I am now said to get around boasting of things I have never done but its very rich a search for credibility by a group of gits who think that wrecking peoples academic work and finances makes them so happy that you may also rely on them not to give you a response at some stage, when you spend most of your time in the City Centre building up a crowd of real human beings such as your stupid self who claim their worst enemies are those who show up to take back careers that had already been taken from them, of which none knows why people take it back when it had already been taken anyway in the first place. Then there is the part where the Politicians and their own attitude feeds into it; a story of how they are not getting along with the Monarchy while it was quite clear that every other work of life would not have coped well with a process where people want to be culture and society leaders, thereby meaning that the Official incompetence that is causing carnage around them was perfectly tolerable, except Politics that is, the one where if the Country was in flames Politicians will still be the only people that got a career from it. I wonder if these gits blabbing about being real people and how everybody must be like them believe that real people are most likely to do these things.

They speak of how so much has happened that none can tell who the real me is anymore, while the problem is that I studied Law and Economics, they had a bad experience somewhere and decided I were their scapegoat, pick up my work to lace their media careers every day, complain about the hurting bottoms associated with playing around with Legal work cross examining processes when they speak to people and also about how I make a show of my Legal sensibilities because I never got there while I studied Law and Economics do not necessarily have to hide my legal sensibilities, know that their Families and Jobs are not affected if they stopped these behaviour nor will they be out of pocket but rely on me to decide what was the best and most convenient way for them to stop it issuing accusations and those stupid threats every day, leaving me smelling like what I ate every time I step out of my door and the idea running around that I am to blame while the whole this is completely unnecessary and totally avoidable, claim they had completed their University studies and my attitude is disrespectful when they know their abusive and insulting behaviour serves to drag me back to that point where I am likely to drop out over and over and over again as disobediently as possible – then there is the overt public effects where I have access to State provided security and use my Office to keep people away from Tribalism, helping them with self-provided security where I can, which Celebrities show up to work for the purpose of providing like entertainment, the entertainment which their stupidities have become obsessed with to the tune of making contributions to the wealth of the entertainment Industry thereby entitling them to a share of it, to lend me vandalism and pure misery that will allow them to be financially better off at the other end, while their Entertainment Industry overlords claim that criminals bought more films than I did once they started to think they should have been able to patent parts of my life in their name but had obviously failed at it. Once done, we find the idiots run around popular culture canopies of narcissism at Industry asking somebody to manufacture them into fame on my Public image and once that happens, it can never stop showing up in Public places and Media to talk through to me; make a statement about how important its stupidities had become, how much I need to listen and how it wants to move into my right hand side. So I do not think my identity matters here anymore, what these fools make up has become more relevant and I am merely done for what they are complaining about as well; the boasting about things I have never done story is all good as it is set to continue and I am set to do them again as it were.

 The older ones will then claim that I do not want people whose childhood I had witnessed moving into my right hand once they had disobediently set up some industrial narcissism that makes them money on my public image but I am an Arch Prince at my age, which of course is all very good; except the game of being held back at that point where I drop out of University over and over again is what this nonsense really means, since what happens is that I were the stupid one that picked up a career which involved supporting Armed Services while their stupidities were the clever ones that got famous with what they had and what I had too, before the moving into the right hand bits ensued. I don’t have a problem with it, the prospect is that I am going to shred that stupid popular culture for them and then it will end the way that I want it to end instead. As for the story of having completed their academic work; its supposed to be a measure of how much these fools love to play around with Tyranny and degradation, if they have ever taken anything seriously in their lives – oh how they must complete the academic work first before everybody else, so that they might do whatever they liked with others; then we find the Children claim I complain each time I issue these warnings to find that my Social Media is toxic again as disobediently as possible but it is the social Media that costs them their careers, however which we know they are very respectful and ever listen to what others are saying to them, when those foolish parents that had bad experiences and selected their fucking mates as a scapegoat for it cannot keep off the media for the nonsense they had invented thereof – what happens being that I set out a social media profile and those who know who I am have been following it, what they claim is that I want to make money without spending money and deserve the insults abuses and processes where my Assets moved off to the possession of those who had money, as stupidly as possible, so that when a stage arises whereby I spend money on the social media it would be all for nothing. The part they rely on being the one where I hurt myself instead – maybe via alcohol, perhaps via sex which will get me nearer to heart disease, maybe through diabetes eating to keep up the energy that will allow me to cope, instead of hurting the older ones so I get told I hurt big things or the younger ones so I get told they were so brave they were fighting battles for me that I was too much of a coward to deal with – such that when I do eventually kill myself, my friends can hang up somewhere saying I knew what I was doing after all; they rely on it like it was their lot in this life, rely on it as if it is what their stupid culture and civil rights looks like.

It goes without saying I am heading towards an ending for this nonsense that generally means a daily and consistent physical fighting with the Media and claims of damage I have done to the Political system will not help with that either, the Political system where people know that a person has a reputation for being a handful but show up at Government buildings to stifle his Book sales and get all over his Public image to make themselves look good, then issue threats associated with being the ones the public recognises as leaders, as stupidly as possible – only when I had said they need show up here to buy Books lest somebody else buys what they should have, that the fear kicks in and then we find them claim they will do the same to me which will escalate nothing around here, as we all know there is always the insult and abuse of something that encumbers their sense of importance on the left getting into my head, down my throat and into my tummy and never being seen again, with dire culture and society habit consequences that have become very difficult to get rid of and the society ones do it as well, except their own is not about money but something on their right hand side which suggests they are important but none took note, of which both have and had nothing to do with me in anyway whatsoever, hence I am still looking forward to a time when this place will be quiet enough for people to just read Books I have written.