They do say it’s a matter of the guy who wants to get rich by not paying a penny on his way there which makes no sense whatsoever since we all know I am a government operative with a job in which the bulk of the duties are directed at Church service so I am not actually their cup to tea but fair to say when they start since it is rather impossible to understand how I could be seeking money from them if I were seeking any, that they had better prepared apparatus of civil rights before so they can have the right platform for their complains; for my part one of these days it will carry on and their envy will clash with my jealousy and the world will watch the results.

Otherwise for now they can come round with that big mouth and get the civil right popular culture from me if they like; the one that means they spend money on their stupid girls to help them extract a living from the perks of my job and I spend the culture on myself because I own it as were to see what will become of them as well especially when they are American and cannot shut their mouths because they think they are invincible sociopaths going on psychopaths whom nobody knows what they are doing stalking me all over the place, even though we have history such as civil rights issues where they wrecked the lives of white men because those refuse to do evil culture and they got kicked for it over a period of years that saw the whites get exceedingly rich and when the whites had thought they had enough and it was their turn they were yet so stupid they did not notice the opportunity and were kicked again to a point where they now have no idea which way to turn and so they decided to spend their attention on me and follow me around damaging all I do with such nonsense as a need to peddle my renaissance, when stopped it’s my personal life they want, when stopped my history they want and now their girls are marrying into my personal life and the fact I am single because they are simply unstoppable and cannot listen to anything anybody says to them.

Then there is that big mouth we have to put up with every single times in public places about how much they want money in life and will destroy anything that gets in their way and yet I still own that popular culture and they cannot get it back but are getting their girls married into my personal life, so it needs to be clear this is their last warnings and if they test me one more time I will not stop until I had destroyed all of it. I mean they put up this money because they know they have the advantage of a large consumer society like the one in the US so that means they don’t have to listen to anything anybody says to them, if they can put it up somewhere as leverage and tell lies about people attacking their civil rights and taking their careers to extract the perks of peoples jobs before such people had done anything about it but it is the insults and the ever increasingly violent boldness without which their girls would know their place and I have had enough. It’s not a matter that calls for over-thinking; the simple reality is that they are twisted and evil people who know me very well because they claim I allow the film industry to do things with my possessions but it’s all equity brokered from conversations with their master the devil that also yields results for them such as following me around to damage things so badly I build an empire and the money ends up somewhere else if they can blame it on the white man instead and pretend it will be that way permanently, cannot be explained and so this unprecedented explosion of twisted evil devils talk demagogues permeates every single aspect of life all together, so that the end product is the bit where life is all about the things unbecoming of a Christian that they will make me do and put down to their history; so all these extras are really insufferable and they need to tell their girls and women to keep their love and sex lives off my personal life – that bit I cannot tolerate even though I accommodate their greed and violence with that big mouth we see and hear all the time. I mean the big questions now is largely to do with how Mr Obama does not support them but does not want to condemn their activities at the same time, it appears he is not tired of picking up the bill yet and it has done his presidential career so much good at this point while he does not think he owes the American people any debt of curbing their talent for corruption until the creeps and the blood run the white house for him. They do speak of how I jeopardise every opportunity to secure co-operation from the white house, which makes no sense whatsoever since long before Mr Obama was president he was top dog at sticking my books and income in the deep end but now after two terms he has still not realised he was not elected because the American people loved him personally, to a point where he is unaware he needs to deal with the activities of these talents for corruption idiots as it were and his idiots are all over the world already thinking I owe them an obligation to hold out on their plans to be powerful and strong when we all know the only thing they can do is exasperate others and suck on them and expect to manipulate an entire Country into hatred to maintain their show, which is how I am expected to build an empire while the money ends up somewhere else and it is explained away as obligations I owe them and we are not hearing it yet at those International community victims club where they can get to walk around as though they should know better than to be bullied as it were and of course that is not to mention my favourite bit about these fools being that when they speak of comfort it is always built on certain individuals that must not be allowed to be happy and comfortable and only such such disposition and displacement is peace and comfort possible, so the women cannot stop doing it especially at the point where one is busiest for example, enforcing some grand case of a belief they can only be happy if I am not and therefore getting me to pay for happiness they can see and touch and it goes right up to health matters as well because they are that intrusive and scrutinising and as such example thereof of the kind of things that will justify the total destruction of that stupid popular culture should it test me that much yet again.

