Hence the case where I am always slighting Politicians which is not really true; what happens is that when it is not even a major issue the job of a Politician is to draft a dossier after 2 months of consultation and then hand it over to his peers who have a week to read and prepare their statements based on their own experiences and consultation and then they go into parliament to set out the debates and agree on what the Law should be; if I had to prepare for a job like that I wouldn’t be getting out of my comfort zone for the purpose of chasing around somebody else I wish to make out had been grabbing the kind of attention that I think peoples like me should get, simply because Media and Unions have suggested it. What happens then when they do is that they fall behind on their work and start to make up for it via statements of wealth distribution and blame channelling with respect to whom is responsible and so because I am always being targeted on account my body type so called and personality can be used to get things done, I have allowed my finances waste away but even when they have more money than I do and their idiots are in the same position too, the wealth distribution thing is still targeting me and I have therefore got to do something about it. They speak of women that will not let me of course which is quite normal when so called shit face cannot have enough of showing up around my concerns to pick up things I have done on a public image and redo them to create popularity culture fame and fortune – the one that means Donald Trump in the US is racist for instance when it is time to whip them into line because the state is failing for example – in my case here in the UK what they are doing with me is having sex i.e. they have this plans to have sex with me and understand the prospects to be very slim, so they have resorted to community organised entrapment and bullying that allows them extricate the after feelings of sex, this has caused University dropout Prince and every one of their insults means a fool gets off ripping my Empire to get rich quick especially at the City centre and stock markets, while they become convinced all I can do about it is break into their homes and rape them which they have got all covered through feminism. This fact usually leads to reactions from their fools about a war that will occur if I did while their present suffering is as a result of my bum getting fingered viciously everyday alongside excuses made to continue doing so but the main reason is to extricate heart’s desire fulfilling after effects of sex with somebody that having sex with is unlikely to happen by a collection of idiots who spent their time wondering where teachers private parts where while everybody else was studying in school and are still the same socially and publicly corrupt idiots now in their menopause thinking that bearing down sexually on others will to drive them to madness if these other idiots talk about a war that if happen should they get raped, select whom they want to stigmatise with racism and generally rip up peoples finances and academic work with the speed that technology allows them to gain access to peoples personal lives by, performing all the bad things that will have happened only when people made a choice of which crowds to hang with in the lives of those they feel as inferior enough to suffer it without any drawbacks afterwards, big mouth wagging – I mean usually I would have had a Court to help me manage except they have taken that took over their needs and problems. The same idiots draw the attention of these stupid women my direction by yapping stories of how men like me think they are tough but can be beaten up by their wives and daughters on account I am aesthetically proficient at what I do and know hence walking around the streets as though I am somebody else’s boss; the same idiots who complain about my rhetoric on women which says that I fancy the older ones obviously. Speaking of the wars themselves of which it is not the one where I have a career as it is below that, nor is it the one where I am studying in a higher institution as it is below that or the one where I know which location serves my academic work and career plans as considered in terms of which would serve the gangs and crime as it is below that, it is not even the one where I had ideas about the way the world around me should operate while I was a teenager which I didn’t dare voice in public as the possible worst that could have happened would have been that people laughed at me, it is actually below that, a fucking war if I raped somebody that fingered my bum in a community organised abuse of an atmosphere until I rapped out of University and is now doing the same to allow idiots pillage my empire to make freedom riches as well because I was talking about it to people who understand and the fucking idiot had an idea. Speaking of which every crisis I face here has been created by the insulting ego of their celebrities who simply have to do things like showing up on my public image to get rich and then expressing something about how I am not real Royalty as they have men the sons of the Prince of Wales or the Prince of Wales himself etc. – the total respect they have that justifies their incessant involvement with me and my concerns generally and something about those they have stigmatised with racism over some stupid queer violence grand plan that will make them wealth; so it’s an old story of what a person must do with ignorance when the only answer is to beat it out of them so as to stop them doing it. I hear they speak somebody of my stature should not be talking like that but we all saw what I said before I got threatened was that they show up on my public image to redo all I do on it and to create popularity culture as a result of the fact they have no respect for me and when