I am told now that I spend most of my time making deals with people I would never have gotten along with on account I am in need of money, I for my part would never know where this prognosis is developed from anywhere or indeed whether those who bandy their big mouths about in such ways are talking on the basis of facts that they had corroborated. The truth is that I am dealing with a group of goons who show up on my concerns and so because the Politicians have helped them with the delay part that ensure they get me where I am meant to have reached the ethics of my entire career, they do nothing else with their time save make a case of the fact they have the same skin colour and are largely therefore exist on this earth to ensure that any Client that got involved with me lost market to any goon that was playing some rich get richer and poor get poorer corruption gimmicks with them – the result being that since I had eliminated all other risks, my person and all I have now exists in a condition where rules do not apply in terms of how people may handle it and what can be done with it which is all being built up and maintained on Media, while everything I have achieved now exists in a condition that applies in terms of whether it belongs to me based on the question of if somebody can beat me up or not. Then there are other variable issues such as the fact when I had explained it so, we find the stupid Journalists and Celebrities and Politicians had started their own and it was largely a matter of how nice it was that I were sorting it out; what they claim forms the basis on which they do such things being that they were very important and it was a problem associated with the things people say to them on my account and since the facts about what people say to them on my account will have shown they were more important than I am Arch Prince, the reasons this insanity is pleasurable is that they can rely on me not to harm them seriously for it, thus started their own too. They always love to make out I want to control people because it is assumed Liberal USA would love such allies in their character very much but I do not wish to control people at all; these are all a matter of what people have made me out to be which I am not and especially the trio of Media, Celebrities and Politicians – so nobody knows why they cannot let it go while it is not linked to the job described that facilitates the way it works against me all the time. Specifically with respect to my Books, the Books were useful to Liberal America fools, so they decided it did something about society trouble makers, therefore they need make me into their enemy and take me out; we have ended up in a situation where they think they are the twisted evil and rotten to the core architects of all my suffering especially those who consider their stupidities to be famous and I have been informed I destroy things wherever I go – it only added to the Industry ones whose money exists for the purpose of making trouble for others, buying into any stupidities people invent to play games of corruption where rich get richer and poor get poorer, making stupid people rich who have not worked for it on my Public image, as American secret services facilitates the whole thing and then showing up here to get the money back selling up some personality I cultivated in a Hermitage writing workshop, all because I was a flesh Man to begin with, who should move over to the left and be a girl because there were women who were more worthy to get along with Men than I was and could not keep their foolish hands off my bottom for it wrecking everything to do with Public image, mobility and academic work. It has thus come to that stage where I am thinking about my workshop as a place where I write my Books and so I did not previously speak of the matter the way that I have now, not me making some deals with very stupid people who think they are very important and cannot keep their hands to themselves as claimed, even while everybody else sees I am not blaming others for the damage they had done to my finances and therefore implication being that I know exactly what to do in order to rectify any financial problems that I may have, starting with the business of everything they had made me out to be which I am not, being shut down as it is becoming more obvious that if it is not done so on time, I will based on how much time I have left to raise myself a pension, then set about getting some revenge out of them to pay the invoices – the Politicians just tend to stir up the need to start thinking of myself as somebody that should be acting to control Political parties but then come up against the fact somebody else has been doing it for a living all the time, the goons were never elected to sit about making out when they want me to deal with problems I tended to do so which showed they were in charge but fair to say that more society trouble makers will be learning how their jobs work as well as long as it continues – I mean, they said criminals were nice people who only needed money and now the criminals have gotten worse since the last time they got money, so we are waiting for their next exit theory they will come up with. I do get told I have not got a grip of this matter at all which is utter nonsense – they are rather done, like the media fools issue their threats only to make out the most amusing part is that winding me up gets me to part with pearls of wisdom they can deploy to make their stupid selves even better off than they were before – they are done telling people that there is neither God nor the devil while this is all some demon influenced nonsense that has something to do with business bells being rung since it feels to them like honey and they have got some sweet tooth for it, which was to do with that condition of security where the mind is concerned about what is coming through the door. I shall be done with the market separatism and its need to mess with my Clients interests alongside as well and then it will be a matter of keeping their hands to themselves over the fact that they need show up here to buy and read Books or make themselves scarce.

