The story that most of my problems are a factor of my need to fight everything is very well understood – from where I am however it is a matter of some people doing too much and how it means I get dragged off government Office and academic pursuit to sit about reacting to their stupidities as they come up with it daily. I mean when it plays out right up to the part where stupid Americans are involves influencing the world, it becomes more a case of providing leadership during an economic crisis, which means that the crisis itself becomes a trend and then the recovery rhetoric after that and then the recovery itself all together because a collection of buffoons that are full of hot air have found a way to make it acceptable to the general public and to provoke people and call a crowd to attend in their favour whenever they wish to prove that they are 100% certain there is no other way of making money save ripping people’s lives and property and wellbeing and they come dressed in suits floating around the city thinking there aren’t people like myself whose  whole lives depend on being intolerant of it all together. This then feeds into Political nonsense about the careers of the idiots who started them off at government office, so that while others slave to rectify it they are busy traveling the world and finding out what it is all about etc. they say it is something about representation in government, which is something I had before I began my commission in the first place since it would have been a case of some tyrants loving the mob and one such like myself being the mob itself when provoked by idiots who then call a crowd on me as well, if I had no legitimacy for my activities but we can see that they and their fools love to cling to my finances so much all together as it were and that racism is a matter of one group of idiots whose involvement with others cause school drop outs to exist never mind the market place teasing that gives way to racial violence being allowed to have their way with another that is exactly like them but of another skin colour and these are the kinds of facts the Public should not be denied by Media idiots on the other hand making a case out of me the great fighter of all things as a whole. I have warned them enough times about their stupidities and its insanity and their need to get involved with me for it and they are well aware when I start my own gimmicks too, it is the jobs that get to their lower class heads they will be running away from first of all, as all can see we are not mates and that whether or not they wish to do the same things they did with the NSA in the US i.e. protests eternal and at the end of which they are now the ones manning security guard jobs and watching people with CCTV and passing around insults that corrupt my state provided security all together, whether or not they wish to repeat it with the Trump Administration of which is not supposed to affect my Books and Public image save they need a reaction; my question remains the same about this social experiment as a whole i.e. it gets involved with me and I drop out of University as a result but that is still its civil right and then that continues as I am made to sit about reacting to its stupidities to make it feel good daily and 8 years on it still want to cling to my Books sales and Public image and have the fun of drop out Prince but this is still its civil right apparently, all adding to the religion I practice in their personal life giving way to a disposition where their age is the most important point of all when I sit down with somebody else to discuss a job role for example.

The big case made is that I am always in a contention with, always at logger heads with security service operatives; reality of which is more of the case that they are incredibly stupid people and have not got a foggiest clue what they are doing but the main problem was that each time they are frustrated about their jobs they have the right to handle me and the result is that I hurt all over every single time and they must have done it for nothing but realising they were wrong after they have and it happens many times over the course of every day. I could step out of my door to go shopping and a casual activity like that should be alright, except it isn’t, what happens is that I pick up intelligence all over the place about a fool in MI5 making the well-off enemy that is always telling lies and picking on normal people comfortable with everything he needs to do to perform some market place teasing that gives way to racial violence routines of insults all over Public spaces and this will add to being told something I said, especially by the really stupid black ones in the US, that something I said, led to an outcome in which a White police officer that is racist killed somebody and that I am the idiot that knows what people should be fighting for but will not be caught dead doing any of the fighting myself with that big mouth that likes to think it can control me and so on and the outcome is of course that they are the ones through whom somebody will get employed at the security services when such are bad and evil people all together anyway. They always love to pretend they can take me on, especially the really insulting Daddy wants her Girl to play with your finances and Public image to get rich quick types that believe they are not working in a world where you can kill them too if that stupid insults become a mortal threat all together and I would like the bastards to keep their it’s the ones that were used to do your stuff on the right and you were not the one that was going to do that my precious job for me on the left rhetoric along with their foolish celebrities and incredibly insulting