They say they want to be free of the Monarchy and because of me that is not possible even when they do not want it, whereas in fact they love it but just don’t know how they love it since I make them love it, right down to the part where I make use of swear word and foul language, it means they can never make that stupid useless rebellion profitable and dismissive insults are just as well, only they usually need the Politicians when I am seriously interested in it as well. Much the same like black people; before now, they were running around rounding up their kids on whom their future depends for popular culture like I was one of their sheep and after ripping up my business empire my duty was to fight racism as it is the white Man’s fault, so those hate my guts as well but apparently my bottom hurts because people have cars and regularly gang up on me when I am a pedestrian, so their complains are justified in their view as it were. The duty of show business and celebrity and popularity culture these days they say, is to create losses for the British Government and I for my part am just the thing they will kill with that big mouth; so if the population is split between people who will not and those who will and the Monarchy is the problem, we can clearly see that both must be made to love it as it were; I mean we have seen them waste 15 years of my time, just so they can have enough money to make me deals about whether they want to buy product I sell or somebody else can and have mentioned nothing of the decade worth of customers I have lost on account of them too talking rubbish all over the place and so I am now in a place where I am bullied into mentioning it because the Media does it for reasons they have got the power and not because they are looking for trouble and it will therefore end very well. They say I would not suffer these things if the Queen and Monarchy were both pleased with my behaviour, which has no basis on reality that is more a matter of displeasure over my behaviour at the Monarchy is more a matter of what people have advised others there and not a matter of what I get up to and of which also I have refused to respond to for years because it does nothing but set out this really stupid idea that religion is prohibited in the UK while The Queen is head of the Church and puts forward those stupid arguments whereby you are doing The Queens job if you are religious thing. The reasons are even more perplexing than the facts i.e. that they have observed me try to make money and get comfortable without dealing with violent people or having a confrontation with bad guys and that this way of making money actually belonged to them, who were far more superior – cracked up out of my league superior that is by the way as it were but it tends to have become a daily preoccupation all together as it were. They say I look like a war on Media which I will be able to sustain; utter nonsense of course since the obvious reality is rather that a war on Media would have been very clearly set out as per how I sit in a One Man one company Office to run a business that steal business from a broadcasting business that operates in the UK and has Branches in Kenya for instance, save the fact I have the same skin colour as people who live there; so it’s the one where it will be a battle over the fact they are a broadcasting business and I am not as it were and their staff will behave my way or the way they chosen but will behave one way or the other as well; those do blab about calling on Law enforcement friends and whatever it is that can make trouble for me of course but it is an old story, I am not stopping them from being the kind of people whose needs and desires others had dared not deny. It’s all the sort of leadership liberals and socialists want to provide and the kind of support they want to get from the Public; we will get through it and reach the other end and breathe a sign of having pulled it through even though things were happening which would have created social and Public disquiet and then look at the National debt again and see what Celebrity and Popular culture have been up to with respect it to and our hearts will sink again and yet nothing good ever comes of it except tax evasion and criminal hideouts. In like manner they tell me I act on the part where it seems as though that guy who teaches them dogma of the secretes of wealth has exceeded himself while the High streets are on their side and I look like a war on Media but can do nothing about the Americans; whereas they open up the backdoor for the Americans like it was their Public and civic duty to do so, the part where every idiots can turn up to profit from their ignorance as well while we deal with racism because he has a story to tell about British part in history of slavery, pretending that their stupidities actually loves freedom better than everybody else. It’s nothing unusual, I have to deal with this everyday while they laugh at me and tell me that my Publishers who are in league with them are actually the main problem but we know my Publishers now understand clearly that messing with Royal business will never pay and that I can put the process into acceleration as well – however which they do have their right to ensure I am working for them and they are earning their commission from my Books. These idiots on the other hand spend all my time all day stealing my secretes to ensure they get rich when they put products on the market place and do not know what they are doing while I suffer on account that they have and they can keep blabbing a war on Media as well when it looks as though if I do not handle them on a point by point and case by case basis, I will never sell a single copy of those Books while I deal with bad people in violent ways and they are busy stealing secretes for getting rich. it’s incredibly stupid and wants to play with me where I am being serious all the time and soon enough will we hear it yap about Politicians having always controlled the finances of the Nation too; reality of which is that they give money to idiots who get around telling people they are clever if their stupidities earns them an income but then do not want to become homosexual if they can liberalise laws and allow others to be instead, same with when questioned about treatment of Women, what they say is that bad treatment of women and bad behaviour from Women happens everywhere they go because they work on a global scene and those who question them are none entities and it goes on and on like topping up their stupid privileges when asked questions about damaging people’s property with government office asking me about controlling the finances of the Nation, looking for it even when I have warned them one fight with them will have been the answer for all problems. They do say I have solved no problem here in a real way and will likely blame others for it too but the last time we checked, with respect to sales assets, what I said was the real thing which sold the Books, except it was impossible to protect with our Media friends and Politicians playing with me all the time – so when I mention doing something about Media ones who show no restraint like the Politician ones do, they bring up a fight with the Politician ones as well.

