So the story of my behaviour towards women surfaces on matters all the time and I really think at this point that it has now gone past its sell by date – what really happens with women is that I spend some time to support some female colleagues or friends and because I had sacrificed that bit of time to do it, the feminists must express on my life, career and finances the fact they think that men support women because of the kind of sex the get from these women who are usually eternally grateful and that it is that sex which contributes a great deal to female inequality – the part where I support these women when it comes to the business of their Men making use of women’s booby fun to feel comfortable while dealing with the trouble of life whether or not the idiots who are clearly out of my league liked it or not, something I personally never do because I detest it, does not appeal to their stupid minds in anyway whatsoever, so they have become rather convinced their vandalism is set to get passed off as feminism and they will lay about on my property and plan their stupid lives on my wallet for as much and as long as they wish. I mean they say the problem with me is that I am type of man about whom women are stuck between me and those who commit sex based crimes and nobody knows what this nonsense actually means but it has already become a Public matter that needs to be discussed as a matter of when I want to get done what they want, so they might lay off my Books, finances and academic work, as stupidly as possible and so we find the foolish big brothers threatening over it finding it quite difficult to keep their big mouths shut especially on Media.

They do claim people turn on women in these ways because they do not wish to be brave but we all know the first nasty surprise were the destruction of my work and income which was designed to ensure they could pull my intestines if they wanted, with practical jokes – so the second surprise is that just before I recovered and put myself right from that, I am thrown into the deep end in terms of fighting again, so that they might feel superior but what they have a problem with as stupidly as possible, are the things I am going to do to them to ensure that getting involved with that stupid fighting tended to have solved a problem for me as well – this is what they are complaining about. The whole story about feminists ruining the lives of those who have made some time to support the women in their lives was never an emotive one either; it was never something that I did not possess the intelligence to discuss publicly, so I am still lost as per why I am dealing with Celebrity idiots setting two part crowds that are to do with their layabout stupidities whereby one showers them with affection and the other continues to press on with respect to finding out my trade secrets, then get off in public places telling lies all the time about why it is getting worse between them me and getting increasingly less amusing than it originally was – personally I have no idea what the case between them and the business of passing their insults at me really is all about in the first place anyway. I want them to keep away from my Books and my patent margins and allow me write Books and study my degree programmes at this Office in peace otherwise I am about to sack their own too.

They do claim I am in a difficult situation but I am actually not in any situation whatsoever – what happens is society idiots following me around to wreck everything especially the academic work on account they want to play with me and think that doing so is fundamentally linked to financial success but the business of wrecking my academic work and telling pathological lies that help them feel young again at my expense is set out as something that will not have provoked me in anyway, in terms of the fact especially that they think it would not have mattered if I was. So we have had to deal with this case of filling their stupid heads with what I know to a stage where the Politicians who facilitated this nonsense have been grovelling for some peace over it on account they never stop complaining to Parliament and Media about my so called attitude which I do not find insulting at all as far as they are concerned and I have done it because I am fed up with paying the price for their stupidities on account I am on the side of Democracy and freedom like this all of the time – what then happens thereafter is that another group of gits with media jobs who think I am not allowed to work hard enough as to ensure my career is not subject to the practical jokes of civil rights idiots, got off lending them the Media jobs to claim they have grabbed my career and build a crowd on such claims by, then stand up in Public places making a mess of everything I do in terms of the idea they can do and undo with me, shooting up my stress levels very unnecessarily like that, while pillaging my finances everyday – they do complain about the parts that are getting increasingly serious obviously but there is also the great old question of why they do it all together, if the fact that they are experimenting to find out how much power their media may find and possess, was left out of the story all together. They do claim my behaviour is terrible but it is not in any way whatsoever, it is not my behaviour, it is their present continuous and past participle nonsense channelled at me all the time – what happens in the local communities and neighbourhoods is their ageist parents wrecking my career and making it impossible for me to concentrate on anything because my personality is something they want to share, it is peaceful, the sort of place they should get beauty sleep and everything they got had to be done by violent means, so because it has become such an organised habit, I can feel them share my bed space and when I roll on my bed I hurt all over because I had done something that changed something which made their stupidities uncomfortable – meanwhile they have not yet stopped complaining of the consequences I dish out for the communities they build up with ideas on what to do to me over this nonsense and at the same time have not stopped building those foolish communities as well; it is their Country within the Country and these stupidities are supposed to mean their version of Laws, the entire time, we find their stupid abusive children lay about all over my Public image while passing the exams at school and seeking more of my career to grab by insulting and threatening me i.e. it’s not my behaviour but my involvement with it, is set to ensure that it pays the bills around here, so they understood very well what will happen the next time that their vandalism followed me around at the academic institutions.