socialites, especially with respect to the Americans, off my Books and my Public image otherwise this war on Celebrities which has begun so far can easily be the least of their worries and we are not talking about that yapping off over Celebrities affiliated with me and so on either just yet. They are completely in love with that story of evidence they have that I am in trouble with the Monarchy to build up anxiety by abuse nonsense they do to flirt with Torture all day long - the reality of course is rather that people at the Armed forces have no idea how to behave the way they do and do not know how to get about it, I know this because of what I do to support them and the fact these stupidities of these fools creates crimes and problems that are beyond their imagination on a regular basis which is not good in anyway and hence becomes such an obsession for the idiots who believe it may have meant they do have some power to wield; I do not know when they intend to stop it anyway considering it never really has the desired effect around here but tends to make more problems for them because they try so hard to convince people security service workers are the ones doing the nefarious activities we see and feel on a regular basis. We all know that the reason I am hurting all over is because idiots want to be rich in order to escape employment as the means for making a living and intend to do that through fame and so what they want with me all together is the need to build some disposition on a public place where the only thing they do and say concerns careers that have already been taken and those who are seeking to have one such a thing and make their fame and fortune in that way - what I want with them for my part is the one where my Book and Public image has to be their problems definitely hence we are always seeing them show up around it to glorify themselves and make stupid comments and we are not talking about the part where what harms me and harms them as well are things I know how to handle and if I do not will see them take their problems out on me violently aka their temper matters and mine does not with that big mouth; of which I never think it a problem since its an issue that can be resolved by measuring that stupid simple greed along the parameters of not just what they intend to do about the insane community croons they complain of endlessly but also along the lines of finding out if there are any punishments concerning these activities that I can omit if I tried; so its always mostly showing up to rob shoulders with me and pretend if my will makes an existence for them, their stupidities can make one for me too. The grown ups who think I should be explaining everything I do with myself In order to be free of their disobedience claim there are two matters and one of them is air quality while the other is competition; for the former its the same old story we have been preaching for years about the Court being a female arrangement that I have chosen exclusively but they prefer to express themselves around my public image everyday to get their stupid community croons beating me down in my own bed about 5.30am in the morning everyday and then showing up on public places to get involved with no ear for the bit where I can start my own gimmicks too and then it will be the jobs they run away from all together - that classic old story where they never ever do anything the right way or do it properly and then it ill result in the mess that started where they began to exist, their stupid children wanting the public image that was the one they were born with and grew up with and where they had Childhood friends and so on, which then gives way to the mess that exploded around the female communities and finishes off at the Politics that will bring about the Unification of Ireland and Scottish Independence; stupid fart Politics, stupid fart Media, stupid fart Celebrities. The Competition story of which does not apply, as it is largely a  matter of claims everybody is helping me with Royal work and there is no reason they should be excluded from the privileges - while the reality is that they are only being disobedient and by the way which damage is not competition and what we have for the younger ones is an obsession with showing up at my Public image because I am approved some persons that I have given the right to do so, while nobody knows exactly when the older ones and their Community bullies intend to release me to those who really care about me as a whole anyway - what we do know about their case being that it will show up on my public image on its own accord, tell me I should prefer them to the people I have approved while they are not even fans of my renaissance , ensure I cannot spend time on anything that matters in such ways and stifle my Book sales making comments with the same disobedience, then except I have no right to wage my war on Celebrities as well. We hear the daddy idiots say I suck the sweet parts out of Industry and nobody knows how people think they should be having conversations about me or fancying my existence etc. that is if they are not busy showing up and talking their stupidities all over my renaissance which they are not a fan of all together but want to extract the incomes from anyway and cannot stop lying - what really happens of course is that when I broker my Estate Equity, these fools will start a coup immediately along with other goons of theirs who know nothing about Business but had sometime ago picked up money and bought shares in large companies and worked their way to the Boardrooms as such - this is then how I get told that I steal pocket money from peoples families and it is simply impossible to work out what the stupidities is wrong with them as a whole.