I hear of this story that what I am doing is a dream that I will ever get to sell my Books while most of my activities are just false hope to encourage people to think that I can do something about the forces that are damaging the Books. I could never tell what problem Americans have with my intellectual property administration business anyway, I have however always known they had a knack for supporting every fool that wanted to play up practical jokes on my career, in order to set up a process of planning their stupid lives on my wallet as a form of civil right but it is not their Book to handle and damage, in order to set me up for this and I have warned them about it enough times as well. It has never been an emotive issue; we find I had soon clashed with idiots who wrecked my academic work and ensured I always saw their interested whenever I sit around doing the balance sheet accounting with any livelihood that I had, making statements that if I started a fight their money would never run out and then the fight will last the rest of my life, knowing what they are like, once I had moved them on, I am stuck with idiots who are just more important than I am and cannot have enough to expressing their industrial narcissism at me over my income margins, bearing in mind they want to oppress me but have not got their own money to do it by; so we find that these destruction are developed because while I am busy with other factors that may arise with respect to my rights when they damage my Books and earnings, they are busy expecting forgiveness that was a part of their civil rights for the damaged caused and setting off to buy shares or gain connections in every company I might want to work with, which will then mean that any money I earned will have in some way have been affiliated to their operations, such that when I ask them to go back to where they started and when they get there start to keep off my Literary Empire from scratch, they start to tell me it will be impossible, the same way we know those stupid stale businesses want me to grovel for money on account they have spent all their time on me instead of working on the process of providing the services for which they were paid. I have warned them that I am able to track these equities and will likely burn it back to where it began if they have trouble adhering to the warning that I do not write their Books around here and am completely fed up with the business whereby they got to handle it. It’s nothing unusual; Parents might have wanted to buy you a House which you can start building your Capital with but they sent you to University instead, what you face thereafter is that while these American and American led idiots rip up your property and tell you that not only have you got bigger problems in terms of what they want to do with your freedoms to make you grovel for money, there is also not enough time in the world for them to reach a point where they had decided it is too much of a public problem to keep pushing such behaviour at you all together, it simply will carry on for eternity if need be – so I could never understand why a group of idiots who find it difficult to see that it is impossible to get involved with an Author for another reason save buying his Books, would get involved with my Books while they hate it and then show up to complain about the consequences all the time as well but I know it does tend to mean they think themselves the reigning world Empire which leaves me wondering if their stupidities have not got bigger problems than that of bothering me; it does this all the time – spend most of its time on you, realise it had not spent time working on the career or business that got to its stupid head and then settles up on how the rest depends on you because its stupidities were the clever half of the both and there has never been a reason for it save the fact they are a handful of layabouts. I want it returned back to the time when their campaign to keep down my finances, academic work and books sales in order to get linked to every employer, business and or customer that I might want to work with and when they get there, I wish to see an end to their stupidities showing up on my balance sheet when I am calculating my market and takings at the end of the trading day, otherwise I will make it happen myself and the way I want it, I will ensure they got to see a side of me that they have not yet seen while complaining about the ones that have seen but will not layabout somewhere else. Its not a normal experience for me, I have not always seen human beings behave this stupidly and I really do think that if I got to that stage where I no longer had a time frame that will build me a comfortable pension, I will get some financial revenge out of their American stupidities for it too. It’s a group of people that will hurt and attack you for some insanity associated with money, to a point where you will want to hurt them seriously all together – I mean there is no real reason for me to now sit down and find the energy to think about getting through my life, just building up the energy to carry on my daily concerns by hating their guts, hence I think the warnings are very clear that this is not where they live and I do not write their Books. They used to be a bunch of nepotism Goons passing around those insults about being better than I am as disobediently as possible, then the Politicians got involved and they became nepotism idiots passing the subjects I was meant to have passed at school, immediately after which they were the criminals who bought more films and could help Hollywood protect intellectual property than some riff raff that wants to get involved with people that are out of his league when he knows his true purpose was to be the character people set out as an example of what happens when somebody is a victim of showbusiness ruthlessness in the public sphere – now the message we get from Hollywood after the destruction of my academic work and with ample warnings being given, the damage to my Book sales as well to play their practical jokes by, is that I am responsible for the condition in which their stupidities now finds itself; this is an example of what I am talking about.

