It has been suggested I am always in a quest for things that are bigger than I am at all times, which is utter nonsense – what is happening is all happening because 'pin head in University who really should be going off to get a job at the Military', churning my tummy and getting local hoodlums to follow me around and pass exams until I dropped out, has not stopped, in fact it has now followed me home to put a Glass ceiling over my head and its antics are the reasons its stupid Celebrities cannot keep the mouth shut and make this place so noisy I cannot get some Books sold – it has not stopped and I will break the Celebrity culture to ensure I am not pulled in either direction like that every single time. the rest are the stupid luvvies in the neighbourhoods, whereby if the older ones get hurt you would have been hurting big things, if the younger ones did, you would have been hurting something that was so brave it was fighting battles you were too much of a coward to deal with, thinking the next time its money making madness and the pathological lies to facilitate involvement that goes with it, follows me around on seeing me at an academic institution, the threat to teach them a lesson they will never forget is probably a bluff. The Media ones are an old story that never lets it be until you were giving up your whole life to get into a fight and when you do they become the enemies on account their bottom hurts, now that it has not developed into something much more serious, the business of mopping all I say for their convenience ripping up my income that is fundamentally a matter of what I do because I had written a Book will never stop – so it feeds into the needs of the big boys who are the reasons I am asked about these activities all the time i.e. we really should not be doing this – they have built it up and ran it off alongside the gimmicks of their stupid Politicians who say I have a talent that made people millions in the past and must be seen deploying that talent to achieve violent things like something the Nazis had failed to accomplish, such that it never stops those insults of gesturing me to the left every time it realises that I am aware it’s the business of living other peoples dreams and a whole new lifestyle choice to get involved with the whole thing that I am stuck with already all together in the first place and those insults of where I should end up will not stop unless I burned their society for it too, since I never knew in my teens that the insanity that passes on their left and right hand side was of a schizophrenic type, so it needs to make a mess of my whole life and career everyday for a practical joke which gets to suggest I grow stupid as I grow older, looking for more of what it was complaining about. The Politicians will rather be the ones who out of every 25 Businesses on the High Street, the Office of Local MP will be the 25, so they are instrumental to all that nonsense about idiots deciding which one will be possessed kid tied up under their table who tells their fortunes, as stupidly as possible, then find they cannot take it with them when they have work to do at Parliament and if you started their own as well it would be dangerous in a short period of time. They do claim I am a character that believes he can invent everything he needs, over those stupidities where they get money from bad people and set about ripping up the finances and career of their victims to build their own version of oppression – dangerous in the sense that it hits GDP, hits law enforcement, hits infrastructure and is not mainstream economic activity either, so it hits National income most of all and leaves the lives of others in ruins, while they ran around making trouble because they thought they should get what the Head of State gets once they declared their stupid selves to be the pinnacle of all Trends in the Country. I do not think I can invent absolutely anything I need; there isn’t a problem with people making money by making other happy, there isn’t a problem with what they borrow to make money by making other happy, the problem is that they are either incredibly stupid or believe they can invent any stupid thing they wish and insert it into the lives of other people who are engaged in other works of life and I am fed up with their stupidities showing up here to make a mess for me that leaves me on benefits all the time – more serious matters will be when Doctors cannot save Patients, when Lawyers know somebody should not be in prison but the person ends up there anyway etc. – this is my view of Celebrities, fair to observe as well that it is the reason I am not afraid of them. they do say I talk like that but will fall apart when I meet them which is utter nonsense; if I meet them when society and culture idiots are playing practical jokes on my case because Politicians wreck the finances and help them out with their own, I am not prepared to handle some Celebrities and will walk away but being prepared and setting off with a portfolio to win some contracts and pay my way in the world with it, I will be prepared to ensure Celebrities never try screwing with me in future; for now the warnings are crystal Clear about why they need show up here only to buy and read Books I write and stop following me around at Industry.

I am told this is an example of how my feelings spiral completely out of control but it has not – we are still on the same subject matter – I was informed I am constantly in search for what is too big for me, I had pointed out that it all hinges on the destruction of my academic work by these Celebrity fools claiming my Mum and her Luvvies had sanctioned the stupid things they wanted to do with me and therefore given them the right, got their foolish gits who depend on their charity to chase me around at University and make a mess of the person and the academic work which was all supported by the ever complaining goons at the Monarchy that have not stopped the ‘hey pin head, get a job at the Military churning your tummy’  gimmicks, without such activity of which none of these would never have happened. I do get told it’s a matter of the things I claimed I could handle but I as mentioned before its largely a case of these activities being performed such that any response from me will grease any stupidities they had invented concerning what they want to do on my right hand side and left hand side and which other parts of me they want to take over – leaving their celebrities with an existence whereby none disturbs them at their backyard, none disturbs them at their front porch and none disturbs them when they get into their Cars and drive to work but the way they tackle my finances will suggest we have history between us while the reality is that the fucking idiots feel like becoming Head of State; as I said, without destruction of my academic work and keeping it down to make use of my personality none of these would have occurred – even now the idiots believe they are now best placed with money and market to own my Books and the women who play mean cunt roles and their homosexuals who have none chasing their bums but think generally that they can get anybody to accept them will not give it a moments peace.

