There is no truth whatsoever to those claims I get around targeting people and have now set my eyes on Americans – I wouldn’t have had the time for it, they provoke me and attack me and earn the things I do to them in the process; I mean a group of idiots in the UK will gather and decide they want to regularly feel like hurting me which they then implement and run off to media to make fame claiming it is funny thereof and before long they are supporting German domination of the UK because they are creating attention to their cause which is more about abolishing the Monarchy – so without hesitation it is apparently the sort of things Americans support and fund in no time at all and have their own media making out it is funny as well while they all get together to pretend it is a social issue and not a process of provoking me. It’s not the only one either; I mean how do you start to settle the security of going to the office with a sense of certainty where your salary will come from and when while you have not even gotten Americans who like to screw up your work and book sales off the books, I mean being sure of your salary becoming an issue you must think about everyday you get to the office on account another idiot exists in this world is annoying enough but you are not there yet, you first have to get them and their media off your books before that with a big mouth. I don’t fundamentally go out there to target anybody, these things are enough to make an animal out of a perfectly normal person and the extent to which they think it amusing is unfathomable as well. I know they speak of the culture but would anybody give them back any culture that he remembers to keep where he can go back and find knowing he is a Christian and finds such things sinful, while they are doing these things and that is the only way to ensure they can just get off and get provoked for absolutely no reason as well – would anybody give them any culture or society while these things are happening? I mean we do hear them say it’s a boy being petty but when they build up hype for their products is it how their own is done for them or how mine is done for me – did I give them any permission to deploy how mine is done for me? It gets even more serious since their products are displayed so suggest an economic hay day – are they in an economic hay day, did they create an economic hay day in their companies, how did an economic hay day of an entire country end up in their company, is that sort of nonsense actually an honest way of taking a consumers money? The blacks are something else because with them your company can simply become in the views of a perfectly normal human being a connection seeking contraption from a point where he was better off taking the advantage because he is much closer to the opportunity and they are rather hard of hearing too. Anybody who sets about having a Court of women and sets about measuring the length and width and height of the Pornography Industry was obviously going to be really intolerant of their madness, especially the American and I must mention as well the German ones.

As I continue to reiterate without success the need to get off my book sales as a matter of sense of urgency we end up reviewing such realities instead as how people who want nothing to do with religion want to be seen all over books written by a half priest chief of staff. Not because they will ever buy one copy of their own but rather because at some stage they gain from the aesthetics and do not ever have to – with a need to have that culture back so they can stop being angry impulsively this is one way to ensure they are meeting their own needs in that respect as well thereof – nothing could be more gratuitously abusive of course and we all know that but I have put up with it every day for more than a decade, I do not go out there to target anybody, they look for trouble all the time and in my view should never be saved from finding it. The part where there is questions as to whether I am republican or democrat is very well understood; I wouldn’t know, all I know is that those of them that are really nasty thieves are making me keep a promise of the glory of private life that was mine but is now their own as something I need to do in return for social instability so they don’t get rid of the Monarchy and set off to do what the Monarchy does in order to get that attention as well. The rest know of me as somebody they regularly sit down and hurt for sport then make popular culture and popular music out of it to provoke me further, and then demand to have their culture undamaged at the other end with a big mouth. The part where it is a matter of where I got my books published and a matter of republicans being corrupt; I apparently will do that their thing for them again and the African ones are not starving or showing signs of enough economic decline yet either as it were on account of me; I mean the books are not hurting badly enough yet and it is impossible to tell idiots like them to grow up since most are older than I am but one thing is certain and that is their society and the fact that it exists to ensure they are always playing stupid games with every property that others have which s pristine, especially what is actually finished work. Hence I guess the part where some idiot picks a camera and takes a picture of a celebrity that brokers equities with me here and there and displaces me because he is better positioned to do what I am trying to complaining about job losses due to my actions is apt as well. these are things other peoples companies and products and ventures can become through activities that are completely unconnected with business but wrecks your finances and lays the blame on you so as to take over and cloud the operation of everything that matters in it: connections miscellaneous, that they cannot back up without media insults of which those who own such establishment complain but do not see a reason to change their ways in anyway whatsoever.