The system in the United Nations is not a broken one like some have begun to claim it is. It still works perfectly. The problem with Syria is that the Russians and Chinese do not wish to listen to the fact that it is not a Communist State. They do not wish to listen to the fact the Arab league has more legitimacy over Syria than they do, in fact they don’t even want to listen to the fact that the African States Union has more sway in Syria than they do. All that is asked of them is a vote with regards to whether or not people are killed in Syria not their take on Syrian Politics.

We do not live in the past anymore, it is important that we move on for the freedoms and future of all the peoples of the world; communism has been the biggest beneficiary economically of this fact so what they are doing is not in the interest of their economies either, while the economy in the west will not stablilise when things like the Assad and Iranian regime continue to roam free.

My take on it is that instead of wasting time, we ought to move swiftly to the matter of rounding up the part of the Syrian economy which activity is carried out by the Syrian regime so tightly that it is completely unable to meddle in the economic activities of even its own supporters. Then even if it is by heavily policed smuggling of food and other things, it might be possible to hold together the economy which belongs to the Syrian people and the opposition. Hence position ourselves to be able to place workable sanctions on any leadership that Communist Russia and China appoint in Syria, bearing in mind it is very expensive to do these things and then provide aid as well (personally we are not doing that anymore, that is the past now). This does not mean that I support the supporters of the Assad Regime, I am aware they expect me to play into the evils of the west by telling them they came about because people like Assad and his officials like big women and big kids and all that stuff they cannot control so they can later murder other peoples children to create fear based discipline. Which when I mention idiots on the left will think the time has come to confiscate all I own using media by playing me against community relation idiots that I am meant to fight forever while they do as they please with my work. It does not mean I will spare their Politicians therefore so it is just another escalation of the whole nature of stability in the west especially economically.

This does not mean any such thing as people being vulnerable in Russia or China. What the Russian and Chinese government would have been referring to with respect to that is what I describe as Political past. Something that has already been done and is no longer the property of any Politician Political party or indeed Government but the property of the people which no leader has the right to get involved with, tap into, make use of or damage or even find out exists. As I mentioned before, the communists have enjoyed the economic benefits of increasing the threshold of Political Past for the peoples of the world, so now such ideas must be the suggestion they want to take it away from them again. This is not what I am talking about either, what I am talking about is the diplomacy we have to deal with here and what must be done about the hundreds of people that are being murdered n Syria by people who are members of its own Government and therefore use its own armed forces to perform the murders. We are not even talking about how armed or unarmed those who are being murdered are here that is another issue entirely.


With respect to the Falkland Islands, I have no way of knowing what has justified the fear of an escalation of a war of words. What we have is an Island close to Argentina which wants to be Governed by the British. I don’t grasp how the war of words operate; is it a matter of how Argentina has not approved their decision over sovereignty? Is it that the British should have rejected their decisions over sovereignty? Is it that they should not decide sovereignty at all? It is never clear what people mean when they say it is a long way from home for the British, the Islands might as well have existed on Mars.

It moves on to this great debate over the quasi imperial roles that the British Royal family performs around the world of which fingers always point in my direction, especially with cultural and financial wickedness, religious violence, ideological dishonesty and of course corruption and greed. There are no quasi-imperial roles performed by the Royal family, these countries all do things by the will of the people; they hold periodic elections, have full parliaments with a thriving opposition and have a working and completely independent judiciary, some of which have the Courts in the UK as their highest Courts of appeal - independently able to decide as a Country of people what to do with the abilities of the powerful few. We have these countries under our banner because of the same things that those who accuse us of such things do. Always they want big things; big wives, big children, big families, girls don’t attend school etc and then when they cannot govern it any longer and the girls being subjected is not enough any more, they kill other peoples children to create fear based discipline. Then take up the Country and turn it from a democracy, to a quasi-democracy and when the US does not go along with that want to be communists, just like the Syrians at the moment. By far in any case of which what seems to create the heightened state of tension is that old matter of sitting somewhere to send out idiots while they pretend to be larger countries that deserve to play bigger and more powerful roles, to threaten and haunt me but it is the part where they are trying to do things that we do that is completely ridiculous. 

