I hear of a story of a need for me to get into a sense of violence and struggle as things are now dithering on an edge; its utter nonsense of course since the violence and aggression is what it is and does what it does but the reality is that terrorism for instance has gone from the terrorism of people running around in the dessert to the Terrorism of ex service men who want to be important and have their own state, so how did it get there except by the fact that whenever Industry idiots and Media and Politicians want a war they feel they always get what they want so they give it to themselves anyway – now they speak of aggression and nobody knows if it is supposed to be an exit plan aggression anyway. They speak of the bombing of twin towers being a function of the same terrorism running free in the desert to which freedom and democracy should be married but we all know they omit the anti that was upped here to bring that about. So that when we speak of the terrorism of ex service men that want to be rich and important they think everybody is lost in translation especially over the anti that was upped here as well. It’s not a matter of glorifying terrorism, it’s a matter of acknowledging that it has gone from terrorists running free in Pakistan and Afghanistan to terrorists getting weapons from the US Government through Syria to carve out their own Country between Iraq and Syria, so it is not exactly obvious what kind of aggression is supposed to solve this matter anyway. For instance if I were to speak of ISIS and tell them Royalty in Europe are like Middle East ones always concerned about crime and criminality and men and terrorism in a whole sense of the word, so we do understand their type and do not think it is the correct way to look after wives and kids, what are the chances then that anybody will be free from women that are not your size and exist to make you sick all the time because they have linked that process with the outcome of somebody buying them gifts and giving them pocket money in the US and in the UK as well? They do say my methods are discriminative but it is much the same form of insolence that they think I am not worthy enough to take note of from them; I mean Bush was warned in many ways about how he had to handle the Iraq crisis but he was happy to allow foolish women to do whatever they like with others due to how much America was donating on international aid and that was finished off with a media that can confiscate a live career if they go on about that for an acceptable number of years and finish off with a case of putting the noisy owner up in public places at the most indiscreet moments to ensure people have enough of them. Mr Obama on the other hand started his campaign against terrorism with Latino Communities, Black Mamas and Homosexuality in US Military, now they tell me they have no idea what it is exactly I fancy so much about Mr Putin – whereas it has never been about him as much as it has been about my interests in Russia which he actually likes anyway not like them which he likes in smaller measures. It’s never been about disrespecting the relations with have with the US but Russia is a part of the planet and we have got to exist, it’s never been about the President of Russia and they know that but the point here is that Black Mamas, Latino Communities and Homosexuality in American Military was always going to mean that the whole process of making sure small Countries with very little armies and tourism Economies and a lot of land to spare for such things being prevented from becoming hot spots for terrorism will always degenerate into outright provocation one way or the other just as it has done with the Middle East. I am of course accused to choosing between types of terrorism which is utter nonsense as the reality is that even Bush let alone Obama who had lots of benefits of hindsight as well were warned that people see a condition where effigies of the US are burned as an excuse to mark out those who have things Industry idiots want to deploy to get rich or improve the lives of their children, so they need those things to happen so that in all that chaos they will get it anyway and get away with it but in each case like Bush and like Obama every time these idiots want a war they are always given one; I am not the one doing the choosing.

I am accused of serving the US Government at any cost of course which is utterly untrue; there is no serving US Government at any cost going on here as it were – I am not doing this for the US Government, if they are interested they will be able to see that handling terrorism involves cutting its fuel supply and that means small countries with enough land to allow it to develop and that means they will have to look after Military assets and ensure it exist which also involves making sure those that are likely to damage that means of National security do not acquire the means by which to do as well and that is what I am doing at the moment, have no idea as such how they were going to pull off their Black Mamas, Latino Communities and Homosexuals all doing wealth distribution and Politics of who screams the loudest at the White House foreign Policy anyway. The part that really concerns me being the bit about black idiots in the US feeling when they are well endowed they are in a position to do and undo and can address anybody anyhow they wish – so the message here is that I know them and they think they can but that is not what my history says. I hear they say I am The Queens subject and boot licking goons like me should be hated but it’s a matter of intelligent conversation, I mean I am The Queens subject, yes, that is true but it does not mean I am one of those badly behaved individuals that are always being put in order either, so we all can see why it is that whenever people feel like it they will go off and get republican Jamaica for example and since they know nothing of what a Country is and what it does it will be done on the basis of some confidence they gained by stealing something from me that they should not have had access to, so there we have it where the Boss thinks my behaviour is robbing Her of a allies and Public engagements and so on. There is that story around it of a problem I seem to have with Political authority that has not been resolved but of course there is only the fact that time and again it seems that being British is okay, the kids, the schools, the schools notice boards, the schools play grounds and kids in them, the shops, the kids school trips, the jobs and school run, the holidays but every time that state of affairs is the way things operate, the outcome will always be that the fact Politicians do not like it that we are propelled more by our cultural sensibility than we are by our Political sensibility takes precedence and it will last about Five minutes and is replaced with a heightened state of things instead - at this point I for my part have to hold my breath and then when they start to tell me what they think I should do the situation will change because it is never clear what they think or suppose I can or am expected to do it with and in retrospect of which it is not actually clear what it is exactly they can do either if I don't. So their most common response is always their perspective imposed on me and me being far flung to the left in shame and disgrace of course and I will have to respond to that by making it obviously to them it is not exactly clear to me whom they suppose is their bastard around here anyway but when I want to say something about it, what I say is usually in the manner of their perspective being imposed on me the day they can enforce it. They do speak of their own lives that are being messed up of course whereas everybody knows what they do is get off on public office to set out a case for how my business empire does not exist for instance and the number of worthless women that turn up for that is unprecedented but then again this is a matter they think can be resolved by the same people who are their victims and that is why I am being targeted because I am a Christian as they do think my Christianity will be used to resolve their problem when they are done pleasuring themselves with their stupidities, so these are people who think looking for trouble runs like blood in their veins, they have no authority; I understand they say I have trouble with a clear sense of what the Political challenges for the Country is but it has always been the same as ever i.e. the whole idea that you should not expect to get up on the day of your 18th Birthday to realise that the electricity bills must be paid for is something for instance that you must be completely cleansed of over a period of years which is then finished off by a fat boy getting on media to chase your anus and penis in a bid to ensure that you are so troubled that you are out there working your socks off to get rich and famous - I personally believe I have made myself clear, so that when I meet a professional who just colloquially tells me that I am messing about with careers I know nothing about it and I approach them and that stupid spin of a media about having enough of them and the degree of distress they cause me being unprecedented - why they need to move on, they can always tell me they are not moving as well if they want.