There is talk now of how the EU has been removed from British Politics and the result will be the means by which to control certain individuals that Politicians need to handle if wealth and power cravings are to be satisfied and it is utter nonsense too – we all know what really happens with their claims of being denied power to control is that they ask people to do things and then they take from the same people the means by which it will be done, ask me to give up ideas they can win elections by, then wreck the academic work taking up some three years to since I did put up a fight of my life for it and hang up at the other end complaining and issuing threats, hence in terms of Brexit we have a group of trouble makers who are either going to show up and catch their breath or indeed lose all together getting involved with the control gimmicks. The part they have not yet learned is that the gestures to the left insults are things I find difficult to tolerate from them and their need to spend my equities on their stupid selves, now I am not describing them as trash for the whole world, considering I am not good looking enough to adopt the disposition of being a Celebrity while their twats were; it did start out stupidly enough with those gimmicks about me being an Adult with a Childs persona whom when abused cannot respond in a way that causes them any trouble such as the business of being convicted of paedophilia, but the one that has become a global phenomenon so far is my attitude towards their society generally, bearing in mind I want them to move left and smell like what they ate as well, if the insults will not stop progressing into something of building communities that have an imagination which settles around my bottom.

They always say that I provoke very powerful people which brings this on and its utter nonsense; the reality here is that if The Prince of Wales is no longer willing to perform his Royal duties and I am the one paying the most price for it, probability is that I am going to do it for him – these idiots spend their time on nothing else save practical jokes and abuses which play into the business of small gangs blabbing about a behaviour that will result in them being punished when people are not working hard to make them comfortable, just as the midsized gangs blab about money and politics and popularity for the same reasons, the big gangs blabbing about power and control of others for the same reasons. The theory is that I cannot do anything about it but reality is clearly that their Celebrity culture is a threat to me – they start out saying that I need the business of sorting how society inflicts people with obscurity, so whether I liked it or not, they had to do popular culture on my Public image but now we know that also involves sacking my academic work with public deviance, civil disobedience and distraction that follows me around at University for abusive purposes, sacking my Books over money games that illiterate Liberal USA supports, talking into me abusively all day to ensure I smell of what I ate and did not have a Public life, while they Politicians got all over it to serve the Americans instead of the British Public, blaming me for what is really a business of spending so much time on this nonsense that they have completely forgotten where their Government Office jobs are located. So, it’s all a collection of abusive behaviour that feeds into what gangs do to ensure somebody who had what they did not was put to work all day pointlessly, one task after another, in order that they might be comfortable.

I do get asked if I make it up as I go along or I know exactly where I am heading with these matters when I provide such detail but if one is meant to support the Queen on matters of privacy, it was quite obvious that while the Celebrities boast endlessly about how there isn’t a thing I can do about their stupidities, should I really want to resolve this matter, I will sack their society to gather resources that help me crush the Celebrities; it is either they are raising hell to get others doing one task after another and another to make them comfortable or they are getting their hands on other people’s leadership because of the conveniences and in my case like to say that I am no one while we know what they are after all the time is the fact I am the one UK Arch Prince on the face of this Planet, they need it to make more money while they are not dealing with financial difficulties and we have now reached a point where it needs to stop getting on my nerves as well.

So I am told I have energy for this but not to spend on the fact the Country is in crisis but the Country is not in a crisis that is indeterminate, a crisis for which we need to a find a name, we already know the only crisis in the Country is that Politicians spend all their time tackling those who want to stop them mixing Government with Industry, that they have forgotten where their actual political jobs were located; now we know that apart from the fact their hoodlums pick up on it as well, each time they realise that it sets out a stage which means the system must be cleared out to make way for younger more willing to learn, explore and find out about the stimulating experience of Government that makes great people greater, we find ex top Office Holders seeking out processes that help them get after the Offices where were more important than the ones they held – early departure of Blair to make way for Brown without a General Election, early departure of May to make way for Boris without a general election etc. They then say that I want to control the Politicians which is not strictly the case; what happens with Royalty is the disobedient gits that Industry people end up employing into important positions in their establishments; tell them to sell a product and they want to share the public image of an Arch Prince with the general public to bring about equality that ships the products faster, so the Politicians have their own which involves the number of corner shops that are located right next to their constituency Offices but are much more interested in getting around mine, an assumption they will pair up the business of hurtling down a Rabbit Hole to show up on the other side facing up to Hoodlums and Paparazzi with Civil Service leadership.

The black people they claim have the ability to control me are another story all together – their own was the case that really kicked off at University along with their white friends to wreck everything, so the assumption is that I am likely to think my race a curse on account they have been so nasty all my life that most of my acquaintances at White fuelling more foolish practical jokes they can invent thereof as it were but we know its another of those ones that will only end up achieving an outcome where I thought people did not have the right to be famous if I had a say in a matter, just to see what it is they can handle around here. We can see that even as I speak, the whole thing is becoming dingy and mundane already but it will not stop making a public case for supporting and helping any goons that are bothering me with endless work that helps them have a go at my leadership with a big mouth that says they know me and can control or handle me for such idiots – it has been going on for years so far. They do claim my main problem is that I have no respect for my Mum and I have no idea what is stopping them marrying my Mum, taking some responsibility whenever they believe themselves to love her more than I do anyway, an example of how I have not done their own well so they can never keep it shut; case being that my Mum gets along well with her Luvvies, so there is largely going to be a lot of conspiracy between Mum and wife, no idea which part these goons are playing in the matter and why they think I should be left with a problem that means I have to deal with the business of bringing more problems home than I solve them and a story of how I am unable to protect the Children because they cannot keep their Celebrity stupidities off my concerns.

I am told the main problem is that I am always in search of trouble that is bigger than I am but we all know for instance that it may have a problem with its beauty sleep, so my finances will get hit because I am a character its stupidities have already taken advantage of to get rich, due to ageist fools looking for convenience playing practical jokes with my property, which reality they hell raiser fools leave out of the facts when they complain about me as well; so if I stopped it, the highlight of my day will be that I spent time stopping somebody from getting some sleep, never mind the fact their day is spent performing such nonsense as buy once read everywhere in the world Book which I had written and when their stupid Men join the Military all hell breaks loose. There is that foolish idea that I am addicted to certain types of women naturally but the reality is that they invited themselves into my Court and I want them out – the supposition in the mind is that they cannot be that bad and I have no idea save the prognosis of Daddy character abusing people to make money, what convicts us men that they could not be that bad when we are well aware of being attacked when we walk into Church for going there to steal women’s jobs and beauty or indeed the claim we were flesh men to begin with, then we became religious and moral, such that we will have trouble beating people up to make money later and then take it out on women.