 When they have travelled to the UK it is the same old story - they bring along with them their insults by which they oppress people and work painful inequalities that they have not merited and thereby think things they say when they are having a drink with friends is to be applied in the settings of Government. They say these days I am loosing my ability to create a condition where people get killed by their own idiots altogether. That is because they never say it is about wrecking my finances to abuse me sexually then cut me off from earning a living with Celebrity culture, barge into my privacy to distract me from academic work and at my Office and detach me from my own world as well to finish it off, while bullying me all the time to force me to try and be famous for a living where I will be finished off. They never say it is their working class corruption with which they come to this country with some money and expect certain privileges that I will give them which if I don’t means that I will be abused to the point where they get the feeling anyway. Last I checked I lost my ability to create a condition where people die by the hands of their own idiots at the London Riots, where they got off checking everyday if I am dead because riots are happening in Surrey of which the next time it happens will see me do something to ensure it does not again and no options are ruled out too. They want to have sex with me as if I am their mate and must they have sex with everything? We have not even begun with the persecution because I am a Christian yet; I mean I should be persecuting them which I will anyway just for being working class but I am getting persecuted because I am a Christian which they never tell people is what is happening. Barging into my personal life to wreck my academic work and distract me from every single thing I am trying to do especially my studies of which it does not appear to them the trouble they have gotten into so far is because of wrecking my academic work and then my job and finances, after which they bully me and wait for me to try to be famous at celebrity culture. I am pretty sure another will occur as well.

Working class insults that never end after working class intrusion into my privacy and working class violent distractions from my job and academic work while they progress and replace their means to everything they want in life, then working class sexual abuse and working class celebrity culture bullying to try to force me to seek to be famous where they can finish it off. They never say it is how it is, what they want to say instead is that I have lost an ability to kill them.

The truth about what it really is, is that when I tell people not to use my things whether or not I am being bullied by them already and they therefore do not see why not, there is no reason to take it and have it where I cannot reach it or reach them, knowing their community idiots will never let me sleep, their politicians will wreck my finances to have more power and their Media idiots will have a plaything. For the game of getting rich with my property in a condition where they are not inferior to me, consistently, defiantly, regularly wrecking my Job, income and academic work to do so daily, then follow me around and get involved with me whether I like it or not with insolent and incredibly stupid derived scandals because I have no right to exist, while their wives show me as violently as possible they have access and can do things to hurt me by hurting me which then shows they are not doing those things because they want me to be seduced. This is what it is about, their insults, all of them right across the world and their fame and fortune rubbish that is and the consequential destruction which follows that. Of course I personally do not like them in anyway whatsoever; they have no principles of their own, want to enforce their views about money and laziness on everybody, are very destructive and decadent and follow absolutely anything with their stupid wickedness, especially when doing so is detrimental to somebody else. They claim it helps them decide which side to be on and some say it is none of my business but it is, with those their lower class insults,after which they cling to me like they always do as if they do not have their own lives. It is my wish to keep them fully informed of what all that destruction on my property is worth in Pounds sterling and then maybe I might quantify the value of the insults and familiarities as well.


As for how the Falkland Islands belong to the Argentina, it is one of those incredibly funny and ridiculous things you could come across. I mean there has been riots over it but they mean nothing else but the fact that with respect to catechistic forces under the Earths crust which create Land or by the hands of God himself that Land is created, the Islands are so close to Argentinean mainland that they have fond names for it and so with respect to which all you can do is urge them to say more and then they tell you it is Argentinean. I mean people live there and how would they feel if those people got off to make adverts about Olympic Athletes training on Argentinean mainland with plans for owning it and also on the graves of Argentinean Soldiers.

I mean they speak of the location of Crude Oil within the Falklands Territorial waters, I have no idea what that means anyway; I can only say they don’t make those crude oil like that anywhere in the world anymore. Of course I am aware that there are British people in Argentina stirring them up to those games they get up to, for they will never think about stopping it yet, bearing in mind what tickles them the most is Pop music. I am trying to be as much help to people at the immediate proximity of the Falklands as I can; the fact that you get into a drinks party, get drunk and maybe have an orgy or two and decide to find out what it is exactly you do not have as a country and so in your excitement say something about getting back the Falklands, which your generals hear and therefore hold you accountable for, is not to say that it necessarily has to apply with respect to government; people live in those Islands – it is very important to take note of such a fact.