They so say I am now made to weep and wail over problems I thought made me superior to others now that somebody else is superior to me too; it makes no sense whatsoever because they have omitted the bit about destroying my personality to ensure what they say and do is seen as correct when it is not; you see Mr Obama is the sort of guy where they say he cannot cope with culture and society and must be allowed to do his academic work undisturbed because without it he will be completely useless, they never ever compete with their age mates if their money can put them at an advantage against younger geniuses instead – so here I am of course still more glorious than they are and able to do my academic work while handling culture and society as if it is a part of me bearing in mind in view their intrusion means fundamental contamination in my eyes and I cannot stand it as well and here they are destroying a personality to create the sense what they are doing is right but just as we try to tolerate it like we tolerate the part where rude people are rude people but people like these are beyond rude and the interpretation of that is that they are on a vendetta to spend and squander everything you have and own and have worked for all your life, then pretend they are doing the right thing as well and cannot be caught dead doing what they are supposed to, what they know or what they are told if they don’t know, we try to tolerate this as well but everybody can see that noise making about damaging my Literary Empire and helping idiots to the perks of my job and then setting off to tell me I am weeping and wailing over problems I thought made others inferior to me is not going to go without causing provocation successfully – so this is my question – am I after all?

I have never thought it an issue; just the reality that the truth behind why they are on the left and are liberal is fundamentally because they believe in their heart of hearts that everything, ranging from religion right across education to the simply process of telling the truth is built on money but then again they have a serious problem with the idea of living outside of other peoples lives (now we shall see what this blog and reality together will get up to; I personally for my part wrote it to serve tomorrow 7/2/2015 agenda).

They do say the lower classes are getting the better of me of course which is utter rubbish; the entire purpose of screaming all I say at the top of my voice with idiots who chase my anus and penis seen as an asset that also helps them to be powerful enough to deal with celebrity bullies that continue to have things they should be the ones to enjoy, is built around the prognosis of flesh man turning out to wind them up because he wants something rough and hard stuck through him end to end; it started with their Politicians wrecking my finances so I might look like something people feel like pushing into thorny areas of their lives of course and now since they are getting better and better at hurting me it’s becoming a hate culture thus. So I think yes, that is it, ignorance, powerful ignorance, as a result news to me thereof and so I start to explore the discourses of taking it away from them and we end up where we are now. So that accountability would sound nice at this point, so would debate and dialogue, just not the scrutiny I have devised; hence it has now reached a point where they are begging for the right to go to bed at night and I have won again, showing who is more spoiled and always therefore gets whatever he wants – on this occasion determining who rests and who doesn’t in this Country. I mean it’s a matter of personal pride to me, so being told the lower classes get the better of me will never make sense to me. I know they are dark and very twisted evil things especially the black ones, who are determined never to go down for it alone; so that they really love to explain away my activities as fear – fear of being killed by racists, fear of being killed by wars, fear of being killed by terrorists; I don’t have a problem with it, it’s just that whenever I have something important to do handling them while I do is always hard work and that is all there is to it, having been every other media popular advantageous way of describing what is up with me has completely failed as well.

So we do hear that all I have and do was built on the premise of provoking them; but the reality has always been that of turning up to ruin everything I have set out as security for my followers when they themselves are not my followers and such qualification is the thing that is keeping them out but was never enough anyway – so I had to draw a picture and discovered a condition where every person that is religious and moral will be without a job and set out my own equities for the part where their own was already done too, so the hatred for me became so intense it had no meaning: they do say I would do none of these things if the UK was not a principle ally of the US but of course its yet again another example of the ignorance that will mean they are not getting any sleep tonight - because of course nobody asks them to listen to it and nobody asks them to get involved without blowing up their own ear drums first if they want their civil and criminal disobedience to be that powerful in the first place.