I got threatened mentioned the abuses that allow them to extricate after feelings of sex and trap that bird that would always have flown away and broken their heart to ensure they are able to get involved and build their stupid self confidence in the process and they said my disposition of feminism not covering people for the threat of rape is that I was risking a war and  now we have talked about rape and they have talked about war and I have talked about their big moth war and we have seen what it is they can do about it, it is clear that I wasn’t speaking in a strange language when I mentioned some time ago they need take note of that thing they do where they use women to squander my finances and I am so inferior I do not have to go out and get involved with bad crowds to bring it on myself as they will bring it into my life if they wish, that thing they do which they need to stop very soon – not get off telling me they are famous as well as we can see that the people who told them so must have been just as insane as they are. It’s like somebody did this to them a couple of years back and they have since needed a National Media and National Parliament and popularity culture and celebrity culture and have since failed to recover from it but are doing it to me everybody because it is apt that I become a freak show if I recover from it every day; it will always do it completely unnecessarily until its position is a threat to people’s lives and at that point will it become so obsessed with the idea it has a right to lead somebody and more so at a National stage, then start to talk rubbish about what it thinks people cannot and should not be able to get away with showing up on people’s lives to seek a fortune and not a living wage; living wage that was clearly never enough. They do say these are all consequences of the wars that we make around the world but everybody knows that while bombs are falling on their families they are planning the next stage of their insanity which says a British Arch Prince has been going around doing things they should have been doing when the war was over and it calls for new hatred, hence the effects of the wars we make coming full circle and the Middle East ones having their case toned down, since most normal people know it’s a matter of the praise they shower organised criminals and especially those who sell them narcotics until it is bombs and bullets and death that is being sold them – as for me, they can built that popularity pipeline and stretch it from the US to Japan across this Estate again and sit about imagining the consequences I will dream up will be as mild as the ones they are complaining about at present; it’s sort of the question of what a drop out Prince does about the ignorance that wants to handle him every moment. They say it’s how seriously I take the idea of handling people but we can tell obviously if we asked them to fill in missing statements and drew up a question about their involvement with my concerns when they know  I will be accused of interfering with Parliament and Politics in the process but if it isn’t the insulting and violent lasciviousness that gives them all their power since it is the ability to bear bate younger people, rip their lives and careers to cover their tracks and run Unions at interest groups. Hence playing into this case where it is said I am being punished for insulting Politicians which does not make any sense; sometimes I think it’s a matter of trying their best to be free from what people do to the Politicians in Africa who just show up on people’s lives and the things people do that they cannot, to do their style of it and issue threats in a way that leaves such people with accusations that can be life threatening on account they are getting ahead of such people as well and can make use of people’s lives if they wanted and so when people like me can insult politicians their conditions back in Africa gets much worse. However here in the UK, the relatives of the Politicians do all the stealing and petty crimes and whenever they find hardened criminals and any tramp that has pinched something they get on media and mix that with the lives of those they hate of which Politicians cannot be caught dead handling, only when it comes to punishing me – same old case as we all know that while I am getting punished nothing is being done about their stupidities and its ignorance and what that does with Public transport, what happens is rather that when I take Public transport my bum gets fingered to my journeys end and can only continue until I find them a reason to secure my closure as well; the prospects it should be noted, of getting abused by racists used to look up much better before they started by the way. They do say it is difficult to determine what I expect from the things I see while it’s a simple matter of the fact these goons should not be clinging to me the way they do when I am not related to them and do not know them in my whole life and then again if they do and I want to ignore it, a civil rights goon on both sides of the spectrum should let me do so before they then start to fight for their silly lives and issue threats. It feeds into that story I am not qualified for what I do while I am, the part where the company gets to make me more comfortable than I am now being the bit where I need to acquire more high end academic tools but that will take some time and means these goons with behaviour that becomes a main preoccupation when you tell them not to do it will have a field day hence the need to ensure they are complaining about me while they are at it, since it is obvious that it does not mean I cannot earn a living but they had decided that if I did I would have shut down the access within such a process. Then we hear the silly media ones tell me my activities are stupid because they read some science