Now they say that it has become a matter of prime importance that I be made to pay for the bad things that I have done and it is utter nonsense as the bottom line of all these issues is that I know them better than they know themselves, will be willing to build a crowd on it to add to the fact I am always right and they are always wrong. So we all know what happened with this was that they followed me around abusing me and building communities behind it to make me smell and now I have ended up with reputation for being smelly guy who is always untidy, seals their superiority and nepotism that ensures they are always important for it, cannot stop insulting people and making up reasons as they go along since University days and it all adds to the racism that we already have in the Country all together – the effect of this being that each time they see me set up a livelihood, they spend their time picking up everything that tells people there are consequences for making a mess of it and run off this case of a life I have which is now in the hands of media and celebrities, by which their stupidities gets to decide that my assets are to be transferred to those who have Capital, if I am unable to raise money that will help me invest in my work bearing in mind others want to get rich with it too; it complains like this every day, talking nonsense about bad things I have done which I need pay for as if it makes the laws around here but the behaviour persists never the less.

Their Politicians do say that I have no chance in the matter but it has always been a collection of very foolish people who enjoy making bad personal decisions because those who have talents and a Public image will be forced to provide them with an exit from it once finished having their fun and they will then claim they are Celebrities when we all know they are fucking famous; need to spend their time having some sort of illicit sex somewhere instead of being seen all over the Public image space attached to this Royal Office, if they were complaining about me; so it has always been a matter of this need they have to squander everything I have and have never really produced an answer to the question of why they love to insult and abuse people, destroy peoples lives and make up the reasons they have acted in such ways as they went along. However on the matter of not standing a chance, it must have been abundantly clear at this stage that they are their society goons and public transport operatives having been that they cannot exist without this process of provoking people to spend the lives and property of their victims fighting the same victims to preserve themselves and carry on for as long as they wish, they have not really settled up on a conviction that it means I am vulnerable to them either. All we have here is the completely unnecessary process of their Politicians spending tax payer funds to wreck my finances, so they might build up my sense of financial uncertainty in Public places as prove that I am afraid of them and then begin their profitably bullying from it thereafter. There are more spiritual consequences for me on this nonsense anyway – the reality of a community of idiots built to know me better than I know myself and show up here to be right while I am wrong all the time feels like being possessed with demons; so we have done the routine where they invented it and passed it at me until I became Mr National smelly guy, its their turn as well and now that they have done it and seen what effect it would have on them if people did it to them as well, we have come full circle on the matter. Having been then that they think I should be made to pay for the bad things I have done, it must have meant that I make them tired all the time as well, thereby paying for the bad things I have done with the big mouth they have got.

The Celebrities exist at the very pinnacle of this as a whole; I wrote a Book they found useful, so they surrounded me with five years history of insults, stifled the sales and built crowds of admirers on the basis of creating me a job that agrees with the Books I have written and moving into m right hand to enjoy a sensation of establishment. So I will be paying fully for the bad things I have done, once I am finished with the process of making it quite clear their involvement with the way people think of me that is apparently more valuable than the way people think of them on account they need more money than they have already got, is no longer tolerable – for now I will continue the warnings that they do need to keep away from my Books and stop following me around, any other fool that has a problem to encumber my concerns with around here, take heed that I am likely to tolerate it further thereof and then they might get together with their politicians and make an even bigger thing out of that stupidity we see them exhibit to suggest that when they are unable to make money with my Books by taking advantage of me and the exit from the way their stupid decisions have affected them using my public image, it is an affront to their foolish freedoms, than we have already seen them make out it around the world. I love the fact they have gathered up even more criminal reputation to themselves on this matter, running off their media jobs and celebrity careers and Politics on Publicity I had built for my Books without a contract that says they might thereof – it tends to prove how much they really can do about me all together, apart from which I love to think those insults about being so superior to me they want to handle me is largely something they wish to do with their time mostly. The rest of the time, I have an Arch Prince’s Office to cater for and they may conduct their daily concerns without bothering me or find out they are trouble makers I want to put under control in order to ensure they had cleared the Public image space; nothing I have done so far have affected their salaries and the more they continued the behaviour while their pay at work increases is the more I lost money because of it everyday on account they thought they were incredibly important, thereby taking longer to achieve a thought process which suggests that these activities are not the main thing.

