The story of how what annoys people the most about me is my tendency to rob shoulders where I have not yet attained, is something people like to say without paying any attention whatsoever to how much it provokes me i.e. I have to clear out matters with idiots on Media making out I rub shoulders with them before I get to work every day which I could really do without, meaning most of the time I never have enough time in the morning to insert my early prayer time thing and these little things Count because it is an essence of my person and how I can be myself etc and then there is the part where I must handle the distraction that is a function of ripping up my finances and making me into somebody they get good feelings from getting involved with and being close to due to their violent misogyny and the fact Politicians like to bail them out of the effects in educational and financial context to provoke me as well, all of the – then of course is the fact that I am a Christian and they do not like moral and or religious people to think about as well. The idea I rub shoulders with them provokes me to unprecedented levels because it is one of the clearest indication they have gotten after my Book sales and will likely put up the same behaviour to turn people off my Books in the next 24 Hours; thinking about it of which the question is why people get out of bed every day to turn customers off another person’s business bearing in mind the business owner needs the income, so the case of rubbing shoulders with them in clear signs they want some of mine and are getting some already but it is likely to push things up a notch all together too.

I understand they say people hate me at the Monarchy, which is utter nonsense; what reality says is that The Queen is an 80 year old who picked a kid at random to help her with matters of the Church so she can run a government and their problem is that they are convinced I need Her help to protect myself all of the time; having now found out there is nothing they can do about me having set themselves up for a tale of the MPs that award themselves tax payer funds because of a nobody that goes about insulting them etc and I had taken steps to ensure there is nothing they can do about it right up to corridors of international community as well. It’s the Media and Popular culture ones that make themselves out to be a real problem; those are taking turns these days and everybody wants to take care of me and solve my problems to get rich like the British ones have shown is possible – next after the British will be the Americans and then the Africans but then again normally they would have had some American congress based connections to do charity and international community corridors by which to secure the position of their idiots in Africa for the purpose, which at this point they actually do not have because I had cut that to bits for them too. The prognosis of local government issues in tatters which the Politicians speak of is not based on fact; what Politicians want to do is spoil for a fight with me all the time because they want to own the moral bits through which I do my Intellectual Property Administration business and we are here because they are the only ones talking about and making complains about it, I have not done so because there is really nothing whatsoever that they can do about me thereof. So the reality of government work is still the simple fact that in the UK we are dual citizens of the UK and Europe but in Africa and the Middle East for instance, the world people live in is one in which 6.00pm is the time when evil men throng the streets with their headlamps on heading home where the wives get everything ready; so when put in the same context as the these idiots in the left and their right hand side counterparts that turn up here to ask me for my right hand side then get violent, so I might ask them for their society and cultures and cut them off from finances and fame too, may have pillaged and robbed and pinched but pulling the plug on them will leave them out on the streets with a sense of destitution and yet they are still unable to see that how useless they really are is actually not in doubt like they think it is; so this is where we are heading when those anus and penis insults hurt any further from this point as it were; I am not owning them anything and certainly not keeping their bloody incomes. Of course I did make them feel completely worthless and to that end they do need to keep off my Book sales too and find a real job.

These things are not a crisis, it is the kind of leadership that Politicians and Journalists want to provide in the local communities and is generally all about evil that wants to use other peoples own to satisfy itself and how to secure those people that get used for it right up to the point where their lives can be taken etc. Today I had settled it with the People and they had expressed their position on the matter of what parents feel about their children who basically plan a life where the purpose of their existence is to get ready everyday to work towards having sex with me etc and of course which opened to people as well what my relationship with Celebrities at Court looked like and was all about before these idiots then started as it were; hence as long as those anus and penis insults continue to hurt their case is up next. It’s like getting involved with my Business and livelihood to turn the money off and turn customers off it; it is a person that has caused the zero sales I have experienced today and will have the same behaviour which he has been having for the last decade again in the next 24 hours. They do say I monopolise the Country of course and it is utter nonsense as the reality is that they must share my possessions but because they are superior have a better piece than what I get; so they are not getting even an inferior piece – I excuse it all the time, where I say the case must be that I have set myself up with a product and must now wait for their incomes to come through and make me comfortable but damage is not competition, I did not authorise them to handle my person or my property.