The single reasons these matters persist is that I never respond to them and not rather that I am a coward like we hear them claim. We know if the abusive professionals hang around other people’s companies talking nonsense about teaching me lessons, it will impact sales and they can only teach their lessons when they established their own business and people cared – we know the Politicians are luvvies in their own right and think I ought to give up my career because they need my personality – we know academic institution leadership have a good number of such gits in them, that the reason I was attacked in my last attempt to get my academic work done was because I needed to dress and behave a certain way that will make Celebrities comfortable, which outcome was the incessant abuses and the reaction my Body gave to it that meant I was prospecting for everything right down to the correct body wash while studying and I did not find it at the time to add to my woes, while their stupidities got worse the more successful I became – we know the young people have no leverage to tackle me by if I started taking seriously what has become of Politicians spending tax payer funds on their problems while they run around topping their own up; the part where they owned the Country, better to do homosexuality and media than look into social problems they have while forcing others to deal with social problems, whereby I write a Book that has solved their problems so well that I now work for them without pay to add to their stupid professionals making it out to be a statement of superiority and that if I were placed in a position that meant I had to pass through all their problems and became successful, only then will my Books look Good enough to be looked at was not considered provocative; I have not been responding to it but now we can see they do not have very much leverage to play with when I start taking seriously the stupid decisions they make at my expense that means they have to keep up the lies that get me responding with a process of running a Bookshop which appears to be the only thing that stops them giving up on the job and going home to kill themselves, like every other stupid decision they make which ensures the one and only society they have to live in is no longer bearable, then get their imagination up my bum all the time because they have no wish to be homosexuals by themselves and so on. So at the very heart of the matter, the reality is still that they are usually this insulting; see me walk into a Church and it will be something I have done to run from the courage that will allow me be homosexual because it will help somebody else if I were – see me walk into a University and what I am studying is a means by which I avoid getting involved with a violent situation in order to protect those that are actually important and as incredibly stupid as they are to say the least – but this other part where I have written a Book that solves their problems so well I work for them, adding to the business of following me around to wreck everything here and starting a mini war because they do not wish to furnish me with money buying the Books I have written is the one that must get a response at any measure; so the biggest problem is still that they pick up my activities and my work in these ways to make a mess on Media that means I am the owner but I now rely on them not to be famous by it and so this is why we have to do what we are doing all the time – its rather all made up, completely pointless and I want nothing to do with them. I do get told I will roll myself off a Cliff living like this, which is utter nonsense – we know the society ones complain all the time but if they were the people who started the gimmick whereby threatening me over their money issues was their civil rights, which was followed on with insults that make me tired all the time while I got into a fight with people who were bigger, why are they the ones to put up a test for me over a fight every day, at the same time which my chest hurts because they want mercy? The rest who claim there is nothing I can do about them have the advantage of being bigger than I am and like we see the smaller society ones play up gimmicks that mean its my property that will be spent on the fighting and I will be worrying about winning, protecting myself and protecting property which means they an afford to be reckless with violence and to be stupid about it,. being such an incentive, I can never get anywhere without being made to smell like my loo, while they hate my Books. We find they have calculated my whole life into a condition where I will have to get by doing violent things which means I am not the biggest or smallest in the world hence those who can beat up will never stop lapping it and those who cannot will never stop hurting themselves and complaining about it, so it means they will do whatever they like and all these responses to the business of being attacked because my response is something they find exhilarating will continue especially as the reality is that they tell those lies and issue those accusations all the time while I never really respond to it but we know rather that I can stop their disobedience whenever I wanted but have to bear in mind it will be the one where they were stuck somewhere doing violent things while I was stuck somewhere making money. So it has always been clear we do these things because they never let me be and think all I own exist in conditions where rules and laws do not apply and that while they are at it, I never respond to their antics, hence they get used to it and tell lies that make them a clever handful of bullies – I have never been interested in their problems and need to ensure they understood that they need give me my space and stop being seen around my Books – nobody here is about to lose everything he has because he is afraid of their stupidities. The story of the girls getting me is one laden heavy with a case of the men feeling incapacitated when it comes to protecting them from me, which stops them being fully developed women but then again when you have organised your career to be safe from idiots who need a venue and equipment to make money from your public image and deploy that money stalking you at Industry for profitable insults, is there any reason for people to try and get rid of that security blowing off their big mouth about owning you the way we see them do me all the time? I have not responded to it, just trying to run a bookshop and I have ended up with a bad reputation on account they think they are famous or need to convince me of it like that all the time. They are usually that good at the insults; I don’t want them running off their careers on my Public image and handle my Books and I find the reason they will not stop is that I am afraid of them and they have learned to see the world through my eyes especially in terms of the violent bits which adds to their own and ensured that I was really afraid of them even if I didn’t think I was – the entire time the gimmick of getting on public places to blow off the big mouth about the problems I have showing what I really should be doing is serving them and their cause but will stupidly decide to do something else continues, while they complain about society and culture trouble makers getting instant fame that works for them as well, as something they needed to be doing according to their problems in order to serve me all the time; so we can see that if I felt threatened I will not ensure they laid off my Royal order and found a cure for their lose image somewhere else, no wonder they are always complaining about health problems associated with being a trouble maker on media and do not plan to bear the consequences by themselves but if I got off my religion for such nonsense the devil will win, so I plan to handle them in a way that does not involved my nature which is more a matter of being able to fight back than start trouble in the first place while they expected me not to take advantage of what they give away when they look for trouble, I plan to handle them such that I get to keep it all. They do claim it is the security guarding job I took up sometime earlier that has come back to bite me while what happened while I did it was that there was a constant Glass ceiling over my head put there by idiots who wanted my public image – the expression was that they needed security for some well off villains, that they hated women and that their stupidities were working on terrorism while I was a coward – the same glass ceiling at University was all about getting hoodlums to attend school with me and have never stopped escalating the actions of their criminal stupid children in my direction who have no other sense of direction save their imagination getting up my bottom which they enjoy better when I am not doing anything with security as well, so it is not true I have ever thought of my actions as overbearing like their foolish Celebrities have begun to suggest – it has never been too much coming from me, in fact it has always been less than what they deserve so far.