So they say the big problem with me is that I have fundamentally forgotten how to be alone, which is not true in anyway; the truth is that the whole environment around me is fundamentally toxic for me because of those who want to make conveniences for themselves out of my personal life and set out to rally whole communities that will round me up and make it possible for them to trample on absolutely every aspect of me that has to do with those conveniences while my Books are explained away by them as items from free sharing and the provocation of these communities constitute a debt I owe them while they work on Media, to prevent a process where I am more important. Then we hear them say I have done something to deserve it; which is usually a process whereby they do it to live their stupid lives in my space before getting off to their Media and Media personality jobs, whereby the very great old story starts to emerge of the things I do to make them uncomfortable being such things as a process of getting out of bed to attend to a job – however the part that will get them into trouble is how they make it work i.e. getting involved with my Court when it is an all female affair and I am not gay and they have always had problems listening to what other people say to them all the days of their stupid Media lives.

I did not say it is a crisis, I have to decide how I want to handle it as such; the main items are to ensure that since the understanding is that above all else they are pure evil and their interest in me has to do with damaging something which is a guaranteed reality of any interest in me they have and that something always has to be something good; so the one they attack the most is the Arch Prince effect especially when I have been concerned with Church stuff and my light shines etc and the ladies are all over the place because of it – they want to clean themselves up in it and get off to find more filth and evil until they continue and find the one that will give them all they ever desired, hence have become convinced if they spend their time talking nonsense in public all the time about religion and war and which one creates the other nobody will ever notice but of course if I did handle it in that way i.e. they are here for a bad reason and here to attack something good, unless I have my safety on and everything that is a catch net so to speak, I will end up like them. As for deserving it however, they need to watch their mouths, since nobody knows exactly what makes them feel they want to finish with their dream jobs, keep my career on hold and become writers on it at a later date – except of course if the freedom and democratic phenomenon of their insanity is explained within the prism of the fact they have turned up on peoples television with suits on and an ego with which to wear it too. I do not have a problem with it – the only thing that prevents me from chasing up my own attack of Celebrity writer scum who basically write for the trade and rip up people’s lives to do it is that it may have been facts about their experiences or just a great story that enriches people’s lives whether or not they have ripped mine up to make money – so that either way it is good for the Industry but I have now reached a point where I need to ensure the Media ones do not join in as well while the celebrity ones hang around for vandalism and continue to look like they want a piece of me all the time; being a writer is a complicated matter – the character that propels the person comes it its own pitfalls, then there is the fact everybody you meet thinks you want to deploy their lives to make money and then it get worse as you get to become successful and some are obsessed with seeing what you ate, claiming they don’t get how people get rich writing Books except it is explained away in terms of the stupid games they play with people’s lives to make people pay for things without knowing why they have; making peoples poor and making themselves rich, especially through processes of messing with peoples families; if these fools were half the writers, they would have to chose between doing it and keeping the Media jobs that get to their heads and if I see them write anything on my public image when I trade in earnest I will give them the trouble of their lives too; so all together the case of people still feeling like writers in their heads on my account actually does not work.