I am now told that I have ended up with a reputation for being a trouble maker and it smells too which I have not; it’s the business of some people picking up nepotism culture and society fools with them to stand up somewhere at Buckingham Palace letting the world know they were more important, better human beings and more courageous than I am, such that whenever I visit the venue, they have those pressure points they can push to make me smell of what I ate all the time and the kind of neighbourhood I live in to help me work matters at this Hermitage is one of their most prized possessions, complaining to the Politicians about my attitude the entire time while their stupidities are busy at it. I could never tell why I do it, I simply know it’s a hatred for women that is the main motive since my state provided security is handled by women who ensure people did not get near the Royal Family to spend time getting connected at my expense, the rest of my security are usually variables, this is the main one and only one that I really need – what they are complaining about now is something they have taken my time and even spent my well being to build, its difficult to locate where they deduced I was responsible for it all together, hence in my view it is all happening the way that they wanted it, needs to stop being seen around my Books or being seen chasing my bum. Most of the time I explore their insults and abuses, the purposes are usually to ensure that I performed tasks that they had demanded of me and they are learning that Princes hardly do what they are told to do on this Planet, so it has now reached a stage where both Russian and Americans, Government and Public understand the situation is such that I am not on the payroll of either governments or populations of either Country, such that we are reaching a point where it will be clear the Arch Prince does not want to do any fighting or do anything their stupidities have told them to do and they will be the ones getting done – blabbing is usually when they think I am bluffing thereof.

I do get told that they plan to teach me lessons I will never forget while the only reasons we are doing this is that they cannot keep their mouths shut and I have not been responding to their Media salvation stupidities. The Muslim ones like to boast about getting the better of me while reality has always been that it now has difficulty keeping it hands to itself since last I was ready to sell that stupid culture and society for a living, so they get to look like they deserved what they got when they try to sit around and have a meal like Muslims in the Community; it all began with the business of ripping up my Public image and putting it around as the thing that people get to feel sensations of being equal and important with at the local community, leaving me to smell like my loo and each time their imagination goes up my bum its because they are trying to advance their stupid selves. We can see when it starts like that I dropped out of University the same year the world biggest recession began, when it claims my whole life is now in the hands of Media and Celebrities from whence I could never get it back and their stupidities will now move into the City and make it big on my property, it does the precise time I have got public with a plan to start selling my Books more seriously, so I end up being a character that works for it without getting paid. Now we know I am unable to sell my Books because they cannot keep their hands to themselves and mostly spend their time complementing stupid women who tell me I am a small man looking for trouble, while the first time I started looking for trouble was when I was a weak thing that got into Church to learn morality so that I might not be able to fight my corner and get financially successful enough to look after them when they were being mean and the last time I checked, I did something on my social media to support Armed Forces and ended up being said to have accepted liability for what happens to soldiers on the field because a woman got hurt by Muslim goons.