They do say that I am becoming more and more unpopular at the British Monarchy but I am not in anyway, what really happens is that they make out the world of Celebrities and rich people is where they go to promote the image of the British Monarchy but if they had not wrecked everything here they would not get along with it – so there is that part where some people who have gone wrong put themselves right, especially those that have decided to serve the State, they get approval from The Queen and this gives them a reason to tackle me as well, which has created the tensions I hate them for as The Queen always has to remind them I am not responsible for what is actually the job that they do for a living so frequently. The other part is the supposition they make of me and the claim that I have answers to all the problems they have in the Country; the supposition is of course that I am something else but somebody who thinks they are twisted and corruption and purely evil, so it loves to play stupid abusive hurtful games on people all the time, to add to the fact it is mentally disturbed and you must only stop it continuing when you had hurt somebody seriously and then there will be no reason for having done it. About which the more famous the better, we are getting to the stage where each time I feel as if I have not organised a writing studio to write in because they have been doing things to secure my attention and response at the behest of a group of idiots on Media who see them show up to complain I have filled the culture and society heads with what I know, then lend them media jobs to claim they had grabbed my career with. As for the problems they have, that was an old story of how I am some flesh Man then decided to walk into Church, meaning that I had to end up in those situations where they were between me and my career shipping away at everything until age and hard work and experience and time does not work for me anymore, hence people can grab my career any time they wanted, to facilitate the business of getting rich with what I am doing first before I am allowed to get on with my own living – this then adds to the fact they already used to have a serious problem with other peoples personal and thinking space the whole time and rely on community croons to tell tales and beat down my thought pattern, blab of me having it because I sleep with peoples wives until I look tired all the time, so they might threaten me endlessly as the answer for all their problems. So I want to see them get punished for these things, I want to see them suffer for it, I want to see them stuck with me until they are past it as well, I do not have the answer for their problems, like the Politicians have realised getting them to share peoples lives claiming it will cut crime never works, I simply do not want any of it relying on me. We can already see it wants to be able to say that at the end of the day, the outcome is that it has split my business empire between me and themselves which is really going to annoy me as the racists did not damage the academic work and they are still here talking nonsense about being brothers and sisters etc; so I shall soon be done with the market separatism problem they have been building and then shall I set out they need make themselves scarce if they are not shown up around my concerns to buy I Book I wrote. The Liberal America fools always say I cannot take them on and its an old story; it has built me a history of insults of its own to play with, garnished by Obama who spent years helping them to discuss their personal problems with the world with respect to the fact I exist and now think they had reached the point where their mental illness can be the most profitable and it is the same old case about idiots who are full of themselves and like to think they are very important, whose insults and stupidities will damage anything it handled and the purpose at the end will be to stand up somewhere at Popular culture claiming it became successful while those such as myself who denied it want it wanted did not become successful and if they say that to me, added to following me around at University to get me dropping out the way I did, I am really going to ensure they regretted it too – I am sure it’s    not gibberish I speak when I say they need keep away from my Books and stop following me around, like some stupidities for which I pay the price all the time and they rely on me to because I am on the side of freedom and democracy which their stupidities are certain that I am as it were. I understand there is concern I am on a path to war but I am not in anyway whatsoever, what happens is people showing up here to get complicit with society trouble makers who need to bother me makes them a bit gay – then get off on Media to find out whether their job has power over me, the whole time of which their families are not affected, their jobs are not affected, their ability to get their services at home is not affected nor is their ability to deliver their own services to peoples homes, what is affected is Books I wrote and mentioned some Members of the Royal Family in context because they have made it that way and my ability to secure all these other things and yet whilst they are so important their foolishness cannot keep the hands to themselves Pornographers and prostitutes know that at the end of every trading day people will go home and they don’t, what they know is that I am disrespectful, such that it means when they make use of people to boost their incomes, such persons are disrespectful and the last group of people to hate my guts for such things were private security Industry guards who ended up seeing that it is not impossible for them to put up a fight when being bullied, just that when such insults continue its never enough for them to prevent the bullying and then that they cannot actually protect anybody from me because of it but we are about to see very soon that a fight with Politicians might be the answer for everything but a fight with the Media is something to enjoy. That the myth of me getting about making deals with absolutely anybody or anything because I need money may at last die.

