The story about my bad attitude has become the only one the media wants to discuss these days of course but it is not a matter of bad attitude as it is for instance a matter of how spicing up their sex lives at my expense or using my life to work their careers and if not use it to work their sex lives and threaten me with a backup on the right hand side which the Politicians are really good at, really works i.e. have sex on my work and public life which means that when they make personal decisions to commit sins, my position as affects the Church is affected as the sin is then committed on my behalf as well; tell them I do not fancy it and we find them teach their children to so the same too. So, it starts to get serious when we see that they want to do nothing else with their time save get on media and cling to my Book sale margins to break my heart and it is the struggle over this while they keep their salaries for the purposes of insolent seniority that has created these questions about my attitude all together. I have never thought it’s a complicated matter since as expected, we no sooner find ourselves in a place where they are issuing threats and then it will mean that normal human beings start a campaign over another person’s physical appearance which suggests the person can deal with bullying while they cannot in order to make away with careers and money and lifestyle – thus the assumption is that there are things I wouldn’t say in certain places considering they know me that well as such, besides which I must be putting up with all that violence from them, especially the one that sets me out as squidgy baby character into whom they can insert the problems of the world but will still bob back into shape insults, pretending they are getting away with it because I must be really good at exercising tolerance or that they actually deserve it; needless to say the threats will propel an outcome whereby I end up handling and then destroying it completely for them as well. It’s really difficult to locate how anybody could just get used to a process of insulting others to a stage where their grades are affected and then their lifestyles and careers after that too – I mean it’s become a fundamental aspect of the stupidities we see them exhibit on media and claim it amounts to career when we know none of those insults were set out in the job description that applies to the contracts that have gotten to their fucking heads at present. The threats are all good because they think I really like them and will have to make a choice between them and gang or racists but what really happens is that if I have some people I have had popular culture arrangements patented to the Estate with about 18 years ago since its inception, do some songs, these goons will get off and do their own which I have not approved as well exercising some stupid insolent seniority in the process the whole time and all I can really say is that I did not approve of it, while they get away with the money every time and start to issue threats at me that suggest they want to keep the system as their own all together. Then we hear that besides the fact that the problem we now face is that what they have chosen to spend their time on is now taking my time instead of their own, there is also the fact I regularly describe them as stupid considering there is much they can do about it since the start of the insults I am dealing with now was set in 2002 when I was suddenly found to be a kid character that is giving respect to them that children do not give these days anymore, at the same time which their foolish children are spicing sex life at my expense to look modern and go with the time all day long, there is the part where my activities interfere with their sexual needs; utter nonsense of course since what really happens with their sexual needs is that I will have met somebody whose name I do not know, taller and more beautiful than I am, scaled sexism to earn a 6 figure salary and thinks I matter on the other side of society, a pact set where she says she will not be bad if I am not, where I need to avoid doing things that will make her want to have sex lest she loses her career and other more important things – such that the question now is that if supposing I had decided to calculate this matter mathematically and become a habitual coward, how much of this nonsense do I have to put up with to lose people like these all together as it were. Another example is where we have heard them talk about wealth inequality cropping up in unexpected places, what really happened being that in Brazil for instance, a company will want to provide a service at the highest level and then the wealthiest will be the only ones that can afford it, wanton consumerism which they encourage ensues and people failed to pay attention to global economic conditions and a humanitarian crisis was the result, now they think they have an Arch Prince writing Books that cause nostalgia, which he should not have written and is the main case people are talking about in the US and so I am under fire once more – same as the China issue, where it is unfathomable how their almighty ego this time got a collection fools who spend their days talking about martial arts and self-glorification, to tackle a whole British Government over its Chinese interests, where Obama thought it was one of the most important things he had to do for this planet to tackle inequality where it is happening the most and spend American tax payer funds on them for it; so now we know they have lost a lot of money, we know there has been weeping and wailing and we know the British have acquired a necessary tool for looking after an important job that needs to be done. They will get out a process where they want to take revenge on somebody just to ensure their problems are lighter and love to have a go at me because of abusive insults on media that make me look the part of the guy that will not hit back, to claiming I am complicit with racism and there is no recovery from it; reality of which is rather that there is no racism around if we have not seen a Church of racism with people in it listening to sermons on the inferiority of none whites as such – what we have instead is that guy who wants to talk about what he studied at school and what he wants to do with his studies Versus that Guy who wants to organise girls and make money through vice and then they will claim it’s the ones that want to talk about what they learned that are violent while reality is rather that these same people have been around the corner and seen this stuff many times, know what it is all about – like in my case where one fell swoop and all I have is taken when I am made into the character that has a body type that can tolerate all sorts of bullying and still bob back into shape, so they are likely to hurt the vice people a thousand times before they let vice people say one thing about the vice on public media, they are not racist and media needs to stop telling lies. We all know the racism bit is the part of white culture that concerns a group of people that have always had a thing for taking everybody unawares, raiding Countries, enslaving people, killing migrants and then becoming migrants themselves whereby they decide to settle where they have ended up and come up with another plan at another time in history but there is no way to get rid of white culture, all we need do is let the Police do their work and decide who is making money in ways that are a threat to the Public and that will never happen when media and vice people tell lies and make war on Police everyday like we see. Then we hear them thereafter speak of how what I say is good but the violence is set to continue; same old case where the violence is a habit and they are really good at setting one on people, building such people publicity that is meant to get them killed and then going on and on and on endlessly on media as long as their stupid needs persist, leaving others unable to decide if they are provocative to people or not, same old question of what it is they have done with the old peaceful state of affairs which has come to suggest that a new one needs to be created when somebody gets killed and a history is created from the racist act that did it to facilitate civil rights; they are the trouble makers and there is no racism is there is no Church of racism where people can go to hand over Police work to big bad Cousin. They always say my comments make Police work more difficult; reality of course is that the Police do not really have to do the bit where they arrest that moral person that has come up with a Plan to ensure he stops getting hurt by immoral people and abusive media leadership and then make a statement about people not hurting moral people as it does get used to make things right in society so everybody can live in peace and prosperity but they do it anyway and then incorporate it into the community aspects of their jobs too, so its okay to do it for them as well; I really cannot tell why these guys are always at war with the Police at the same time of which there is racism everywhere according to them – they speak of Police insults that have changed their lives but we all know that nothing about their attitudes have changes in anyway, they are finding out obviously what happens when your job involves knocking on peoples door to tell them to come out of their homes and get arrested, its not glamourous obviously but they are at war with it.