Did we act too fast and too hard in Libya? I wonder what people mean by this; there has been a mission and there has been progress with it (there was a need and a job and it has been done no questions asked)-what do they mean by did we act too past or too hard, they demand another?

The thing about Iraq is that everybody were wrong but the three ‘wrongest’ people were George Bush, Tony Blair, Saddam Hussein and Kofi Anan. If Kofi Anan was not such a corrupt individual who spent all his time ruining the finances of good people who had any intentions of doing charity work in Africa, so that stupid girls might have power over their health in order to protect corrupt men who do nothing with their time but embezzle government funds, chew snacks, sleep with girls and attack young men-then the coalition would have had the best possible help, advise and expertise there was, not have it after, besides which he would have been able to reach a decision on whether or not the military action against Saddam was to be approved.

If Saddam had not gone about breaking UN regulations and then playing 'table turned against you' games that were based on who dealt the parting blow with the American government over the matter, Bush would never have had a license to invade Iraq.

If Bush had sent in soldiers before bombs seeing that Saddam had negligible military capabilities and there was no connection between him and terrorist organisations, then there would have been no looting any civilian casualties and of course no resulting insurgence.

If Tony Blair had stayed with support he had from the UK which was based on preventing nuclear war by not supporting Bush’s war, whether or not he liked to looked down on peoples businesses and support the things stupid evil girls that corrupt men in Africa chew snacks with and embezzle government funds to please, in order to have a good platform to launch successful race based attacks on chosen normal victims here in the UK and US as this was the same things Bush was doing-then there would have been no instability and intellectual bankruptcy that there is today all across the west.

Kofi Anan and Tony Blair are the old stories here, while Bush and Saddam were the emerging ones and now we have problems all over the Middle East today and are trying to fix the same problem all over again.