There should be no reasons for the coalition to be concerned about acting against the Libyan dictator or Arming the rebels or indeed abiding by UN resolutions when doing so.

The UN mandate for action in Libya is the only powerful thing there is there at the present time and the reason for this is that it is the only thing that offers the country an opportunity, a banner on which people can come together and reach a settlement that cannot be worked through arms.

The reasons it is in itself the most powerful thing in Libya at the moment of course being the number of Nations that have taken decisions on Libya and have expressed opinions about the action in Libya, hence there is everything and no questions about political process.

The Libyan Dictator on the other hand continues to take steps against this process and hence continues to breach the UN code, especially the ones involving human rights, which is plunging the country into war when there is a clear set out alternative process that cannot be settled with arms, even if it was possible for people to try does not require arms to settle anything.

As for allies of the Libyan dictator here in the UK and Europe and other trouble makers who are socialist one moment and the next rich socialists etc, what they really want is that they feel they have forcefully created a third group of people which will enable them to have become the second most powerful political ideology in the West, due to the Population they will have on their side and for those of them in the UK in the UK and of course civil wars are not made up of any less than this or more. Even now evident as they have begun to exhibit habits and attitudes which suggest I should be worried about what I must say before I say it, on account they exist and are doing such things.

And of course there is a huge difference between being an equity trader and doing what they want because they have media but that will never be the truth because they have media.

Iraq was just so wasteful careless, carefree death celebrating and destructive and nothing will be done like that ever again.