So they claim I say and do what I say and do to ensure I am not made to pay for the damage I have caused other people, which is utter nonsense, it is because this is a point where I am having to do a lot of talking in my writing career which makes it really tough and this is also the reason that complicating mine will make me lose my temper a lot easier than just supporting me by buying the Books if they wish to hear more than I have to say. There is the other question alongside of whether I am aware I make it difficult for people to raise children in the UK or I am actually making it difficult for people to raise children in the UK, which of course I do not and they need to stop threatening me as well as there is nothing they really can do about me as such. In terms of making it difficult to raise children in the UK, that was a matter of how they own the ethnos of fame and fortune and have recently started developing group mentality that targets me with violent rights with respect to the usage of my public image to make fame and popular culture and it is much the same as the other group of goons in parliament as well, out of control and a problem for Party leader, party leader cannot manage them and cannot run the country and they are in a perpetual state of assumption that you put up with it because they were powerful while the part we see them perform to target your finances are things they do to show society trouble makers that they are really dedicated. The point I am making about those threats of theirs is that it has built up because they have decided to train themselves on that and there is nothing they can do about me since we all try not to live in a society where we target and attack people on account they are stupid as it were; the only other group of people who think that carrying on with your concerns by living as normal and staying out of trouble with the law is a threat to them in some way are criminals and it is usually my opinion these fools do what they do to tell me who their friends are, so if I decided to start doing their own as well in order to stop the incessant involvement and intrusion and abuse and violence and gossiping and attacks I have to tolerate all the time it would be very messy and end very violently for them as well; its all happening all over again like it did before while they have no wish to buy Books I write and love to get on public places talking nonsense about making their kids share – they have raised these kids in very ugly ways that lead to outcomes where its going on again and it will go off and get killed on the streets to show me it is really desperate to build popular culture on my public image like they did to be part of football community and make football millions etc.  has nothing to do with me making it difficult for anybody to raise children in the UK and they do need to tone down those threats as they can see it carries on because I have not done their own yet as well. In the end everybody has something to complain about me for, so technically I should be able to just carry on with my Books as normal except we can see when they threaten me because they need money I can also proceed to ensure they make money while I supervise too and those that persist further can get led on to investments that will cost them everything they have eventually so they might hate my guts and not build popular culture from the US to Japan across this Estate like they had done before, except we find they do not spend what energy they have left on what matters to them if a group of fools with media jobs they claim many wanted but few got and therefore is very valuable at their disposal to talk rubbish at me and fuck me everyday with. Now the same media fools have started telling their own tales too about how I need to be a more respectable Prince while they have always had the need to get everybody into a mess and make out they are in a better position as their media lets them decide what people think of the mess that they are in; so we can remember they never had the problems they have now about 12 years ago because at the time somebody else and not myself was the main target. Like some people say my Books were misunderstood while the population that did is very small; what really happens is that they are lazy, so they have a problem with commitment which is not unusual for people we see showing up on Media and Celebrity culture but now they need my Books and do not have the time to buy and read, they will never stop handling other people who are interested making up stories of how those who defend themselves are fighting for me in order to continue and now although they have always had a habit of building something very stupid to play out on other peoples jobs and careers as though that was another person’s portion in this world, the crowd that will help them decide whether or not I am allowed to have some money because they are able to gather up around my Books and Public image is getting big enough for me to find a way to disperse them; the question I am asking for my part as well is that of what kind of a person does this sort of things with peoples careers and how much insults I would need to deploy another person’s public image and asset equity to look after that popular culture star that is coming to stay in my hotel like it was a fucking business plan to do so? I mean to get to such a stage I would need the obvious years of abuse and practical jokes on and on and on and on, right up to the stage where I can handle the Public image and then the property and its market which I can then deploy all because I have the same skin colour as he does and could claim some form of familiarity to that effect. So, we see that each time people are interested in my Books their sense of commitment disappears and now we have the same goons responsible for that talking nonsense about how I need to be more respectable to make them proud to have me as one of their Royals. They always make that excuse that they behave the way they do in order to control society and make it safe for all and I have made it quite clear I do not need such a service anyway; we see what happens is when it cannot stop fucking me because it needs money and I lead it down the investment that it will lose money by, it does not go away because it has a Media job to play with – the leading them on bit spoke for itself anyway, since it was a case of the realisation they will not give me  a breathing space once I had dropped out of University, so I needed to stuff their heads with what I know, so they might have to chase their lives lest others grabbed it for them, hence difficult to see what excuses people have for putting the media jobs at their disposal. I do get told I think others are lazy but I am the one that dropped out of University and yet we all can see I dropped out at 2008 had to come up with a plan, got my Book Published in 2009, and most of property Equity bundles on my websites have been updated virtually everyday since 2010 and that they have continued to cling to those and showed up here to attack me further; apparently it has lost money and when it wrecks my academics and finances so that while I try to recover its kids might copy that and I made to make sacrifices as an older person, it causes me to grow up and then it gets its revenge but the behaviour continues and when it sees a 24 year old walk down the street it has found one of its kids on whom its future depends, whose Public image it can build popular culture on still. I understand they say I am blaming others for getting myself stuck with social media toxicity and its pretty much the same as when we see them show up at Industry Communities and cannot keep their mouths shut about how nobody knows who the hell I am while they know nothing themselves; same case where it never stop and will make its own Ferrari because Ferrari is an expensive Car - never mind the heritage that Ferrari have to refer to when they make Cars their customers are comfortable with, we soon find the business of hand crafted Toy maker sits with some children during the weekend to show off his work and have fun or Enzo Ferrari makes a Car becomes something a lot more serious than it should be. My point being that its all easy to issue the threats and point out where the blame lies then talk nonsense about how their lives would be over a civil rights if they were cracked and how things would get worse from there but we all know the issue of people on social media screwing with me so I can screw with them as well and find out how that need to create a fight for others and mess up their lives when copying how they stand up for themselves goes, really is down to the stupidities that the idiots on social media copy from their insults on mainstream Media all together, like they say I get along with people on social Media because they have no future being stuck getting money off people who fight others with money at narcissistic popular culture canopies in Industry where kids with fat pocket money spend on their products to make them rich quick and earn the opportunity to feel good about life passing abusive insults at others, myself included, never mind that their main preoccupation has become what I do to support my partner because they have that insanity they claim adds up to fame at this disposal and not the popularity goons that pick up their lives and run it for them on account they do not have the energy, to pay them a certain amount at Music studios etc - which of course is rife in the US but is not on here in Britain - the Women can do their own fame and fortune if they want it here.