So what do I think of republicanism? The truth about it is that the whole thing is like filling a glass with water and putting in it different types of sand, at some point it will settle and you will be able to see the layers. In terms of republicanism, over 80% of that sand is wickedness, the remaining 20% is about things we must all get up to do on a daily basis if we wish to start and end a day like normal human beings. Maybe some charity work, maybe telling people about what I think if I am a Politician, maybe sharing something with a friend or two from whom I cannot keep a secrete experience. Even now, in their minds there is division between those who deserve their charitable activities and those who do not and of course the questions always come in two forms; one to do with whether it was their fault it is that way and the other to do with whether it is a factor of what people have said and done to them. With the former any normal person would understand that knowing what to do means you must get off and do it and in the latter any normal person will be able to see there is nothing they can do about what people want to say and do. So it is always a marvel to me why people do republicanism, maybe it is because I am aware of all the facts but in the end there are other truths to be considered as well. For those that are in it deep, the matter is that of something said or done which caused them to go that deep into it and the issue of what future awaits them if they come out of it. With respect to the former, the outcome is that it is all a political issue and Political issues must be settled politically and not with acquisition of new countries, with the latter it is about seeing that whatever people say and do for your part it is all just a personality issue and nothing else. At the end of the day, the truth is that every governments stand and position on lazy people who stop at nothing with their destruction, either because they know what the effects of their activities are but love to cling to the power or because they do not know, is the same; whether they be Monarchies or republicans.

Of course the media ones say I am lazy as well but it is the oldest matter of the lot. The author that cannot sell his books because it is not in the interest of Politicians and media idiots if he owns what he has got; now I have to raise funds from my state support to get the books going to earn from the job and this is what they get on media to rake everyday thinking they are evil. I have already warned it will be their undoing so there isn’t much to say about it.

With respect however to more Europe and not less Europe story brought about by European leaders, no body have I seen talking to them about less or more Europe. The main issue has always been the matter of living in one country and thinking about the Euro zone economy as your own. Reality check sees the Greek Economy collapse and the Spanish and Portuguese one limping and no body seems to learn. Instead they want to tell me I will not be able to sell my books in Europe unless they own it. I have no idea why anybody would say such things to me when they don’t even know me. I mean I know they are government officials and I also know they know that if the law says you have only stolen something when you have taken it from the owner no body would leave their property and return to find it the way they left it, besides which there are copyright signs on those books, each and every one of them. they should not put themselves in that position of being party to activities of media idiots that read peoples books without buying a copy of their own to make themselves fanatics of the powers of the owner looking for trouble all the time.  

I really like it when they say I work with companies in other peoples countries and entrepreneurs in other peoples countries but discriminate against the Political leaders there. Let them talk like that, it is not to say I don’t like it when they do, its as though I have won the battle over my privacy without raising a finger.

I don’t think it is a major issue, if there must be a reckoning on the matter of white MPs making a shit and smearing it all over important black people especially me, conspiring with their black criminals and under world gang friends for the purpose then so be it but I do not see they are in any position to survive if I get off to such things.

It is not to say that a day is not fast approaching when MPs will find a way to end those their stupid pragmatic death threats they issue at me all the time after the cash flow and academic set backs they have caused me to pillage my career and rummage for new beauties then get to do those damage they do like they give to others and lie about me bringing migrants from abroad they claim to be my problem whose parents I don’t know but they do as well. Everything they do with respect to me is violent and as it stands they are not yet terrified of me enough, instead what we have is a condition where whites claim I behave like I am white and blacks claim the same as well; the whites have the point in the sense that I am creating problems for them acting like I am white because that is what black people will say I am doing and the blacks those are just having free range gang recruitments whenever they form gangs with their pals. So it seems that they are still doing that their stuff; where they think all they need is the ability to manipulate media, which then means they shoot off those stupid death threats that is created from damaging peoples lives and smearing it all over me to tell me to leave all I own for them because it belongs to their white culture and then use the same media to determine what the effects of death threats I issue at them is and also use it to ensure what the effects of death threats they issue at me is, for them this is enough of course to do it and then they will turn up to look like MPs with new powers while I have been consumed. Now I have no idea why they cannot go away and leave me alone when they know I already know this is what they are trying to do. These kinds of things are things they learn from Africans and I lived there for 20 years for my part and did quite well for my purposes as well. They are not that good at, just trying to complicate an already existing regional crisis problem.

So it is fair to say they will not keep their insults to themselves yet and their supporters do not yet know this is how it will be settled yet, now that they enjoy going to parliament to be animals and then going home to be people for their families. For now they are not yet terried enough of me; yes when they get close even when absolutely everything done in my direction is violent and I don’t like it that their tummy churns violently but it seems that it is not doing so violently enough. Like those their cultural celebrities that are famous with culture at the same time whose ego no body asks of but gets the bad hand of all the time. The idea I want to tag along with celebrities is also a load of nonsense; I mean only a Christian will really appreciate my books and I don’t like to be imitated by idiots and self assuming fools either. Fact about it is that there are certain women who have my heart and understand I will be offended if they break it or somebody else does and for the especially high profile ones, what I suppose people mean is that when somebody is going through a divorce and wishes to get along with me for a while I push them away or place my work in a way which does for example, or that when somebody stars in a demanding role and asks me to watch them, that means I want to tag along with celebrities. It is a job but clearly everybody gets to explain their jobs otherwise bad things will happen to them done they? So of course those their idiots that love to acquire my heart by controlling my income are pushing it towards an end that they will love and get to remember always for their purpose too. They know how to talk, rubbish about how those sort of things happen because I am a Christian who preaches morals and steals their hearts without asking to be given and it is one of the major issues they will need to resolve as well. As for my views about racism that they want to much; the things people did at the time they did them during those times when racial classification was created, was done during the period of time when scientists were inventing theories of relativity, gravity, discovering new metals and chemicals and so on, so apparently social scientists were never at work trying to find answers to really difficult problems as it were and even if they were had no right to with a big mouth. They can interpret racial classification as they want; through the prism of their gangs or prism of their criminals or prism of tyranny, whatever they want, I couldn’t care less and it is not my business – I am just really good at this sort of things; fuck all of them. I mean as it stands they think they read my books before they are sold and therefore control my right to earn a living and it is not my intention to scare them either as we cannot choose the kind of world we want to live in before we live in it-if what they want is none white men grabbing peoples lives and livelihoods and people never being able to leave their property and return to find it as they left it because of their gangs, then so be it, it is those stupid developing economies I will rip to pieces for them.