In the end its that old story to show for it, as per if I am really a Statesman and it’s a simple case of why they need to let the Police drive their Cars and blow their sirens and get around Police work is a cosmos without being bothered; while seeing that their incessant civilian vandalism and trouble making for me will give way to serious punishment for each of the abuses and vandalism as a form of leadership. It’s largely the same old story all round; if they do me and end up in prison they will not be worse off but if I ensure they are fucked either way of ending up there or not, all will be well. I hear of course that I am hated in the armed forces because I create problems that I cannot handle; the reality of course is that I had gone from a deep hate for left hand side and right hand side gestures practiced by people who spent time wondering where teachers anus and penis is when everybody else was studying, only to turn up and get help from Politicians to rip up my academic work and make me into a hate figure they can lean up to put their head right when study and being importance has taken precedence in their stupid lives – to a process where whatever on my right hand side has been completely shut down and my left hand side is wide open and the only thing there is popularity and popularity culture concerning which more so others were in the queue first; that was how it started, where we are now is how it has ended and the results speak for itself as I have ended up with a business empire in which only the financial equities are somewhere else running around on Media where people have prepared a life for me that they want me to live – it has to be seen that even the Nazis could not achieve this and that the idiots are still getting around showing a skin colour they share with me in order to introduce themselves to people as the ones that will control me as they are good looking enough to be famous but white culture lovers and other foolish peoples around never seldom notice, so they are now forced to put their foolish talents to an alternative use and are selling up this disposition of insulting and abusing me as the ones that will control me for society, to the entire world; their white counterparts claim all I do is still stolen from the white race which is utter nonsense – there was a time nothing I did would have hinted it and that was the point in my life that should have sold my Books; where we are now in their case is the one where they will get to show yet again how much their insults does tend to mean that they love it when people use their stupid lives to solve problems especially when its financial problems. Now we are all doing well I suppose - prognosis completed whereby they wanted to play around with my work in Communist Territories claiming I am a negro that does not help his people or others - they had come through as developing economies along with their American friend who have a conservative villainy thing for ripping my Books to make them happy - so we have seem what they can do with it as well and are very busy with the usual way we know they love to hurt themselves. Here in Europe the claim is that of how I make and support decisions which encourage extremism to  run wild whenever they have frustrations and believe that still makes them much more superior to me etc; whereas there is nothing Europeans can do even by using the process of messing around with peoples livelihoods to cause them to lose jobs as well, which can change the habit people have of partying to make money on somebody else's market, then seeking trappings of power which concerns what they want to do with the effects of destroying the business all together, unless they meet one like they have me, who gives them that dilemma of care about nothing and lose it all and then their stupidities can get violent too. We hear ever so often the case of people wanting to know how I do it, whereas I have said and done nothing unusual here; same old case of working behind somebody else who puts their face on Media whereby everybody therefore can guess what it means if their actions affect millions who do not even see their faces and it is the same attitude when it comes to doing CCTV work, since the assumption is that nobody is waiting for them at the parties and conventions as well, where the only way to get by will be to keep their filthy Mouths firmly shut (it is the point at which they are fond of telling me the way I talk jeopardises the lives of secret service operatives, which is utter nonsense; we do not make it up as we go along i.e. nobody is going off to Russia to kill somebody will polonium hence British spies have jobs to do in Russia for instance while Russians spies do not have jobs to do in Britain, among other forms of very destructive nonsense Communist leaders invent to apply on other Countries around the world - the pleasurable bit being the processes of getting them stuck in that sort of thing in every turn and in every generation). All round, my Books are insulting and all should know it but they are still firmly engaged with the processes by which it may be amusing or much more, the fact that others and not I are in control of my finances and I am therefore not in a position to speak with confidence against their power etc, which I do not find insulting and hence freedom they have to continue assuming they will address me whenever they wish and I have not had enough of them too, especially for the black friends of the white ones as it were.

Now they say nobody really knows what terrorism is about and throw questions up in the air that religious goons like me according to them have to answer and that is only when there is a change from violent problems I need to solve for everybody as they are not the ones with Royal property around here on that stupid Media. The truth being that what they want the most is to be able to hide the facts of what is actually going on i.e. they want to oppress people but have found themselves in a place where they can only oppress those that are better human beings than they are – so the other ones who are just a little bit well behaved than they are get off and settle up on some terrorism and turn up to kill people, while they are busy finding more insults by which they can set their disposition out as something Industry scum can buy into; the Industry scum that want to move into my right hand all the time and will be found is serious pain as well if there is any sense that they actually have; the Royal Estate that belongs to somebody that cannot protect it.

Pretty much the same story when we hear them yap about my weak hands when it comes to Armed Forces matters; whereas the Military alone is comprised of millions of people who on average earn about £30, 0000.00 PA each and so has an economic system and a specific way in which people behave in it – these idiots know nothing about it, each of their activities are made to destroy any equities that exists with or within it but at the same time it looks like something important that they ought to be counted into on grounds that they were superior. This then becomes the point where they say it has become obvious that I have completely decimated the economy systems of the Media and their Celebrities; which I have as it is a matter of how their insults mean I do not have a relationship with various Royal families and then some socialite is busy taking advantage of my income on Music TV all day, if not then it is somebody taking pictures of models and Celebs for a magazine and if not it’s the House wives of metropolitan existences etc; there was no way of putting up with it for that length of time on a daily basis like Today’s one being about how I have answers to terrorism, while I get into a place where I am always explaining what my Books are about, without dishing out some consequences of my own too; I wouldn’t have been human, it is about oppression after all anyway.

The issue here is that because their oppression is being worked against those that are better human beings and more important, it has become a cocoon for incredible wickedness and evil that will not come to public light until they had made enough riches to become untouchable and it therefore also means that God does not exist and I have no idea for my part what it is they suppose they can do when I think the devil does not know how I am doing my stuff but he actually does with that big mouth I have to put up with all the time anyway. It is an old story of living my entire life for me in revenge concerning rejection, hence have they become obsessed with making out it is the same way that those of them that are Celebrities are prevented from becoming Royalty as well, that they set about ripping up my Book sales to ensure I do not have Money like they do.