It is said that people now understand what I mean when I am threatened, only to pop the question of ‘or else what?’ at others but it is an or else what situation; what we have is the idiots spending my time while they used their time to complete the academic work and chase the careers, building up community of goons that have ideas on what to do to me physically, so time and again show up around my concerns to look like they would fancy coming between my fist and that community for their part as well and I need them to understand I was fed up with it too; we know they love it so much on account that I have no made their careers look vulnerable to such things yet at this point, they even claim its difficult to tell what I want from others while it was rather obvious they have left their backyards, their homes, their front porch and the road that leads out of those to anywhere in the world they wanted to go which none prevented them from going, to turn up here and tell me I am supposed to be less important than people who read my Books, losing me huge sums of money every day and then appearing to find it amusing whenever they had started pretending that they will secure an exit from my Public image for their behaviour; we have now seen that people who look after HM interests at this Office are all over the matter as well because they are so persistent. They however have said that I have gotten pretty close to making their careers look like that never the less and yes I have, putting up the behaviour are a Book sale process all over my websites, which gets them thinking my mind had been altered and I was no longer good enough to be a Prince as well all together, it means whenever people who work for The Queen show up on it, I will be the one doing them such favours as asking them to depart the public image space and spend their time on illicit sexual activity if they wanted, so that when they are doing the one that is open air and in the bushes it becomes some confirmation that they have been messing with Royalty to get to that stage. All I want is a process where all their interests in my leads them straight to reading of my Books and they have never really given an answer to the question of whether they want something else instead because they have been sharing their salaries with me all together. They speak of people who show up to attack them on my behalf all the time but its much the same as them employing criminals in the neighbourhoods who later become very disobedient bottom chasing goons at Industry that they don’t like very much for hurting the bottoms but is a sign of how important they are, so important they cannot have enough of ripping up my Literary Empire everyday and setting their media goons off to tell me it existed only in my head; so these are people especially the women, who have sorted out all matters concerning extremism and discrimination in their lives, therefore even the process of getting off a Royal Office to engage in a scuffle with a member of the Public would have affected them adversely – they hurt my bottom and it is a problem that Celebrities and Industry people have to solve too, even though I do not think that they are a bees knees, game set and match, it got serious. They do claim I have not done anything about these matters in years and this is why it is out of control but its never a matter of what I do, it’s a matter of how much effort and money politicians are prepared to spend for the purpose of creating public problems – so its never a question of why somebody is a junkie at Industry and why his health is not affected by the criminal activities that have scourged us all, what Politicians are more interested in is throwing people off a trail on the left hand side and the right and so if money is spent doing such things, it increases the prospects of getting rich with government funds – so, I am only affected when junkie had made money at Industry and is getting involved with Royal business all the time, making my life toxic especially on social media, hence once he buys or dad buys the teenage son a Ferrari for instance and it is all displayed on social media etc, I am certain I will end up with twice the problem. I do not think that Politicians need to access their activities on the basis of such facts either, their sense of what is right and what is wrong is completely flawed, so I think that when it becomes a real issue that Celebrities have overseas accounts while they rip up some lives and blackmail others and bully some still to get more money than they have already got, preaching wealth inequality to their victims, they will without a doubt somehow find a way to secure the Political will that will let them do something about it – mostly it does not concern me.

I do get told that I supported them which meant I brought it on myself, while on the other hand, I am never satisfied with what I have. The former is to do with the fact I set out a premise at diplomatic work arena, that allows security services to do their jobs and somebody took advantage of it for the purpose of getting punishment from the government at the hand of national enemy and when it got a bit too messy, I did something on social media which they again claimed was me accepting liability for what happens to service personnel on the field, I never supported them – the latter will be the one story that is never true; what is true of it being that if I were married, it would be obvious that I worked with wife to organise work and play – work being the part where I am writing Books at an Office, play being the part where we showed what we thought of Celebrity and Media and Politicians but now that I am not, every fame freak goon, along with an idiot that thinks my assets should move to those who have the capital that will ensure what I have makes other peoples rich because they were real Men, getting rich and famous by pretending to be my relative, as abusively as possible and this is what is really happening. So the bit where it is said I spend my time talking about it while they rip up all I have to get rich is utter nonsense; what will happen with it is that the Politicians will spend a certain percentage of National income on their stupidities and then when they had created a crisis doing so, set about solving such a crisis, otherwise it is not a reason for me to feel sore all over while they complained about feeling sore all over as well because I felt that way due to the fact they wanted questions answered about who was going to work for the short fall. Mostly then its just money that they will spend on themselves and on the products they find at the market place – not me dropping out of University feeling sore because they gave money to Celebrity goons and are looking for somebody else to work for the shortfall and leave them fulfilling all their hearts desire, dropping out of school lest I complete the academic work and therefore become vested in a knowledge of the things that want me to part with, so that they might continue to be famous, such as my equity assets and my public image, as there is no prospect of them having fame and money if I do not acquire it, hence the point at which they too get to make contributions towards what they are using.