So there is case of claims I boast about things I cannot do with respect to violent acts but nobody knows why they are always ganging up on me to strip me of all well being if they actually believed that to be the case anyway. That said, the reality is still that these people have a fundamental problem with the idea of those who mean me harm, those who are so twisted and evil that they can get into my personality and create a state of affairs for themselves that allows them to tell me what to do every moment without being controlled, for which their community croons are now like boys with Toys bovver my well being for their part all together, people that are so evil they will be willing to take the law into their hands, are actually scared of me and so we find them gather as communities at Football and on Media etc to strip me of anything that amounts to a thing about me which people fear, having said so of which Christians do not boast as it is sinful to do so and hence never what I do but then again this is not a desirable condition either, considering I am a moral person who is affording them and their insanity a personal well being and health entirely at my own expense. So it does seem that unless I make them squirm, they never ever understand. All the above mentioned are facts surrounding their big mouth wagging at me  again; the real issue here is that I am living an existence where confidential material from my Office is leaked every 24 hours, to a state where it improves their level of energy and even makes them discover more superior things about themselves – to which effect another set are always showing up on my Public image every moment to make themselves comfortable too – I simply had to clear out the boasting claim first because they talk too much.

 It’s all in the same family as that story of me provoking developed economies who now want to get together to teach me lessons, which does not make any sense whatsoever: the reality being that if people thought they wanted to share British diplomacy, seeing that it has been well developed to cope with present global conditions, on knowing there are National interests lying everywhere all over it, expectation is that they would have adopted a behaviour to suit but what happens is the questions that need to be answered; I was clobbered for running my Book sale business because somebody who is the world’s Police had a false idea about it, then again so was I clobbered still by another whom I brushed past in the process of doing my business but when we have reached the stage where we have to ask them to ask questions first before the clobbering, it is the point where I have begun to assume they are my personal Gods as far as they are concerned too. It’s not as if these guys do not know what the British are after as such anyway, especially with respect to treatment of the female population but what they always do before they do it is rip up the lives of the British if not their Country as well; so it’s the Politicians that play their game, advisable that they realise I never will – what they do in essence according to history is destroy the Women who do not want to be looked after, so they might look after the ones that want to be; so they want to play it out everywhere and we find that a Ballet anger will basically dance on the stage and become famous but have the devil live with her in her personal life, unlike a fashion Model who is fundamentally superior to me for showing herself and making money doing so all over my public image encumbering my mobility in the process. Then we hear them claim I do not treat all Women the same, which is utter nonsense, since that Girl that envies Daddy’s little girl and drags it out to be assaulted by neighbourhood boys is a clever person as it were; I mean that women always have that persona built around them which says that somebody will take your job and career if they are harmed by your hands – hence those who attack them must either be stupid or have probably had it figured out so well that nobody on the entire planet can actually take over their jobs and career – hence this sort of behaviour her described is practiced by what might be described as clever women and girls if those who make such arguments are to be genuine obviously. I do not think it is a crisis; what happens a lot of the time is that the popularity trouble makers really have no reason to be so insulting and abusive when they are doing what they do but they are because they think their male fools, mostly from Eastern Europe will not likely show up where I show up and try to steal that aspect of me that concerns fighting for myself as different from fighting for whole communities where Women are involved because they are being superior, which means that meeting them results in outcomes where they dictate every single aspect of the way the rest of my Day proceeds; this is why they hate my guts so much these days because it happens more often than not and reminds me of their last Catwalk and popularity and fame insults and drives me insane. In the end, they know that if Women are in hell holes, when they are told children are not the things others fix their problems with, it would never make sense but they are doing it never the less.

I hear they say I speak like I have been there and gotten the T Shirt but I have not I should say technically; what I have done is allow celebrities and popular culture people at my Court to deploy what I have to make themselves comfortable and then I will use the Publicity left over for me to rip up the cultures and societies of any scum that crosses me to make myself comfortable as well. Much the same as those who have the guts for it can go ahead and build that popular culture empire again from the US to Japan and ensure it carves out a route right across my Royal commission as well and then there will be no trouble. They do say I enjoy riding the Mr wise guy train too much; the reality of course is rather that they had paid a grave price at some point in their lives over social matters which were not of their doing simply because they knew nothing about it, now they are at it again making use of me while they do not want my leadership after dragging me out of my government office for a fight that they now want to win at all cost, pretending that it is a worthy use of my time to behave in such ways. I hear it is said I cannot take them on but that is entirely a matter of education too i.e. Women have to look into violent people following them around matters etc, I am a Man and have to look into greedy people following me around etc, the difference being that of he or she that is more educated and so when I am done with this and place my Books at the market to return to my academics Men can show up to play with me at the University, ruin mine and pass their exams so as to return to Popular culture again, now that I really want to do their own as well.

Of course there is talk of the unstoppable power of intellectual property vandalism of my business alongside stories of what I was told to come into the world to do by black America who have only just recovered from being made to preach the Gospel of Christ and not my life presently – it is pretty much like the issue with them Women who speak of being superior all the time when they are the ones that are such a massive responsibility for other people; in terms of the former, there are pockets of large places people live in that trouble makers like this can go to make some quick money and afford themselves an unlimited means for provoking me and this I suppose is what they are showing off, of which the fact I share a skin colour with them is also what brings it on, thereby bringing it on very well enough indeed so far – in terms of the latter however, when she has any work to do which is usually a process of choosing what to work on which is usually a person, absolutely every one of your enemies will get the better of you, when she does fashion and cat walk you are condemned to utter misery and the day she gets married is the day you want to kill yourself but she was superior all along to say the least.