What happened in Afghanistan was the search for Osama Bin laden and the killing off of the trade in heroin. What happened in Iraq was a group of people in the American Administration Unilaterally deciding with their friends here in the UK whose position and purpose I will elaborate later as we go along, to invade a country that was unarmed and currently undergoing a UN inspection but this was not the worst of it because the worst of it really was the fact that they belonged in the same secrete societies as idiots that are always seeking a figure of intense suffering to get lots of power from hurting them or angry people to get lots of power winding up and pushing into killing others through petty crimes, for they always believe they will get away with it through media:-in fact they are leaders of these secrete societies but did nothing about them before they decided to invade Iraq, which is how the failure, the killings and sectarianism was created, hence in effect Iraq was created for them and now the US has to wish for and have another crisis of that nature to undo this problem; which counterpart on the right when I deal with does not earn me any support either so they never seem to run out of alternative arguments; such as when they are not supporting me it means I am doing the wrong thing but if they are supporting me it means that since the support is not financial in nature, they actually think something else in secrete hence I am done for. Their British friends however on the other hand are supposed to be the ones who torture people and pursue and hunt people to the extent where they have abused them to the point where they are always looking like they can give up something which makes no sense to give or share in life, which is all they have been fighting for I.e. for short; what happened in Afghanistan was the search for Bin Laden, what happened in Iraq was the US deploying its strength to serve the pervaded left and now having to make amends in Libya.

The meaning of all these is that the priorities of governance in the west has changed in the last decade. Reason being that all those things people do not know about their freedoms and self expression have been explored so much in the last 30 years or so, that there is nothing left of them hence those things some people do to extract such things from people are completely futile and border on cruelty, hence the focus of governance has shifted from economic sanctions to military intervention on the basis of the threat of tyranny.

This does not mean that other peaceful means are not being deployed, they are; means such as handing over the trust of other peoples governance to the same trouble makers and holding them accountable to it, which they always respond to with arrogance, ego and the sense of victories gained at first and later with anger at being trapped and the beginning of persecution of people and later genocide. So it is not a case of economic sanctions and humanitarian aid to control things anymore. Especially as the economic excuses they have for it is no longer workable.

The second on the list is the problem of economy and big businesses; not big businesses themselves who would rather make out I love to flatter them on one hand and then on the other attack them all the time which would not happen if they are not directly responsible for making evil people rich through media and advert industries so government personnel and resources might be deployed to deal with organised crime, while we have our hands full. Their argument is that it is better this happens than money being spent enforcing democracy in other peoples countries which is the same as a suggestion that public enquiries should have a spending cap. Now the need to control these men that are always seeking the abuse of other people in order to pervade their lives for power and when they have turned people into monsters gotten governments to go to war get off somewhere trying to be women, was supposed to be a lot easier than it has become but I am not getting any support for doing it, such as people buying my books, hence they have an alternative argument and those that are directly responsible for this are big businesses who also give a clutch of the most vicious of them the chance to become millionaires but more so do it at my expense, then help them to media where they can then get away with things all the time, especially making even more money when they do via the advertisement industry.

Hence most of the things they do to people borders on cruelty and I have done rather well for myself clipping the Politicians that open people up for them until they have reached the point where things can be extracted from them and of course the gangs and organised crime groups on the right and then the government of tyrants which emerge from it later.

So the priorities have changed; the defence of democracy is the most important because evil governments working with businesses have been pressing people for things in their democratic lives that have been completely spent, with no respect for their personal lives in the first place hence cruel and savage for no reason and the second most important being holding businesses accountable for money they have made from this and the trouble makers who do organised crime that they have given the opportunity to make millions as well.

So all together in terms of these; I believe I have done a considerably fantastic job and there is no such thing as uprisings and news of it everywhere wearing me down.