Now they say I really am a dangerous person and this is what people need to understand and it is utter nonsense – it’s like when we hear people claim they expected serial killers to come from dilapidated neighbourhoods but find they come from idyllic ones, since it’s usually a case of the trigger all together in the first place i.e. you may have spent the last 30 years of your time at Church for example and then you are not exposed to any of these nonsense, then one day you met some guy who looked a bit odd, so his disposition of giving up on a society that has given up on him or knowing he is no longer able to cope with a society he lives in but does not want people to find out because he is keeping up an appearance, has something to do with getting his hands up your bum and making sure the neighbourhood was hell for you from that day onwards, leaving you with a sense of the personal decisions that got him into that place where his stupidities now wholly depends on you and you can feel him mick you for it all day long thereof; of course the real prospect is that you are going to kill him and something in your mind is saying that you will get away with it if you hid it well enough but we know that the more you tried to hide it is the more mistakes you would make – so I have been exposed to these sorts of nonsense not least because I read some espionage Books when I was younger but mostly, my Dad was fond of reading his own and telling me about it, so as I gradually got exposed to it, one thing leads to another and makes sense of very stupid individuals who think that a packaged thing that was done in terms of very difficult decisions being reached on matters of Public security, whereby the life of somebody was taken so that another person might be a living person and not a memory and it was all recorded in an account Books, is something that they want to fool around with at your expense.

The other part of the story naturally is that I think I can handle the Celebrity problem I have got but cannot do a thing while reality is that they do need to stop antagonising me and start to believe that I will definitely destroy that Celebrity culture: we all know we are where we are because they chased me about at University and wrecked the academic work, so since then I had written a Book and the same behaviour was said to have brought them success and needed to be repeated, so they now have two types of crowd and one showers them with adulation while the chases my trade secrets to ensure I can never step outside of my door without smelling like the last thing I ate – this then feeds into the fact that it’s only when they had completely destroyed my life that they accept they are comfortable with being on the left on account they have a culture and society people that they belong with and these are the ageist goons who always ensure each time they see me at an academic institution start a story of how somebody my age would still be attending school and get hoodlums to attend while I dropped out as a form of social improvement, the same idiots are the ones who follow me around and make a mess of everything because the first time I dropped out was the most important victory their stupidities had won and the next time it does it when it sees me at an academic institution will be the occasion in which I had begun a case where all hell will break lose in their stupid shop managers and CEOs getting around with hoodlums while their homosexuals passed around insults concerning the kind of respect they deserved lives as well, it needs to believe now that it is important it had stopped antagonising me as I am definitely going to burn the Celebrity culture for my part in the matter. They do speak of people who hate me at the Monarchy naturally and yes people hate me at the Monarchy obviously, it’s an old story about knowing their need to get their hands up the bum and wreck the career and finances usually gets people making them get into a fight, so it becomes so completely obsessed with taking advantage of a poor neighbourhood I picked for my hermitage concerns, as a tool for making me get into a fight with Hoodlums and criminals and runs off its stupidities like that all day long, while the Royal women that work with this nonsense no longer appear willing to marry the idiots who want to establish a Relationship with them recently. I have waited 6 years since I dropped out of University and it has not stopped, so I have already prepared for a prospect of dealing with this nonsense the next time I pick up an academic programme of study and an ageist idiot wants to make decisions on it when his stupidities are not paying the Fees and am definitely not bluffing when I have warned them about jeopardising the Celebrity culture to do it as it were. The one they are complaining about presently is that of the bad things which have happened due to Russia threat and I did warn them many times over, that they will soon end up having to handle the American threat and get off it wrecking everything at this Office too. It has never been a complicated matter to me, just a group of idiots that are complaining about deterrence while looking like characters you can only get through your existence in the world if you hated very intensely.

Eventually I am told that it’s a matter of my sexual habits which Women complain about but the first time this happened with these sloths, it was 16 years ago and began initially with the sense that if women claimed I have been sleeping with them, the husbands will take whatever they wanted before the truth became obvious and then it will eventually get me into a position where I wanted to make a living from civil rights but their stupidities were first in the queue; obviously it continues still and they assume wrecking the academic work for me to spend 6 years of my time boasting about a great victory that they can now trade on as incentive, is never going to make their stupid selves into very provocative individuals. There is the sense I am unable to hear what people are saying to me while it was rather clear people get to invest money on what I do with others, the only relationship about my person which these goons care about is one where people play up sexual gimmicks due to the fact that they need protection from sexual predation in the City and I am offering some of that, while also protecting me from sex based abuses of society, culture and Political gits whose busy body opportunism at Popular culture, Stock Markets and Politics needs wreck the academic work and keep it wrecked while they pretend they are not becoming a provocative group of idiots for so doing and the reason for this obviously is a game of loss involving some very abusive and insolent women; the outcome being that I am sore all over most of the time as their stupidities are the odd ones out when people think I should not be seeking the Big things when I let the little things slide because their case is about being the ones to discipline me for an attitude that is not good enough to provide a service concerning my Books, as stupidly as possible.