrants parents and relatives wants to have a problem with Political opposition in a way that means they claim my personality for themselves – so when I put it up on a website their ego goes far enough to make a deal with the same political opposition because there is a better and more rewarding victim and then I have to deal with hurting bottom that has not been explained to me what I have done to deserve by scum who killed people. As for the losing money bit, the general idea is that I am going to be losing a Royal Estate business empire to their stupidities as it were so we have only just begun on what it means when one set up is broadcasting plus corporation plus misbehaving staff and the other half is simply idiots that have set up pyramid scam sales systems to get rich quick and support abusive canopies that make them fame and popularity by when I have expressly told them that it distresses me for them to do so – its only money they are losing at the moment, a new source of influence by which they make a lot of money they have not worked for and my bottom in pain without explanation and I think I know how I shall be selling my Books too. For every time I sit with somebody to talk about a contract or job it’s my religion they want to talk about, something about my personality and a perverted use of it that scum are always making out a portion of publicity for; they don’t know they are discussing my religion but I know it, however the result always being that the religion I practice in their personal lives takes away my academic work and my job to further the propensity of picking up criminal activities which will keep me out of that Church that winds these fools up to see me attend for good; then we hear them ask if the way I handle their stupidities, money madness  and modernisation as well does not amount to hate, as if I do have an answer for that anyway. The question of me playing with their public image as well is not applicable; that is more a gimmick they put together to ensure I have been shoved to the left and the right and shaken up and left behind some public image they can peddle anyway whether I liked them to do so or not, stuck because they spend too much time on me and do not have the background that can support a process of being a famous person but want to be anyway. Eventually they say I have a problem with the ethnic minorities of other Countries which is not really the case – just issue by issue; where the American ones feel they have to create outcomes that involve a process where people need the groceries but do not need my Books, so the Indian ones cannot have a party that is facilitated by the days taking at sales in New York City markets if they have not completely wrecked everything around here and sent every nobility that associated themselves with me running away and never to return by means of incredible distant abuses and stories about feminism and rape. The German ones only have one style of clubbing and partying lifestyle that involves a process where the fact I have a personality that makes me look untouchable generally means I had stolen it from women and those that can beat up trouble makers to provide security for all, so unless their own is sacked all the way to corridors of International communities as well, we will be labouring under an atmosphere all the days of our lives. The French are more a matter of prepubescent goons who appear to read rife neighbourhood insults that show they know a lot of civilisation off a dictionary and unless they are grappling with living and existing and having a life all together it does not get any better when they think they have found themselves a victim they can reward themselves by – there is never a link between the way people have chosen to live their lives and whether or not others concentrate on their academics and finances, these goons do it because they are narcissist enough to do it. It’s an atmosphere of Labour where nothing you say matters because people’s corruption of involvement wants to be profitable on your life and Toilet which is the bit where the insults get personal, nothing more but I am always recuing my Books from them instead of selling it and this is what their problem is as well. I never said it was a crisis; I said I am always labouring under some misconception I matter when I don’t, I have written a Book when I have not had a hard copy in my hand as it were, I am going to sell a Book that should never have been written and so on but then again it does come to the hard facts bits about going into an Office to work in peace without being bothered and this is usually where they have to explain what their problem is with the toilet as well. they always say I speak of the poor but never of the rich but we all know I am a writer and do not have an agent, doing it all by myself, so it’s a legitimate question they need to answer; what is the exact problem that they have with the toilet. They always say that my Books do peoples toilet as well and we all know that to be the case because it’s their life here and their academic work, therefore they have a right to stifle it and make me into a holier than thou Church goer that needs to sell products as an illiterate to make a living but then again either way, it does their tummy alright but their stupidities are seen around it every day followed by a process of tackling me over the effects. I hear most of what I say amounts to fearing them but I wouldn’t know anyway, the personal diaries were full around 2006 and since then it had turned the whole process where I think about them each time I am trying to write something while they dream of moving into my right hand, into something very serious all together, it meant I had to sell my Books at Popular culture with ideas they have supplied until they understood what others had to endure in order to raise funds that will help me return to my academics, otherwise it is mostly a matter of a certain group of people who cracked up out of my league fancy their culture alright and each time it is on my backyard in in flames and there will be trouble if I told them to spend more time with those whose backyard never gets burned whenever it is on with that big mouth but if you go down this route then you start to classify some people as stupid and others as clever. I am not scared of them; the Politicians are just fond of making me scared of my financial wellbeing so they can put that down as me being afraid of them but otherwise they are more interested in reading Books I write which does their toilet then show up to bully me for it on media. They say I insist on writing these Books that people have complained about in terms of its effect but that was an old story where I complained about the handling of my Royal alliances and my business empire and became a statesman that others abused because his hands were to full with public matters to do anything about it, making him into one of their fucking great servants who was only wise and knowledgeable so as to share with those that were rightful and more worthy leaders and owners of anything he had; they have sold millions of music CDs to get rich quick on this crap and my Books must be sold in millions as well before it is over. They always say it will never happen but I did spend most of my time between 2009 and 2014 collecting intelligence on what happens when my Book hits the market before all that customer interest is perverted by media that gains something from mocking me while I try to sell it on personal necessity and I intend to pervert their own with it too until I am popular to get my finances looking the way that they found it; it gets serious for every clown that is not actually a professional jester as some stage all together as it were, it really does. Like they claim I have nothing of mine which is original, they also claim they make me do what they want all the time which is nothing more than reflecting on their criminal history and bear baiting between me and other younger fools that are the way they are, while the women have become increasingly hard workers at the need to detach me from the Royal Family and stupidly put more worthy people into it. Everything I do however is original, the problem has always been the financial sustenance of the support I have given to those around me and that is constantly being threatened by stupid liberal leadership that says there is wealth distribution when others know how to do it as well, turning my livelihood into a provision of goods and services into something people are a part of if they want to join up but none of which will change the fact they are not important anyway and may want to think about doing a bit more asking and a bit less telling whenever they handle other people’s property since there are people that can bear it for decades and push them back and wickedness transformed into financial corruption because people have refused to pay attention will still have no effect on the way other people live – they do say they will push me back the same way of course but there has always been one answer for that i.e. if they go into offices to work on their jobs and stop getting all over my Public image they will find it is the best way to be daddies without looking for trouble.