Now they say I am a tool in the hands of racists and its utter nonsense as well; we all know they have systematically groomed me into a position where I cannot reject people when they have demanded sex from me and this has been more important to them than the success which is now obviously the white man's fault that they have not got.; so it can get me but it cannot get the success and everybody else is none the wiser about what has taken place. I do not think it is a complicated matter; I mean ask Mr Barrack Obama or at the time ask Mr Nelson Mandela why your bottom has been struck on the streets, what you did to deserve it now that you now smell like your toilet and are ashamed of yourself without reason on your way to University or a Job interview and you will find that the day they give you an answer is the day the world will herald a new age; so in my view this story of me being a tool in the hands of racists is clearly another start as it were – it is a start that has kicked off at that precise point where for the purpose of the grooming I have been keeping a close eye on the name calling and the abuse and the insults for a thousand and one time that they happen needlessly on the streets to somebody that does not look anything like what they have made out. I mean I know what their problem is and I am not of the opinion they deserve any mercy either; its Politics, an excessive amount of it and we all know that too much of everything is bad, except when they do too much politics and screw up their lives, they fix their problems by screwing up other peoples lives, the say way we saw that Obama could never talk about his problems or that of his people without making reference to me and we could see they were superior as well and even in Church were preaching my life for the future of their children instead of the gospel of Christ. The assumption is always that these things are so complicated that nobody will be able to discuss them and then it can be used as a tool for extracting money in the city centre without working for it because they believe that the wealth that was created was done so by forcing them to work for nothing but it actually isn't and so we find the other story about how I am always in a position to support a system where the powerful kill the weak and poor while what really happens is that an individual who spends all day smoking cocaine for instance will easily be responsible for the University dropout of some 300 women and another 350 men will be unable to attend all together on his account – so likely what happens is that if the Police catches him at a bigger aspect of the activities that gives him the ability to make it happen some 10 times, the tenth will likely be the day he dies but if leadership is provided that can allow the Office to make another decision instead of the difficult one that involves taking a life, they always prefer that and so we find even now that will likely claim I am that kind of person as well because it is a big joke but then again which being a tool in the hands of racists is a big thing and I can imagine it – I am black and a tool in the hands of racists meaning racists will hurt me first before they get to black people generally, so the question is what the purpose of this need to build up publicity that facilities persecuting me as well is meant to be all together. As for being the person who stops people from doing their useful things; we all know likely outcome will be a process where the Police will ask them for answers concerning celebrities and then decide they will have work to do. I hear I am some puny man that they can do whatever they like with and it is not the truth just like it is not true I sit about wasting myself too; in terms of the former even the Politicians are complaining about me on a global stage because I want them to give me my personal space and leave me alone, so its really tough being a puny man people can do whatever they like with in that situation, as for the former, all I do is patented and the only reason it leaves me to make money for others is when those who have taken it come from bigger Countries or Countries with bigger Armies ; hence its usually very stupid individuals who live in a world of unbridled political corruption and when I want to hurt them for it as well, most of the time, the bit where they need to put up some money somewhere so that when they spend it on products they earn the right to tummy whip and bottom whim members of the Public because it sets off this process where I am in a position that does not allow me to offer them any sort of respect whatsoever, just like we see they regularly feel as though they want to get after an Arch Prince. I do get told what people are saying to me is that I need to stop being so weak but I am lost when it is said within a structure that concerns bigger powers bullying them and society being defined by the fact there are smaller people they can bully as well; this nonsense has now factorised my life’s work at this stage, so this talk about being a tool in the hands of racists have worked many times, its just gone too far at this stage and it looks like I am about to factorise their own as well. As for the being weak bits by itself – the only time I have felt there was no great sadness going from my head down my throat and down my tummy and making it  difficult for me to decide what my alimentary Canal does, have been when I have ignored black people to a stage where it is actually hurting them to do so even though I am black too. We hear talk of the motivation behind these behaviour and its the same as ever i.e. going off to get money where money is stored basically and so it bothers me all the time even when it knows I will likely educate it about the reasons it should care the way the guy who build a company so Families can get employed cared in the first place; its not usually a crime so build a sale army on the left hand side of such persons and get rich quick but when they bother me, they will see why they need to care as well. So they always say they are nice people and I am destroying everything and this is where I do not care as well; we can see that if it does not get off on social media or mainstream media to play up a loose cannon game with my earning margins now that it knows how to after years of insults and abuse, we will find it show up around y Books to play games and cleanse itself of anything that may cause it to buy a copy, then get off and build publicity telling stories of how I owe it a debt to look after it at civil rights too, so it seems that every time it gets desperate it will claim I am a tool in the hands of racists and such things. I do not have a problem with it, they are all the same no matter which race they come from; usually very stupid individuals, have no respect for others, terribly abusive and when things happen they panic and lash out to the left and to the right, lash out at friends and enemies, make a real mess and try to get somebody killed if they have not worked out how to die over other people who have better existences but when they are not in a state of disrespect and panic, we find that they have this very sick atmosphere of violent gossips built up to let them attack and abuse and damage other people at will, blabbing obviously which one concerns me being a tool in the hands of racists like these. Eventually they say I never give other people a chance but all the women who are with me at Court are there to support their Dads or Mums or both and it has something to do with Big bad neighbour memories - time and again of which I set out my position very clearly so people understand I have matters to concern myself with, time and again they get involved while my personal priorities are not one of the many things they think about showing some respect for and then get off to start saying the want a chance as well.