in school whereas according to the Law I studied people like me as a bit of a geniuses and if they get on my nerves I will make something out of them again – same old story I have science and facts and believe in evolution and freedom and you need to shut up because I am a better human being; they always must do it as it were. It’s like that other case where they say the British economy does not want to be allied to China whereas what they need do is show some respect for my business engagements which really have nothing to do with them, save the part where I am aware that people getting out of bed to hurt me every day is a real thing i.e. Politician says hey business man who wrecked economy, what deal do you bring to the table if I must help you make use of your structures to make recovery and he has evidence by which to say ‘don’t be so cheeky, this is the part you played’ then they realise they are in the same boat and mark me out as what they both have to tackle; the serious aspects are done by Americans who have gone about turning the entire global system of my Books being held by people that distribute them to customers, into a structure that helps people make profit with small business that wants to become an Empire and now I cannot sell any and should never manage the problem without causing some major American suffering as we can see they are not interested in profit margins as much as they are in my entire image – the idiots even have facts and figures to show such as the increased levels of employment that happened during the Obama Administration. So they say the way my behaviour affects others does not appear to be something I intend to consider in serious light but we all know it’s a matter of what they want to do and not what I want to do; for instance it is not that my Books do not have such an effect as supporting small businesses but they have plans to be the small business of today that become the large business empires of tomorrow and will only achieve this through the Books but making use of it without payment – so the question now is how they get to do that which they actually do not, what they do is make use of me and not the Books hence I do not get to sell any while they have developed an argument at market that will make them rich entirely based on a process where I don’t and the bits where they love to make out their problems are bigger than everybody else’s own and should be a collective priority has just gotten a little bit more serious. They do speak however of how I interfere with their business which never really happens; what does is that I am looking after my Trust and the Broker Holdings from which I should earn some money on a daily basis but they want a kid they can bully in order to wear nice T Shirts and have a lifestyle that the kids Daddy should be having and not the kid and can never pay attention to their own jobs, thinking if they stir delinquent nonsense in the families of shareholders in Broker Companies I will fear for my life. They always say it is the words I use such as describing them or their business and families as stupid that means I get punished one way or the other but I didn’t bring up the issue of peoples interference here even though it is the reason I get told I need take my books down and rewrite it properly if I want a writing career otherwise accept my Books should never have been written at all i.e. somebody else is killing off both my Library environment and an understanding I am meant to share with customers that it’s about me looking after my Trust and Holdings. At this stage the usual response especially from those who share a skin colour with me and assume it warrants all that shit they invent is that they have found out crucial facts that will ensure they put the kid in his place and grab stuff, so again the insults and threats abound from those who are complaining about interference; all I can say is that I am neither an academic writer or a novel writer and the environment for my Books are absolutely crucial and they now know why I am not selling the Books and am not earning anything from my work and yet they have been the ones to raise an issue of interference and issued threats alongside and it’s the same story all round – ego says if I do these things and create delinquents in the families or shareholders and owners I will do whatever I like, reality says something else and I do not want to see them around my Books and Estate and Public image any longer. They always say first that I have consistently found it amusing and then also that I do not have widespread support at the business and Industrial communities like I think I do – in terms of the former of which it’s a matter of whether the bearings and angle of what people do is heading and has been plotted to i.e. when he speaks of interference with a job that is paying enough money to motivate murder and we end up wondering which reality he is living in then after we have to deal with canopies of delinquents enjoy sadistic happiness at the expense of a person whose public image hurts them all the time, in order to create sales and popularity, in terms of the latter it’s a matter of a group of shareholders and CEOs and me who broker property equity and are doing a great job facing a problem associated with other people’s invention that is based on some feelings even they cannot explain and so sometimes they say I do not dress in a way that suggest I am something that they might want to tag along with but so do their silly children who do well in school love to interfere with my concerns when I am a half priest and want nothing to do with them or their lifestyle, to a point where my grades are affected i.e. grades affected because of involvement and I am being told to dress well with affected grades which is an entirely different lifestyle choice and make me think