We must have gotten used to the talk by now of how I need money but have no respect for those who have it and its usually bandied about by a collection of goons who take up my time to express it like they are paying and of course have not yet issued me a certificate of rejection over their need to be seen showing up around my Books, so I might make sense of it. So it is still a simple case of seeing them keep off the Books and the Public image now that they are complaining about being stuck and finding the path they have chosen does not lead to a progressive future and it is as though they have 9 months spread over their life time to fix it but choosing a different course of living churns the tummy – it is their exit after years of having a need to grab my work and run off to places where the laws as they claim exist to protect weak people and restrict their movements is not so tough but each time they make the money show up at a resort to put the feet up over a drink and pass insults my way that a bird will carry around the world, only to turn up here with Media and Caribbeans and a plan to squander everything I have blabbing about being stuck which is just as well as we can see that as long as fame and fortune is not a lottery others will not have access to the free air to breathe. They always love to speak of support they are getting at the Monarchy like their Media friends and we all know its the same old case where the Public image of Ferrari is somebody else's job for instance, likewise the Public image of the Monarchy here in the UK – its not even a Priest but it says it is the new Arch Prince when done blabbing about a dream to see his daughter become a celebrity with the life and Public image of little boys; so those might blab their own rubbish at me as well about my behaviour and adopted position making me poor whereas we know they would go to the shops to become shop managers on other peoples public image because they are really stupid, the Politicians who always have some insult and abuse that gives people a reason to link hurting me with making money of course have husbands to spend their insults on if they have a problem with Men and of course we know the reason they create poverty is that they are destructive but have not got a salary that can provide for two and that if Tony Blair was the Prince of Wales and Gordon Brown was the Duke of Cambridge, we would have had that revolution we hear them talk rubbish about all the time with big problems to deal with too – the bit where tackling wealth inequality means wrecking small businesses to make money for self care which preserves the health that lets them tag along with wealthy people are fellow superiors socialist insanity was the least of our worries. I stop them getting famous because they are on my Public image – just like we can see that they do not have such a big mouth when they cling to me and end up with 6 years of business regrets; as I said, nobody has anything remotely resembling normalcy when fame and fortune is no longer a lottery for them. The other part of this story is the bit where Americans are becoming unfriendly of course, which is not the case – the popular culture in America and its Anti-British sentiments that was the Ocean in which Obama swam his entire presidency hates the UK, mostly now that we know Mr Trump will not pick up the platform that says whites this way and blacks that way, we understand that few Americans know much about popular culture and few know much about racism and it would be nice if their allies helped them keep it that way. Speaking of their allies of which it has become clear the current President wants to develop relations with allies through the UK and trading business with Europe through Germany and it is not an opportunity we want to pass up. For me personally its the matter of Americans getting all over the place because they realised it was possible to make Films with the British and therefore not risk dredging other peopels culture to allow gangs set up shop in the big cities but it has become so shameful because the Politicians think they have taken up US responsibiility and are doing it for themselves, while Film broker for instance cannot simply be Film Broker and we see that the Popular culture goons had since moved in to tell people the box office taking were contributions they made which they deserve to share while we have to work out what now becomes of them after they had consumed the entertainment and changed their lived by doing so – incredibly stupid people of course but we have fewer problems to worry about now that Obama is not championing their madness at the Oval Office itself. The other part of this story is one of media gimmicks and the one that particularly gets to me is the bit where they show up to test me as per investigating if when they say my problem is that I listen to and expect to understand what other people are thinking when I do no such thing. If somebody got off making a satire out of their news report every five minutes since they completed it, after it is discovered that there is no connection between it and somebody else that has to gather information and package it into a Book and after that sit around looking after his patents and income margins , we know they would still show up to pretend they have the power of God in their finger tips, so the assumption is that this is largely very provocative nonsense that they have since decided was their idea of personal development fun in the Media studios and it goes without saying that it will end very badly too when it results in a clash, so that it might stop telling people to bring information about me which I have put to culture and society to run a Book shop, in order to be rewarded with publicity that suggests they are able to be me or had stolen my fame, destroying everything else and bragging about how I thought they were the ones I could handle the whole time. We see the same things with those that claim to have gone off to fight my battles too; those will like the Politicians and media goons decide what happens with the academics and finances of religious people self appointed, make it a case where the Christian is a coward and then