Now I understand the Politicians want to abolish the House of Lords and it would not have made the first occasion, just my position in the matter is required, which has never been a difficult one as we all know the Politicians who offer up such things will need to provide an alternative public policy for a system of economy where people who are wealthy pass their wealth to their children and not some random persons on the streets because others are poor. So it stands to reasons that they will be replacing the House of Lords and its Hereditary Peers they complain about so much for instance, with something else, not because it was incompetent in doing the job that it is supposed to do – my position therefore is one of the question surrounding what they are offering and the reality that it is possible for people to get to the top end of big companies without abolishing those they would agree with if they were doing their jobs properly, without conducting endless public instability over Scottish independence and without conducting violent instability over claims that Ireland needs to be re-unified after the part that has not been Unified had broken away from a certain United Kingdom decades earlier. In the end there is the cultural matter of behaving in a way that does not predispose others to the abusive contexts of luck and the workings of it especially the racially violent bits, which the English are very good at, the Scottish are not so keen on expressing their position but those who destabilise Northern Ireland have never really gotten to understand it is the reason southern Ireland could not stay in the Union in the first place.

They always say it’s a matter of making government more representative while reality is a case of wanting the jobs they made so much trouble for others to acquire easier than they are finding it – reality of which is that members of the Public have their own jobs to attend to, what we therefore need being institutions that are accountable to them and not Politicians that open government decisions to them; the Politics is the job of the Politicians and the people should be allowed time to gather their own wealth too, which they cannot without working for it and this requires all of their time. the theory therefore being that the House of Lords is unaccountable to the Public which makes me wonder exactly why the House of Commons and its society believes itself to be accountable to the Public anyway, when we start to converse about the big Constitutional issues and find they are never really fatigued when it comes to spending money on society goons that start off claiming the law exists to protect the weak and limit the abilities of the strong, progress to wrecking peoples finances and academic work and then on to building a crowd that will ensure they are able to get fun abusing people and making sure victims of their vandalism do not recover for reasons that their victims pushed back and now expect to pick up a career and carry on with life – we have never seen the House of Commons get tired of funding their insanity, we have never seen the House of Commons get tired of spending public funds to wreck peoples finances and academics on their behalf to deplete peoples confidence and boost their confidence in the process and we have never seen them acknowledge no matter how much they have to complain too, that the Law makers who went before them had a point when they are adamant that society could not be allowed to determine its own fate where the Laws were being delivered to the Public at the Law Courts. It beats the imagination therefore they are still of the opinion they are accountable to the Public and have never really stopped setting out the excuse that based on how strong some of us are, the public does have the system to deal with these matters, which does not make any sense whatsoever – the first time I stood up to society people, it was because I kept them off my finances and academics before I was 17 and found they had gathered around it at a stage where I had bills to pay and it was the Politicians who waded into the matter to spend tax payer funds on them and spend some more of it wrecking my finances to build their confidence and deplete mine, lest I am able to stand up to them in a violent situation as well – so this theory that people have the means to handle the matter is a fat chance of a reality that will ever occur as it were. For my part in the matter all together, they like to say I am Daddy of Millennials but my position is still unclear to them when they can see that I have set a stage where our Mobility at Industry is no longer in theirs, they do not control the social conditions of the Country anymore because their role is irrelevant in a matter where society goons say they own me and I remind them of this insults being possible because I have not handled their own as well when I pervert their society so that I can own them too, creating this standoff where if they put it in my face all together it will be the last time they see it as well; I do not therefore deny that we have the means to deal with it when the Politicians should have decided, just a little bit further with this business of somebody wrecking my finances and academics and complaining to Politicians that I pushed them back to get positive response that worked against me because the Politicians were more interested in bettering themselves by taking advantage of me and then we will have a situation where trading is no longer in their stupid ageist hands as well and the result will be a test of what will happen when any shows up on my concerns to blab nonsense from then on – so far they enjoy killing my income by tackling people who follow and trust my leadership and boasting about being more important and superior to me without giving me my personal space while they are at it.