they are a bunch of clowns. They do say my opinions on terrorism are not ideal but it’s an old story of this case where I am said to steal what people in the middle east should have been doing when the war was over, so they can be beaten down well and good is an indication they are communicating the fact that we are assuming that all the crisis in the world will put an end to the hatred of women and then put forward examples such as women ripping peoples whole lives when they are angry while there are some that pick on completely innocent people and I am left wondering too if they in all their wisdom simply didn’t see that coming in a world where Women have to go out with escorts if they do not wish to be arrested or flogged or executed just for going out. It feeds into the other case where they say I never support the Politicians which does not come into the matter at all; the whole thing is a Labour Party gimmick where they say they are born and bred Labour and they can identify born and bred Tory when I have never been to a tory part conference in my whole life and certainly am not one; so what is being dodged is the fact that they do not wish to resolve how earning more money than the electorate justifies their wealth inequality sermons and then there will be the idea I support Tories to contend with when I say such things, of which I don’t since it is hard to see what a half priest will gain from a condition where there are stupid women running around the neighbourhood messing people up in order to ensure they have an exclusive right to take money from the rich in return for a product, considering more so that if it makes trouble for me I will mess everybody up too since it is obvious the reasons the rich do not join in the abuses is because of their big cars and homes and the risk that damage will leave them with a heart breaking bill. It does not mean I am completely off the grid as such, I do support what Politics is doing but it’s a matter of the fact every generation comes with its own problems and the duty of Politicians is to fill that in for people; the result is something we all need to be careful not to interfere with i.e. the parents vote Tories and the children grow up to find something missing and vote Liberals and then find something falling in later to vote Labour etc. and it’s an old case where I need not support any party since it will change nothing about the fact that it is their cut throat competition to win government office that is messing up a Politics where all the parties have such widely varying constitutions for them – hence it is the problems that the Politicians add to the ones that come with the generations which causes the serious bottle necks; that old case where it is quite possible to live in a world that is free of talk about women issues as such but when somebody threatens to kill another and the person threatened makes a point of turning to homosexuality because his attacker hates women and he needs to support women who have to give birth to another if something happens to him, it’s what Politicians will do with an already worsened situation such as these that causes the issues that the public as a whole has to deal with, the one that makes back breaking job and pays nothing whatsoever. Hence comes to that question of the exact character of the people who run the civil service on seeing the Politicians behave more like the civil service itself than the parliament and we can already see that the reason we have changed from jobcentre to jobcentre plus to Universal credit in less than 2 decades for the employment system alone is an indication of the fact that I will likely step out of my door to deal with all kinds of nonsense, get into a public transport operated by a scumbag, reach an employment system and go home with the problems of those who run it and a contract in hand concerning what I must do to find work in return for state support; the story is usually that I am a coward and wouldn’t know anything about it when I speak of scumbags that run public transport but that is an old story where its below career and academics and a process of knowing where my lives achievements should be as separate from where the gangs and crime are as it is below teenager having an opinion thing, so I am wondering which ones they are doing when I go out and take an interest in brands I see because I write Books on intellectual property administration and people dish out punishment for me over the fact my so called attitude weakens them against criminals when the weakness comes as a result of being daunted by the fact I am not beaten down through the violent lasciviousness that ensures I am always unhappy, hence the assumption the punishment will not lead to outcomes in which I make them suffer for it intensely too. I mean being a security guard I once did but it was not a career I could do sustainably aside from my injury thing; I knew I had to go out with my mini publicity thing that makes it clear to whole communities what I wouldn’t want at work, allowing me to decide what to do with any trouble maker that shows up and if defending myself when wronged carries too much risk – I knew I had to defend my co employees from their own managers if the behaviour got on my head and ensured things escalated and I knew that attacking those you are supposed to protect seldom go hand in hand with being brave, so it would not have been a question if I had to choose between letting go of the job or staying on while management positions changed hands on account they were being nice resulting in consequences. It’s the same story about the Police where they say I do not work well with them because of something I do on pornography at the Royal Bookshop website; but it’s an old story about all service personnel where there are a group of junkies among them who always give into sex but