I do get told that the difficulty people have is being able to tell what indeed I am actually doing but so are we aware this has become a matter of both Russian and American Governments along with their Population seeing that I am not on the pay roll of either Countries – these idiots are now complaining about fighting my battles, doing the Government Office by violent means as insultingly as possible, so when they get off this, the new gimmick is to claim what I am seen doing on social media adds up to the business to accepting liability for what happens to Armed Forces Personnel on the fields, along with their foolish women who are out of my league and need to ensure I am doing some hard work that helps them to become famous, as stupidly as possible, while they got to manage what they know will eventually end over a brutal fight with the stupid Media that ensures that although these matters are completely unnecessary, they got to get a response from me and made it into a public issue all together. Much the same as we hear that I change all the time because I am afraid of them while reality was rather that they spend all their time making sure I have no advantage that helps me stand up against the onslaught that comes from them and usually means that their advantage is that they are bigger and I need to end up in a condition where I had to face the same challenges but without the advantage, the same way I have warned them it will only end in me calculating them and pushing them into a condition where they did not have an advantage too, after which the tit for tart will never stop i.e. this nonsense happens twice a year to every person when there has been a lot going on, the idiots with jobs on media are responsible for running off a hope of seeing it happen every day until I got into trouble because they were planning to get rich and important on my Public image are responsible for what we are dealing with here. In the end they claim I am incredibly disrespectful and am hoping to make a career out of it too, which is very well understood naturally except that the label says Intellectual property administration and the Books I write have titles and descriptions attached to them as well – they have continued to push off those insults and then claim I am disrespectful, the insults built up from their plans to become more important than I am on my Public image, as stupidly as possible but so are we aware whilst they claim this sort of career for somebody who had not defeated an enemy by joining the army in some way, means war, while what their stupidities need to do is manage some human resources and sell some products for the Companies that have employed them, especially if I have had enough of their insults for it; I do remember thinking that the business of these goons living in a cycle of shop, take care of children and work was a bit overbearing for those who made the decisions in terms of municipal wellbeing, now it seems I am in a position where I have to make the same decisions and it’s a bit scary, I am not in any way afraid of them and this was never the first instance – the first instance was the Politicians and Media gits wrecking the academic work and finances in order to ensure they were passing off my financial anxieties as a dream of seeing me become afraid of them getting fulfilled, hence they make most of these trouble because I have now developed from a character they were worried about to somebody that is afraid of them and the damage to property has not yet been punished while this nonsense has to be tolerated every day.

The claim that I boast about things I have never done will not save the day in this matter either – its midsized gangs who know they are not biggest or smallest, so theirs is about attacking and hurting and killing people over money issues but it is an issue that will never be resolved by me until Politicians who progress them from nepotism idiots blabbing insults about being better than me to nepotism idiots wrecking my academic work and passing their exams in school which is how all these nonsense began had suffered enough along with entertainment industry gits, to create some opening that means they will continue to suffer if I did anything about it, to offer a viable opportunity for me to try and do whatever it is that I can to whatever extent I might need to do it. They do these things all the time; wreck the fun and the peace of mind, leave you looking like a character that wants to deplete the quantity of 50 year old truants while they were trying to keep up the numbers, leave you with just the work and arm themselves with Industry narcissism that operates well on National Media as the means by which taking a breath clears the business on the left to provide more conveniences and makes you a character they can do whatever they liked with; so if it is complaining, needs to keep away from my Books and stop following me around especially at the academic institutions, as I appear to have wrecked some fun around here too; the idea then that holding some social status is unbecoming for me is utter nonsense, as my life fits well, if it didn’t, I would have been unable to defend myself when they got together with their goons at the Monarchy who bully people into a fight with gangs so there might be nothing left for them to fight when they work obscurity on others to get their imaginations into peoples private parts and grab the fame and fortune in the process. I do not suffer from the mental illness they suffer, wrecking fun to stand up somewhere with a stick and a big mouth around here because my life fits me. They do tell me I spend my time trying to get around with Celebrities while what I am doing is never clear; the reality of it was rather a simple matter of the fact Celebrities forging relations with me is usually rather complicated and nothing like this nonsense where people live by a theory that when they point out they have got problems, others got to respond, its usually more case of years of people spending their affections on me and I was not raised to say it was wasted or somebody else took it up – time and again we find I spend time providing all that support and they have been spending their own time working out if they are more important than I am, the result being eating disorders that must be used as a tool for making important people give up their Offices so that idiots may make money and we find the same behaviour being used by the Media as well – I cannot just attend the local college or something like that I cannot do any career my way, it has nothing to do with their own public or personal decisions, just the fact they cannot have enough of running off issues that will get me to respond because they have a lot of fun doing it as destructively as possible, about which we are now getting to the part where I got rid of all variables and set about putting an end to this nonsense over a very big fight with Media operatives.