Now I hear I have dug myself deeper and deeper into a hole which does not make any sense to me but I am rather lost as per how I would be the one digging myself into a hole while others are busy passing insults at me with respect to problem sampling with my life and processes of Public space nastiness that is profitable for them to practice on me; it seems nobody knows why they love to insult people and the reality was that I am an Arch Prince and they are not important people, thus the measure of whether or not they were taking up my time for those insults, especially the part that facilitates the business of their children protecting celebrities who rip up their studies so they might tackle me and rip up mine in order to pass their exams getting obsessed with my personal space and being able to find people that will threat and attack me so they might have it – the measure that decide if it is my time being used for such nonsense that exists like a bubble until I burst it as well for my part is whether or not my finances have been affected and each time that was the case they get to hear from me and complain about me too.

Its nothing unusual; its always meant to be a matter of them versus the women because they were grabbing peoples careers and making a mess of people’s lives for self-gratification of celebrity attention, the female ones will be the ones that have sorted out the Public image such that if somebody tries to make money from what others think about them which they will find annoying, they are in a position to do something about it and then we find the only thing that is worth living for soon after is tackling me when I attend Church presuming I will not shut down the Public image when I have had enough of their freedom based money madness insults for my part as well; so we find the way it plays out is the little things, such as when I grow my beard it will not do but before then they were normal people who just got off having ideas.

They do not bother me too much concerning the business of showing up around here to sit about being very unappreciative of what I am doing because it is the Politicians I am most concerned about; they have now reached a stage where we are all waiting, waiting and smelling like I Loo, for them to decide if these goons are local hoodlums that government must protect the Public from or clever nice people who just need money as they had claimed before what they now know. I for my part have the contingencies in place to start getting out of my own bottom by making them understand that they are not important and then likely to progress from there to other aspects too. they say I speak of women picking a fight with men to wreck the Public image they had sorted out and then become stupid and mentally disturbed after that but it’s the same I do with society and culture trouble makers, which is utter nonsense as we find these are idiots who think a persons livelihood should depend on the persons mood, to suit their profitable nastiness but then again without having to explain with the help of such facts, if I were spending time with culture and society trouble makers, I would not be at the top of my game, I would be sorting out these matters by some of the most inefficient ways imaginable i.e. they are making it up and their Politicians are lying.

The part about me being handled by Media is utter nonsense of course; on one hand is the fact that when people want to get involved with my Books they are attacked and abused, later we find the idiots claim I have dug myself into a hole because they spend their time on gimmicks about daddy characters and its kids, on seeing they need to get out of the hell it creates make me out to be the kid from Mummy characters and now they are out of their depth fighting for their lives and I have given them the exit of keeping of me and my concerns which their Media friends have decided will not suffice looking for more of what they are complaining about for their part; hence I do rather see their behaviour as a form of damage that I will respond to accordingly and when I had started to snipe their TV and Radio careers with my own brand of profitable nastiness on social Media, they will understand too where I am coming from, especially as we know most of it is build up on the basis that I need money but have refused to look the part whereas if I ensure there are no more comments from them about my concerns or involvement, people will get involved peaceably and a fraction of that will buy some Books, hence no idea why they have nursed the hope of a possibility that I will one day have to behave in a certain way on account I needed money. Its like when we hear them take the profitable and insulting nastiness that runs off all the time on media to a whole new level, claiming I am against people empowerment; while reality is that you always understand your risks when your natural monopoly is worth something because the freedom people will want to own it and your life may be in danger but then the Politicians will interfere and turn them into nice people who just need money expecting to get away with it if they have not been twisted into a corner where they can complain until the Public is able to make decisions about it as well – this then feeds into the fact people empowerment will be the one where Dad spends enough money to build a House with on you, so that you might get your academics sorted out and reality should be that none can take an item out of it once you are done, without paying for it. in my case it has now all boiled down to the fact that I got Books Published and my Publishers built me a crowd and freedom people want to own that crowd and get rich with it claiming it’s the American dream, led by Liberal America, so the incessant attacks has now given way to an outcome where at this point they know there isn’t enough money in the world to let them perform all sorts of nonsense on my Public image and play up celebrity talk to the hand routines at me, they know they have lost a lot of wealth on my account simply over the matter of getting me to talk more and write less and corrupting everything around here and they are now aware the violent threats and abuses will only ensure that the business of controlling them do they do not perform talk to the hand routines at me is about to give way to a process of boxing them in until it becomes a powder Keg.

So we see it play out with respect to Armed Forces for instance, where if you have an experience of Armed forces, it becomes such a different world to see the insults and abuses passed at them by Celebrity and Media, while reality for instance is that you never know what you will get from a leadership position; take for instance a leader who does not fancy people that pay less attention to the details, may deploy personnel on a front and then the bad people were killed, but the half man was not, so later the half man returned to stage a terrorist event and took hostages in London, like we see in the case of dealing with Russians, so you understand clearly why your superior hates the ignominy of details when you work with him and each time he gets assignments it might be of this kind too – just a cross section to stage how important their jobs are as well, a world away from what we are made to think it is by Media and Celebrities. They do speak of my own and its an old story where a simple case of getting involved with the Military when you are single could mean that you either become homosexual or you just spend your life womanising safely but it does not mean that some have not been brave enough to make time for love anyway – similarly Royalty is about facilitating their work and the person I share my life with is very important for the processes; divorce is terribly considering the price they have to pay for their position and must be avoided at all cost – hence there isn’t enough money in the world to allow celebrities rip up my public image and play up games with my health and safety, it is therefore the reasons they feel as though they are being controlled, since being told to keep off my concerns does not suffice. Like they love to say that mine is all talk but we are very well aware that they have counted their cost, so those who are bigger than I am must get more bigness than they are spending, just as those who rely on money must have more of it than they are spending in order to win; we have seen this develop into claims I say what I say because I am afraid, which does huge damage to what I am doing here, while reality is more that my State provided security is based on surveillance and they need to stop watching me – it has always been a matter of the Men and the career and the private security industry and the girls and women who want to take permission from them to have a life and a career but they have started to believe it is linked to reality when they tell me I may achieve what I wish but due to the need of the general public to feel safe and others having the security to sell, it can be taken from me; I would fancy they stopped winding up or show up here to find out if I am as afraid of them as they have suggested. It still stands however that the Politicians have a decision to make as to whether this is behaviour fitting nice people who just need money and then stop getting off the state provided security fences at Parliament to interfere; obviously which we can see that violence is usually performed by those who can and if these behaviour persist and continue to target me, I will go from building them my own profitable nastiness on social Media to building them the violent activity that is just right for their busy body size; we can see what they are complaining about involves attacking me so often I pushed them into such a difficult corner they got involved with the Armed Forces to learn what they needed to know for revolution and then I had to keep an eye on it, much the same as it is about to happen when not keeping off my concerns and shutting off all of their Comments because they want to own the crowd that my Publisher and my Books have created for me to work with, meaning I box them in until they start to attack each other.