the fall out is when I get accused of infidelity by it and community croons latch onto that to set me up all day long as gang and violence magnet while complaining about the depleting incomes of their criminal children as a result of what I get up to or how I am way below their husbands that are younger than they are, so I had to set up and write something on pornography for them as well and they are coping with it like I am with their case too; the organised crime product ones have always been a simple group that needs to be cracked down on but there is this sense due to the fear they exude that it is the victims that need to decide which is not true – the scenario is a party where there is cake and drinks and somebody shows up to help people ingest something else that could harm them, it’s not an individual I will want in my party and it is not an individual the government should support in any party that is happening anywhere in the land; we cannot tell our kids what to do all the time and when people have no right to feel good because they are trading, it needs to be cracked down on and I am cracking down mine as much as I can, especially when they bother me too – they do say it’s all talk and bad things would happen if I dared took myself beyond my sense of humour but we all know anybody can fight them if they have no money. The rest that set people up for it and speak of their power are an old case; they are always blabbing of how I need to do it in the now, not talk and leave it hanging but then have made out the things I have done to clip them at International Media and corridors of international communities are random and spontaneous, so this provides them incentives to tell me to do more things to them in the now; as I said, we cannot tell our children what to do everywhere, so it has to be cracked down on and most of my activities are meant to address that whole case of the one message where they need to shut up and also see all that talk about war is utter rubbish as they have no clue what people do with it, no clue what happens when there is freedom to kill and you know where your bother has been and that he is never coming back and that he got there because of a decision somebody else made – need to shut it and stop clowning around. As for playing into the media when I say these things; that will be an old story of amateurs saying what they say and what they do with respect to which class they would have been if the UK was a Country that was not the UK, making me feel like developing a graphic novel out of them all the time but of course since we grow older and our methods change as such, I always confiscate some youth and beauty sleep instead, so they can speak of fucking it like they want to get killed, while I can speak of the probability I might live till the age of 80 looking up too; it’s never really the main media ones, those are rather the simple face of a group of people whose jobs involve having an adventure that brings about the news and are way too fond of their ruffian image, so when you work hard to ensure your livelihood does not end up in such a condition they work hard for the opposite looking for trouble of which I am not the one complaining now – it’s the other bits that feel they always have an incentive because they need make advertisement where stupid boys and girls display themselves all over my life, the way it works is not just the destruction of my Book sale business but also the processes required to ensure their disposition is one that shows they have goods and services that others might want to fill their houses with and those who are rich might want to clear out old stock and buy and for it they need my House and public image, hence the reason the fact they will not make adverts another less abusive and insulting manner usually means I will have no right to feel good; it will end when they do not have the popularity culture and the celebrity bits to do it with anymore as far as I am concerned, at the moment their main problem seems to be the depletion of their incomes year by year. In the end it’s what they do to me to gain the access – for instance if I have an issue with ageists I will pick a Court of older Women and then I will ensure the case where I fancy older women becomes such a state of affairs, completely wild and random and out of control that people are stuck with the dead end of women issues too – if it is younger people making trouble for me, I am likely to pick those broads who will do their jobs and fame while they want nothing more than to have sex etc. what happens is that these fools then get off and work so hard with some bullying to take it away from me conveniently and expect me to labour if they are wrong and now I have to be the person going back to sort out how drugs crime should be clamped down on while they are complaining, I am the one going back to fix the ageists and rebuild a court, which adds pressure to my other matters concerning community croons and their idiots that are always likely to steal peoples careers and support criminals in families and neighbourhoods and they are the ones complaining, which I like to suppose they do because we have not actually met. It’s like those their leadership gimmicks where for instance I get told I will never sell my Books unless Nelson Mandela is getting respect and then it’s not that I am not respectful of Nelson Mandela, it’s just that I have been told I will not be selling my Books and so it’s one of those things about which if people are certain will not resulting in the building of concentration camps when I do my bit as well, need to keep their mouths shut and lay off it – like they want to know why I think victims of drug use do not have a responsibility while they explore the various levels of tolerance people have for such things, when trying to build a matrimonial home.