On the matter of regime purge in Syria, I have never seen such a collection of violent abusive and insolent feeders in my life and they will not use it. Not even the changes that happen around it which I cannot hide or protect, on this occasion which I will protect them anyway; not in their dreams not in hell.

So there is always the thing about how I over do it and therefore wreck my creation and Political, diplomatic or International and economic work after I have finished it. It does not happen, it’s always the problem with this media people and life secretes from my privacy by which they can try to be Princes on the media as well. So we must tend to start from their problem where I fight those who fight racism whereas in actual fact, the fact they tell racists to give up wickedness while they keep their own for domination is meant to be benefitted me. It is meant to have benefitted me alright, I am meant to sit down and watch them fight racism so I can decide who wins for it is not clear which is which, whether they drag me out of my life with their wrong publicities in order to stir violence against me and completely decapitate any ability I have to defend myself or they drag me out of my life to stir violence against me just to choose another role instead of take part in the violence. I for my part would not get involved at all except that racists are too fond of killing people indiscriminately, so I must now see them fight it while I decide who wins.

As for the idea I over do my work and wreck what I already do. There is nothing of that sort, the problem is that people view me as some kind of poor man and so get into that misconception all the time. I am not a poor man I am trying to release much needed cash from my property but a set of idiots are promising me I will do no such thing because they want to ensure they are superior to me on new lies they have recently built up about which class I belong. There is still a little bit more for me to do to complete the job if I must be able to sit down and earn from it, it is no where near anything excessive.

What exactly is supposed to have given me the confidence I will be able to extract much needed cash from my property seem to be the question. The answer of course will always be more painful because it will involve informing the fans that they are responsible for keeping the products out of the market, so that they can explain to the fans why they do it. Not expect me to play around with any idiot that gets on Public places to feel it is funny telling me to bring National interest so they can suit themselves, especially when they are American.

When they say their media insults mean things that require my attention for the doing, I have no idea if they realise it means war on all that media rubbish with my matrimony to be rich and famous. Currently it has not gone badly wrong in that respect yet so it cannot therefore stop by any means. Its not that their community and cultural insults do them any favours anyway as we speak at this point, they want more with their insolent decadence and violent greed.

http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=41144&Cr=Syria&Cr1= The resolution calling for the Syrian Leader to leave office is said to have been weak because of such arguments as claims that the government is not dealing with completely unarmed civilians. This is the biggest rubbish over this matter yet because we know that people have been having serious problems with personal security in Syria for years and have thus taken steps also to ensure they can look after themselves. First of all those in government should not rob people of security that security services provide and then there is also the fact that those in Government should not wish to clash with the security that those they have robbed of state provided security provide for themselves, not when they can make up arguments that it was a revolt. I mean Mr A is always getting burgled and he knows it is Mr B who lives down the road that funds it but because Mr B is from the government there is nothing he can do. See what I mean? He must not earn money because he will be robbed, he must not stop earning money because he will be attacked. So who is to say anyway that one day when those robbers come round they will not be coming round to murder him? This is the way it is in Syria; those stories about guilty dead civilians have no credibility whatsoever and I don’t need to be in Syria to know so.

So do I believe that the China-Russia veto of UN resolutions calling for President Assad to step down is a problem? Of course not; we have taken diplomatic steps to help Chinese and Russian Economies grow by looking after our diplomatic responsibilities which ensure people are able to catch up with the movements of their government so they don’t get left behind and therefore run into trouble when they step out of line, they have returned the favour by vetoing resolutions which mean that Tyrants will leave Countries where people need to make their arrangements with the limited resources they have and so, it seems it is the usual story anyway. Maybe there is a giant blackmail I am supposed to fall for before reality begins to talk to some leaders in the real world, I do not see myself falling for any such blackmails for my part however. What I therefore mean when I say it does not trouble me is first of all that I am not referring to the way Americans handled the diplomatic issues all together, secrete facts of which were sipping into the Public daily. The only way these kinds of decisions might have been justified is if the Russians and Chinese were to tell us the rest of the world who actually care whether or not Syrians are getting murdered, that when the economy of the world fails to recover and bail money has to come from their Countries, global power or not, it will be those who look like those that are dying in Syria right now that will pick up the effects of that, which makes no sense at all.

We now have to revert to sanctions but it must be respected work is still in progress with regards to the expensive nature of sanctions and how to make it effective i.e. the economy of the people of Syria must be detached from the economy of the Syrian Regime.
(The Syria crisis is on the contrary not a difficult one to foresee. It simply requires more radical, bold and rather difficult decisions to be taken. The way it works is that first it was a Democracy and then somebody got elected and thought it will be better to ensure he stays in power if it becomes a quasi-democracy and now they have decided they should stay in power even longer if it becomes a Communism - they need to get out of it or somebody needs to get them out. So if for example they have decided that stealing my career and fame has become the more important thing to do, it at least expresses the fact that they have first of all been thinking about getting themselves out of distabilising the entire world instead and then also seems to suggests that they have feelings - Idiots)