So they say that I am a war with people and it is what the problem is, it never really is however, what is, is the fact that the Politicians always underestimate how much they need to steal in a way that is not written down in law as stealing, how much they need to kill in a way that is not written down in law as killing but the Politicians always do so at somebody else’s expense because they think they are the ones that should be running off such things to ensure they felt they were powerful in every facet. So we now have this condition in which they say I complain the most about the way tough people behave while I am the one that wants to see it all the time, which is utter nonsense; what happens is that as soon as people have access to media and public audience, they generally want to see me deploy my body type for the purpose of doing violent things with gangs, criminals and racists, being that they have been trying to punish me with cultural evils where their community croons have fantasies about my bedroom window all day for the purpose of pleasurable sexual violence, as part of crimes that are not seen, are easy and certainly not bound to get them into trouble with the law because there was no physical contact – the outcome is that when they see somebody who has done a criminal activity in a way that suggests he does not want his life to make any contributions to society or to the Legal system, they claim its racist and I must not be allowed access to Oxygen unless I did something about him, then they see somebody who is racist and commits a crime in the same way and its all hell broken lose because they were cowards. Their excuse for tackling me then being that I have taken access to fame and popularity from people which I have by the way, its exactly the same effects as when they build up communities of goons that have ideas about what to do to me and spend all day chasing my bum, when they have no fame and popularity; I mean, imagine it was the 1980s and 1990s and I was able to shut the ones that happened at that time down, I would have been a very famous person gone down in history for doing so as well but what happened instead was that I was a child and was living out life as a teenager during that time, loathing every aspect of their stupidities turning up all over my daily concerns to blaze my trail; now its just their insulting corruptions of involvement that says my skin colour allows them the right to get involved with and play with me as doing so does me damage contributing to equality in the process and does them good, contributing to the happiness that makes their narcissistic stupidities even more successful because they are able to think with my thought pattern or feelings of comfort that I enjoy, about which it’s not clear which great victory they have won yet when their careers are not yet made into something people can play these practical jokes with by me – the threats are good but it goes without saying that if they lived up to the business of knowing where my books are and then turning the case of making a lot of trouble over it into encouraging my publishers to shut down the publication all together, I will ensure I banished throngs of their stupidities to poverty and destitution for my part in this matter too, so I suppose it was been clear to some extent at this point that in terms of those foolish threats, they are likely bluffing and I am not. I never worry too much about it as its usually clear that if ethnic minorities that get involved with me at Popular culture whether or not they were deploying aspects of my Public work to make music that makes them money and supports young people at school, usually use their own lives to make it, while white people usually make one on blame and abuse and insults and then threats thereafter as soon as they made some money, it must mean that there are white people who do not get along with me and if there are black people that are always in a state of telling lies and abusing others, tackling me and getting complicit with racism, that must be I do not get along with all black people, the problem is that they have become rather confident about physically handling everything about me and I need to make it quite obvious I have tolerated the Celebrity culture, the Media jobs, the Politics and the Popularity or Industry gimmicks being run off on Publicity I have built for the Books I am selling here for long enough; the idea it is a great big problem and I have lost my career is utter nonsense – the Books do not cost very much and people are insane if they need my assets to help them win contracts on their profession in the City centre like we see them do at the moment, assumption being I cannot challenge them over it without incurring some serious risk, while facts point to a reality where I can without any problems whatsoever, the more hassle I deal with to get there being the more of it I will inflict on them when I do. Some say they are nice people but they are not; the romance that existed between the City centre and the Universities have been completely destroyed, its all about them now and women face the constant risk of being beaten up or sexually assaulted if they said somebody was not important and did not make the laws in the Country hence should not be telling them what to do.

