Today it has been claimed on Media that I have a talent for destruction, which does not make any sense, as I am not the topic that people need to report in the news and I am not a Journalist with a news job to do but such is an example of the sorts of insults and abuses I have to live with every day – I have written this by Mid-day for instance while this has been carrying on since the early Hours and the reasons I have written it being that Community trouble makers and society goons had joined in on the act of what is going on with Media and the interest that the Politicians have taken in it, so the cluster that amounts to a stage where this story of a talent for destruction on my part is meant to make sense of it.

I have never thought it a complicated matter, these people are lowest of the low with no social status, so this tends to add to the business of everybody else trying to be better human beings meaning that we do not have to deal with violent issues all the time but then again so have I warned them especially concerning those gangs and criminals that will tackle me when they are not getting rich at my expense, that they were digging up aspects of my character which I have no wish to explore, as suffice to say I am not a fan of their stupid civil rights. We see that the Politicians and the Media are always insulting people and each time you wish to push back you may find out that what is happening is that the Media is where people earn more than the Politicians which is why insults from there is greater but it changes nothing about the fact they always want to push people into social issues, like they claim it’s a talent for destruction on my part but really began as a gimmick to tease Royalty before it became something far more serious.

We hear they have a purpose in society which does not make sense to me as we can see the only purpose they have is to get in league with individuals that would otherwise have murdered them to grab the news and the publicity because of the money that comes from it – the same individuals that even the Police know and acknowledge regularly that spending time with is not necessarily compatible with the job or academic work that you should be spending your time on instead – it is always this obvious. As for the part where I started first, I am now unable to tidy up and return to my academic work because they show up to brew open secret insulting gossips about me which means whenever I step outside of my door they are using the process of making people afraid of them to find out if I have farted, so everybody wants to ensure I smell, leaving me with abdominal pain all day long while they blow off their big mouth about people who fart needing some serious discipline with a big mouth – just before they would not get off my space if it is more profitable to blab about the effects what I say has on others i.e. I am not a fan of their civil rights and have never been, we have nothing in common, needs to keep off my case.

Usually the consideration especially with respect to when they make a case of my sexual habits to avoid the fact it starts when they have found somebody or some Royalty to tease and abuse before it becomes something more serious than they envisaged, of which there are no sexual habits, save the part where they have stopped my whole life from functioning by following me around and getting involved with my personal space, showing up around my Books and income to get excited about what does not concern them, then violent and tell lies all the time hoping to keep up until they are rich – all the while the media ones think that doing a job where they do not show their face but their actions have an influence on people is that which they can deploy for unspeakable evil and have not really been able to make sense of how it happened that I told them there isn’t enough money in world to let them rip up my life making fame and fortune to play up talk to the hand routines when I have an opinion about it, just as we can see that they do not believe me when I say I will tear up the Celebrity culture as well and likely to carry on until they witness me do it all together; it’s the one they started – cannot sell my Books because of my mood and have not been able to return to and finish my academic work because they are chasing my bum.

I do get asked why they target me all the time, when it is obvious that spending time with them is what the Police have said does not work with your academic work and job; the fundamental reasons they have put forward is that I am some soft character with a lot of possessions I am unable to protect and a market I have not explored or I am some Man character that goes into Church to promise not to do bad things so that gangs might chase me about and facilitate the business of women getting rich and comfortable with my personal and public life while I do some fighting like real Men should, even when they know that the business of people who are not compatible with living in a civil society always affects the Men the most because women are the stuff of Public image while we are not – the result of which are such outcomes as a condition where black women cannot stop passing around insults about me being dragged out of Church to be homosexual so black people might be powerful only to end up trying to do as much pornography as white people all together but it buzzes at the background of public living all the time until the goons who show up to hurt themselves over it and try to get others tangled up with their problems on account they did, so up to tell their mates what to do and make an announcement that I have got tummy Ulcer and Haemorrhoids every single moment over what happens to be their inability to keep off my personal space – It goes way back to the 80s for instance and they have always chased me around, I have lived with them for all my life, the question behind the reasons I am able to cope is that in my head they are lowest of the low and it is this that allows them make an oaf of themselves in Public to challenge people to a fight until their victims are ill, it adds up to a process where the rest of us want to be great and good, meet in the middle and then the whole process keeps us from dealing with violent issues every single moment of our lives. There is a sense I am married to them and there was an acrimonious divorce and they were talking me up around Town but since I was never married to or divorced from them, it is important they know need give me me back my space as it is obvious when their own is occupied they lose the marriage and the Celebrity roles as well.