I do get told I am wounded by media because I play with them which I don’t; its an unwritten rule that people at the Monarchy do not engage with Media but in my case it seems they have become squatters in my life, will tell me what it could have been and then get violent each time I try to move them on. So it does eventually come down to the fact that even prostitutes know that people go home at the end of every trading and service day while they only know how to threaten and bully people with an assumption they will suffer none of the violence in a confrontational outcome – so its so important it cannot keep its hands to itself, does not know anything and blames me for the fact it did not pay attention to such details, the same way I have to get involved with everything to ensure those who get involved with me are safe building up anxiety and making me ill. We see this sort of thing all the time; its important enough to make some power ballads on my Public image, even I get tired of it so I must be wondering what happens with those who make it all together but the stage exactly at which somebody who pays their stupidities for the power ballads to show at a wedding meaning that I deal with the dirty parts of the whole thing, while it gets off not just bullying me with the money and allowing society fools to chase my bum at the work place playing up the dreams of men, it also gets off curtailing and claiming ownership of any Industrial Communities I am working with because its monetary needs are far more important than anybody else’s and I am left with an ability to account for its stupid Celebrity money better than its little brain, then I have trouble looking after a Bookshop thereafter because they wish to make use of it time for it.

So I am told I am always chasing the pornography thing which I am not – what happens is that my Office works with the Church and it is terrible for the things people do to me ending up in the creation of that outcome where people are driven into pornography and prostitution, this then adds to the one where I must find out about the pornography and prostitution which have been made about my Public life and then I end up finding out people were abused by State operatives and they have been making the pornography and prostitution about me to make them feel good about themselves and yet all people needed to do was to show up here and buy a Book I had written. They do show up like that all the time, the freedom and democrat people whose idea of what others find insulting is based on age, apart from their stupid children who will be making progress from it all the time and in my case have claimed my Books to be an afront to their freedoms, developed a global civil rights arrangement on that nonsense built for the purpose of hurting me – so it usually comes through such things are done to wind me up and I don’t mind, except when I start to pick out their own expensive life facts too, such as this need to secure some cheap shot that they can attack to end a reputation for being losers and finding me for example and yet we know each time it is full of itself and has its freedom naivety drive it towards the business of helping ageist bully people at work and cannot keep its hands off peoples bottoms, that it knows exactly what it is doing even though it likes to make out others owe it a duty of education about the consequences of it – it will then follow such things on with abusive nonsense that means we will eventually end up doing things we should only have done as Children as well, which on mentioning it is expensive enough to keep them out of their depth again. They always claim I appear to have a problem with Liberal people because I am a bad person, the same way they omit how their Daddy characters with Celebrity culture want me to rant my word less because they want to be successful with the idea the stupidities of society goons should claim they have taken my career on Public places and make away with any earning margins they can but I don’t have a problem with Liberal people which they have not created for themselves: they have always been able to take advantage of British Royals they say and to ensure everything done at the Monarchy ends up at Hollywood but I am running an Intellectual Property Administration business here, so if they wanted to do that successfully they may want to give me my space while at it as well – its always good blabbing that there is nothing I can do about them and their alliance with some British goons that want to do what Government does for everybody for themselves and hate my guts for it over the tensions they have created over me at the Monarchy but we all know I am never going to raid the Hollywood neighbourhoods if it came to that stage as well. Its the same as the idea I make a mess of my Royal work when I do not - they have been doing the mind reading gimmicks that are the usual product of their publicity and popularity based insults but it seems the part they have read is to do with them being trouble makers that wish to get around doing things that Government is doing for everybody by themselves, bothering the Queen and then they set about having found out, getting off claiming at the Monarchy that I gave them such an information, when I did no such thing, the part they have not read obviously being that I have reached a point now where I want to switch off the Christian values bit that gets me feeling sorry for their plight and ensure that they are thoroughly mixed up with pornographers and Criminals, so that they might beg to be part of what I am doing and show some respect for my Books.