There is this case of the suggestion of links between my so called misery and the activities of Politicians in the EU but there isn’t any such thing, I am aware Politicians in the EU behave just as abusively as we see them behave in the fashion world, coming into your business all full of smiles and wants to leave with the jackpot and does not mind if it does that everyday and builds you a scandal in public places to pile on the pressure while at it. It does mean they are suggesting again that it is possible to share National interest which got us into this Brexit debacle in the first place; if information is needed on the matter then, it is supposed to a case of a state of being that means one is aware he is not spending everything he has today i.e. what happens with National interest is that the part people find attractive and want to be your friends for is the part that you have extricated success from, the part that those who want to share the National interest obviously have ended up being interested in, is the part that you have saved up for the future, so they behave as if the fact you do not pay attention to it should mean that you are unaware that it exists and will never work for their own when they find it easy to get away with such things. I am told there are people all over it saying that I am a stupid person which is utter nonsense, especially as per being a stupid person that will not get along with what black people like me want until I had lost everything – it is utter nonsense naturally as I do not know who they are, never met them and we are not related; having dropped out of University and not been able to sell my Books because of my mood due to their involvement with me, they do say I do not have a choice on the matter because of my skin colour which is utter nonsense – the first time their caricature in Books when people want to depict life under the sun in Africa stupidities hated my guts over those finding out if rich can get richer and poor can get poorer with my bottom hurting and a bad smell being the result while bankers and industry people hurt in the head so they do not go against their wishes and celebrities lay into what is left in the middle, was because of the fact I had detached it from mainstream living – so I want to be left alone by their stupidities as not all black people are like them and I certainly do have a choice about that as we can see they are about to complain of somebody making sure their tourism economy guests can never relax when they have paid for services because of them is about to occur again. They did not drop out of University obviously, they passed their exams on my public image and thought pattern to preserve their stupid selves and now I cannot sell Books because of my Mood and I have had enough – we know they think I mess with the Celebrity culture and popular culture because I am lucky and that this theory is about to be tested too. They do say the main problem was rather that I am very disrespectful which I am not; these are the behaviour people showed up to sit beside me in very insulting and familiar ways at University until I dropped out and they passed their exams to leave them the opportunity to persecute me everyday for being important and the Labour Party is free to show up again when I attended another one, to underestimate how much these goons want to commit crimes that are not written down in law as crimes and do so at my expense again, see if it will not go beyond sacking their international development relations this time.

I am told that HM thinks most of my actions are stupid but if people taped and played the way I talk The Queen would think it was stupid, it does not mean there has ever been an Official approval of any actions being taken on it anyway (this is what I think as a matter of my person not how I am handled at Government). I have no idea why people rely on me to pick up some residency in a dilapidated neighbourhood for writing my Books, leaving them to run off their Machiavellian Royal Court games anyway. I understand however it is said that my Books are the main problem, but my Books are not the main problem, they either have nothing to do with Royal business at all or they set out clearly where I stand i.e. I have said something about Islam in them for example and what I have said is about the fact I know nothing of Islam, I just know I have met Muslims and I have met people who want to do some nefarious things with Islam, which people will say is scared and diplomatic but my opinion is rather that we Christians believe Christ died and resurrected and sits at the right hand of God, so a living person is responsible for the things we have been taught to do, Mohammed would rather ask people to kill and then die and be buried himself, not fair then for people to get around killing for me on account I am a religious person myself, hence I know nothing I about Islam and that is all there is to what I may have said of it – the Royal aspect is to do with every goon that wants to marry into the Royal family wanting to do so by chasing my bum and churning my tummy and putting labels on me especially when they are American and so they have started what they are handling very well so far, never mind that people who engage themselves in performing the duties of the Monarch tailored to suit their own lives have been showing up here to rip up my academic work and finances after getting the Heir to the throne marrying twice and planning a Man’s world on it when he is King, appearing to suggest the damage to my academic work and finances does not in any way tend to have suggested there was possibility I have had enough of them too. They do also say they want to know what my official position really is and its as simple as the fact everybody is a trouble maker who needs to keep off the Public image space as it is marked out for Government purposes – that said, with respect to my Office and person there are some select individuals I get around with at Celebrity and Popular culture and Industry and its entire personal; apart from that is, the fact that if I were married, it would have been clearer I thought of these persons as fun persons, while the serious business was the process of sitting in an Office to write some serious minded Books that I trade for a living. In the end, what has happened due to all these abuses and insults is that I had tasted matters of anal sex and financial obscurity inflicted on me by stupid Liberal Politicians that wish to get involved with peoples concerns and win 100% of the arguments by spending National Treasury finances to do it, so I am now a character that must never do a thing to make celebrities comfortable.