They do say I too have difficulty seeing when people are being nice but they never are; their need to control and own our lives as a money making racket has become more important a crisis than whether or not the American President is racist all together – we find a patented system I work with some popular culture music makers is something they all want to make use of and the result is that I can never keep hold of endorsement and nobody is in a position to put word in for me over my Books therefore  cash strapped – we see the same with Media and we see the same with film, before they set out putting me in a position where on one hand is a Royal Estate they want to talk about all the time, while on the other is the power of their money making me desperate to sell Books and get some which two positions are starting to wind me up as they exist only because these fools wish to spend my time in a matter of years playing stupid games with people that are interested in my Books and so the business of getting to tell me I wish to work out what happens in women’s heads which is the reason I am not making progress with my life is the insult at the very heart of it, since it is always a trick question for them all together bearing in mind they do not think women should be able to achieve anything, so saying they want to concentrate on what they are doing will get the female community all over the place, hence they come through with tricks and vandalism and stupid threats all the time, like we see them give to the frugal, which I have had enough of myself.

Their most prized talk is one of me thinking I can achieve something as a Royal personage which I have no idea what the challenging parts of my opportunities in my life have to do with them anyway but it’s the same as the Military and National security issues which when mentioned sees them fall apart so they get to chase my private parts to ensure I do not keep the feeling of being superior to them but the insults continue never the less i.e. soldiers are people who shoot enemies and stand guard for government Officials, while soldiers really are people whose duty it is to keep the Country secure and standing guards or shooting enemy is not always the best way to get it done. Then there is the Police one as well where the general idea is that they are misfits whereas Police do not qualify from normal Universities, they are specially developed people that go out there to enforce the Law and Order that the state has set out and are trained in Academies which is all pretty very important all together. All feeds into those tales of me being a coward, who sees gangs do bad things and does nothing about it so others can get to deploy my public image; while gang membership is a human right, only the violence and murder isn’t; so when the violence and murder happens obviously I am the one who needs to do courageous things when they are having the ideas, the same as we see that it is the fault of those who end up in gangs that they end up where they do while they are the ones who work with every systems that ensures what people do is never right in the eyes of authorities and the Media save the process of being part of a gang in the first place and I am one of those ones they own since the last time they saw me walk into Church, who now wants to change it on seeing that it is all in their advantage as it were. Hence when it is obvious that talking about not doing courageous things when gangs are being violent means that people in these kinds of position who are gang members will take risks and get killed and so when I provide further details like I have, I am saving gangs which I should not. Reality of course is that I think I should since they too have their own problems being they are the ones who play stupid games with human beings and peoples lives, to sit down somewhere and come up with their own ideas about how their insanity should be concluded. So technically we find the tale running wild that I do my dirty laundry in public on one hand which is not really true as what I do is ensure when society cannot stand handling me, they deal with their lives being shared i.e. family is always family plus me, job is always job plus what I get up to in public places, skills and knowledge is always skills and knowledge plus what I know and all is well provided some busy body opportunist idiot is not building them a controversial publicity at my expense so they might start to play games where they tell lies about me all the time and spend my property on women, which is not really a problem as I am aware I am on working in the service of the Queen meant to chase the welfare of women and Public peace but for them is intended to ensure they are loved by the Public while I am hated by the Public, leaving only the outcome where I want to force them to be celebrities, so the Public might really love them and then when I get abused by those stupid women that want to be the community croons of the future with sexual deviance that appear to have been learned from birth working its social corruption at the highest possible level and wrecking careers with involvement, same as the boys need peoples public image to make fame and fortune with, show up to tell me they are the money that helps me with my livelihood, it will really make sense – on the other is a matter of how they will go from insulting and abusing people especially when they are buying the latest gadgets and creating ecosystems of homosexuality that the government has to approve, to mock and jeer people with in the process, to a process of making deals with society to ensure my bid to save gangs is lost but we can see that will end in another of those situations where they will learn I am not affected by their money and have not seen them any less than very busy body abusive goons at Industrial Offices with a stick to whip people with endlessly who have no respect for anybody and then the need to ensure they do not wreck companies and run off with the money to play gulf in their spare time will appeal to me as something I should have done a very long time ago.

They do say that it is nice of me to let them know how things work but that is not what I am doing – what I am doing is trimming the tail backs as we have never really been a Country of Equipment intensive security as such, has always been the man on the ground making the decisions but now that the government is willing to spend on equipment and there is no indication of Labour Party corruption and corruptibility where people die due to a lack of equipment before the government supplies it as a matter of tackling the party opposite being as unreliable a group of twerps as they can possibly be; hence I am happy the Politicians get the gist but so is it important the equipment are supplied and mode of Military operation is preserved. Like they say I support the idea of intelligence that saves Military and security service lives at the expense of the lives of the enemy but not tackling processes of intelligence leaves the people with more fire power like the Military to decide that not all operations must end in casualty for the enemy.