after that one where he expects others to fight his battles and then after that one where the violence is to happen to him all together, until he manipulates their evil stupidities that wants to be nice to those who buy popular culture products but not nice people all together into doing national service and getting killed by enemies, so they can claim they fought my battles and I might prevent the corruption of the Armed Forces and make sense of a case where my sleeping and waking thought is one of them and their barely criminal existence, normal people and Law enforcement, without which existence is not possible according to their stupidities – the Politicians and Media on the other hand of whom are complaining since last they broke down the boundaries, gone beyond manipulating their celebrities who want to confiscate a Royal Estate into drawing attention for the Church and then realising they need to apply the breaks only when those who do not like them very much have found that the Church has a better idea for living, it has become more a case of complaining about me while clinging to my Public image to get rich quick and everything I do with goons who have been fighting my battles was their main concern, that they might continue to tell me how to exist and discipline me for it, seek conveniences and find that I only sleep well when they have suffered for the day and preparations have been made by me for the coming day too, as it becomes obvious it will never stop. I have even mentioned many times that the main reason for these problems is that they are messing me up inside and out after telling stories about me being clean inside and out and coming up with plans to use my personal space to clean up themselves and look cool in public – it is still the same evil where people say the Church is not necessarily the place to create safety from war while we all know they are happy to go into Church and do their evil which has nothing to do with the it, otherwise mostly they will be all over the media jumping on my chest and when that has not revealed the secrets of my heart, they resort to irregular heartbeat Television – same as we have seen them do with my Books in the Middle East where making a mess of my Books in the Middle East will prevent young people who can no longer sit with family to eat because they smell like toilet will do something violent, meaning that the government will lose control of criminals waiting for a Fatah to be issued so that they might gain access to the property of those they covet, then get about building me publicity that says I can do something about Terrorism but never will because I am a coward. When the clash with Media happens I will never make it the answer for all my problems and use the process of get everything here looking the way they found it as it were; we should see that these are really silly people who have not experienced others being silly enough to make them deal with financial complications over a decade because there were not enough practical jokes in the world, not incompetence or a lack of opportunity, practical jokes – then we hear I should not be having an arrangement with female journalists in the form of a Court but before then it was a matter of the number of times women invade my scared space on their account i.e. the reasons these things annoy me so much; that if I am being investigated to determine whether I care what others think of me and am obsessed with what others think about me, it has more to do with being on the side of women and whether or not it is too late for me to salvage my life and decide to get out of it and be on their side so they can deploy my life to make things happen in their own a male dominance which is insulting beyond comprehension, just like the label of being a Child that gives respect kids of today do not any more when I am over 30 attending Church – the number of times women invade my sacred space because few jobs pay the salaries that Television Journalist get and if another person by their side has got one as well, the person simply has to lose it and anybody who supports them will end up without one no matter how low it paid; now when I watch TV I am able to transcend and reach these women and they were warned many times not to get involved with it but that developed into many forms of abusive insults and ways of letting me know they do not do well with rejection and largely always get what they want – now they are blabbing about me getting beaten up while they fight hard to show me they are not homosexual. In the simplest of ways, everything they see here comes about by means of a person who lives in a way that suggests not all things are meant to be used, explored or seen achieving potential and yet most of the times their common excuse is that my Business could have sold more types of products and then I would not be bothering others over money issues.; it will never show up for the Books and will never stop building me Publicity designed to ensure what I am doing is not successful while the uses of Publicity are widely different from such nonsense; blabbing a cowards victory that got me making people chase their lives so others do not grab it for them while I expect to run and hide under the cover of media as I insult them and it goes on and on and on and on endlessly looking for as much trouble as it could possibly find with those who have a lot to lose but can be beaten by cowards such as themselves with a big mouth – the bit about having no respect for those who have money which I need being my literary empire shrinking everyday while I expect a certificate of rejection from their stupidities clinging to my Books and taking up years of my time in delay all along, somehow of which the idiots end up with a reason to be superior to me at the other end as well and cannot explain to anybody what it is that has brought about the superiority all together. They love claiming I am unable to control what my tummy does of course but so is everybody now aware that every time I smell of what I ate, the Media is responsible – every time of it. Always fine with the Culture and Society and Political trouble makers, its always the Media I have no business with.