It is said that compared to celebrities I am nothing and a failure contained in which there is not a single shred of truth as it were; I mean all property equities have been secured right across Europe and the US where people are much more desperate for it for example and it includes Industrial property, law enforcement property and Entertainment Property right down to Video games and kids entertainment property – where I am at present is the bit where I feel as though I need to put the hate that has been created here as a result of their intense desire to cause me pain all the time as a result of handling these properties and having a need to go with a process where they have, which if I did put into workable action may perhaps lead to a condition where I can go to toilet peacefully for a change. These are relics of racism you see and I don’t think they are worth anything for my part either – its like racism does not exist anymore but they are the things that have been left behind, the things racism makes profitable when it kills off young men that have been set up for refusing to hand over market property and so on, there is nothing successful about their stupidities, not in my view. 

I do not think this is a complicated matter; its a simple case of shunning those who shun my books, getting involved with the market of those who do mine to clog it up and secure my Royal Exasperated response that they claim is good for their feelings, but there are these other group that need to prioritise the book sales over their needs all together, its all basic administration stuff. Ultimately of which I will have to secure my history of destruction I can point to whenever people ask me to stop as well and then people can forge empires and careers from making me sick with blackmail and pretend they have achieved much i.e. pretend they are making me get off my bum to do things to help others and myself but all they really do is deploy the fact they know where my books are and now to prevent sales from happening to make me physically sick with black mail and in form with character have linked it with market so nothing interferes with their latest narcissitic craze.

I hear they say there is a story around town about people dying on the NHS because the Politicians are not working together and the reason for that is my behaviour; I wouldn’t know anyway, they love it when their blame culture works a physical violence and I love it when I have something I will never give up in hell; so the Politicians do not wish to keep off the civil service and leave it to be independent, they say when they do they will not be able to manipulate people into making them see why the Monarchy is outdated and now they believe it is my problem as well – more so because they also think that I need to publicly back down for the Politicians in order for things to work properly in the Country to which my response remains the same i.e. if this whole process of knowing where my finances are and using that to black mail me into letting people to whatever they like with my life eventually pays off after 15 years of destruction I will change the west as they know it, so if they say my behaviour causes the stupidities Politicians exhibit at the civil service which is costing lives, I accept that it is as well and I regret people are dying but I accept it never the less. These days we see them seek to report their stupid media news in ways that help the security services with their jobs, they say they are replacing me whereas the security services do what they do in the knowledge the way gangs and extreme groups operate is the same as it has always been i.e. young people glamorise them and then join up and then have second thoughts later and become the tool in the hands of security services as informants – I for my part just hate every scum that travels off to complicate wars in the middle east and rack up body counts and all together every single insult for every single moment as it as present means I will never stop punishing them as a people.

I hear they say I am unlikely to make any progress with my life now that they have me under their spell and so on but it is utter nonsense because if the media is the sales barrier I have, if I set out a campaign it has to be garnished with a fully developed counter attack as well; it never makes sense to put  a name to your face and stand up in public to report news about what is happening with other peoples lives and jobs while you make as much trouble for others as you may possibly wish to without reason or provocation, only your twisted evil nature and service of the devil to show for it; speaking of which they complain I never use my job to do my job when we all know that will cause so much blood to run into my head and chest that it will feel like exploding, bearing in mind praying and reading the Bible will always be followed by them putting together series and series and series of assumptions about what I am thinking until the one that is nearest to fact is reached and becomes the means for violent scandals and popular culture fame and fortune, then the older ones turn up to make out I refuse their support and that this is the problem with the characteristic lack of respect when I actually have five websites and I am on twitter and face book and tumblr and could hardly need any of their support for any reason save their buying the books if interested in the services as it were.

They speak of my closeness to the Royals being a problem which makes no sense whatsoever, since the hay days for them was the time when their girls had informed them they had found a man they wanted to abuse until he got from Christianity to homosexuality so that women might be powerful and that has not stopped as it speak still and for the men, it is when you had expressed the distress that such things cause you especially the bit about being a Christian not meaning that you should be cash strapped in anyway informing them I cannot function without my faith and cannot even sit in front of an employer to answer questions properly without it if somebody is messing with behind me, it only but became the founding need behind the increased practice of homosexual behaviour and giant advertisements for it on City buses all over the place – those were the days, this is my turn. They say they were sexually abused as we hear but of course we all know all these distant violence and sexual context abuse is indicative of very violent ignorance based gluttony and that is is fundamentally suggestive of sexual abuse as a prognosis of justice; I have done my part too, laying down the prognosis for taking the filthy work of setting out they might have complained about being sexually abused but really loved it when it happened away from the law makers and the legal system – let society do it, so the media can report on both sides, after all it is on media they organise themselves and turn their bodies into weapons that are used on the finances of religious people to squander everything and talk nonsense that nobody really can understand at law enforcement for it as well, it is on media they organise themselves and abuse themselves if they have a target like we see all over the pornographic industry; then they claim it is when they abuse me in sexual context considering I am a Christian, that I am made to get off my bum and do something to help myself and others and complain about when they were sexually abused – of course they loved it, there is no other way. They have their excuses for things I have done to offend them of course but an example is this case of being close to the Royals and how it means every fool from Africa with a talent for corruption thinks with the help of media and socialists that getting involved with me is the answer to getting connected and that is how I end up with a Literary empire where the market equities are in the hands of others but they rage on still and pretend it is a problem the white man is creating for black people too, along with a need to get up on media and assume a right to address me all the time. I don’t believe that this is a problem, when you take a look at them, what you see is dark and dank and evil at all times and some unpredictable and very violent blame culture there going on to be unleashed on anything that makes them think about their actions, so I understand there are those that were sexually abused who should not have been because they were never part of the game but it is either it is a bad thing or it is a good thing and when I say so it is not for these idiots either – I say they loved it when it happens because they can either keep their hands to themselves or we can find out what it is exactly they can do with it too, the threats is where it will blow up – I can say whatever I like about sexual abuse; all together I do not consider this matter a serious problem in any case either - its the question of what it is exactly that seems to annoy me so much from my high and mighty Royal position that others appear to envy but it has always been playfully the destructive nature of African and black leaders and Politicians and I do not want them playing with me for my part as well and that includes their White Celebrity friends; it is almost fictional that they actually do not like it when others damage their own with a certain loutish behaviour and vandalism attached too, almost fictional: you can go from a student government operative which does not in anyway happen to the highly talented, to the laughing stock of the world complete with features like pop stars making songs at your expense because they are being threatened by those who complain about your involvement with them as a result of Books that you have written and it is still a problem the White man is creating for the black race after 15 years of it happening everyday considering how much work is needed to make it a success.