On the star signs issues again, they say that it was incredibly difficult to understand Libras which is utter rubbish as the main issue is that they can understand Libras incredibly well, but acknowledging that they can will cause the build up of gimmicks that ruin peoples lives to come crashing down. They understand what it means to say that unless it was the one you were accustomed to handling, you should not develop a habit of handling other human beings, especially when female but if it said that this was clear a form of social understanding, then everything it does to run people down and get rich fast will come crashing, even its market for idiots will become difficult enough for it to actually do some work whenever it wants to make profit. We do not need a holocaust to make this clear and we know the Holocaust explained away the way that it was that when we Libras failed to win the battle against the manipulative and lying Scorpio, alongside the abusive Virgo, they were on borrowed time before they got off to the wars or world wars – it shows up here all the time running abusive star sign reading propaganda where it tells lies, wrecks my finances and continues to build hope that its Political fools will do something to make me fight its enemies, like it was in need of assistance from an exorcist and I was a lesser person, it is the part where it suggests it would like to break a libra every time it does which is about to build up into more serious matters as they are not yet done complaining about the bad things Libras did. I mean there is a matrimony and its purpose is for people to way lay me right down to my personal happiness like bandits, the road between home and work was about 2 miles and it does counting 50 stupid things with my social life and career on its way there, they were on a roll, then it gets into a habit of clinging to my earnings once done trashing my academic qualifications with so much useless fun and gimmicks associated with liking my personal life so much it wants to get into a fight over it, to put the wife on a leash, showing up here to make a mess for me endlessly but fails to recognise I am probably more psychotic if I can make a complete mess of the marriage like I so often do. I am aware it is all propaganda and abusive nonsense, the part where I am financially worse off is meant to have been a trophy but it is rather a statement, of the way that the only reason I am cash strapped is that my personal life, social life and career was the best place for exhilarating gimmicks that may improve their social standing, they were catching their breath as we speak and their Politicians could not stop running it off on me so abusively and intensely that it overwhelms who I really am and therefore becomes my history, in which way they could decide my social standing, as stupidly as possible but then again, each time the Government helps to pay my Bills, they started a civil service narcissism, which is again supposed to have been a trophy but is nothing but a statement on the way I have cleared out lesser problems and left them the main problem of ageist gits that cannot keep off peoples bodies securing closer friendship with them from the 20 year career mess made here fooling around at my expense to such an extent they had to catch their breath everyday. I never had a chance back at University, typical one size does not fit all until a neoliberalist passes exams at University before I did and then we find it had a need to build a community that fingered my bum because it could not have enough of taking from my personality and social life – I was rather naïve when I went to University to add to it, never mind the American gits who get about making money in the US market, sharing it with some communities in Africa and South America where they were treated like local chiefs, putting the feet up in tourist destinations to pass insults at me that a bird will carry around the world for it; so I did drop out for need of my whole life being inundated with gimmicks that had nothing to do with me, in order for these gits to improve their social standing and they will not stop stalling my writing career, finances and now my Bookshop thereafter, so for want of breaking a Libra, this is likely to be their undoing and when I start working industry backyards in their detriment, the famous idiots who support them will suggest that perfect love does not exist, never mind they were currently saying I had the worst relationships and people should never take a relationship advice from a libra which of course is fine by me, just the part where they make something of the fact it was a lie. I mean they say Aquarius had no empathy for instance but we know those always want to solve all the problems in the world, would not care to check what an issue of protest was about before they joined in, for which reasons, they claimed that Libras wanted to control people, now we are told they had no empathy. It is not difficult to understand a Libra, we know that when they do everything will become so settled that the brightest minds will shine brightest in the academic environment etc and the obsession with my personal life which they claim they were entitled to was actually partly in fear of the wealth and social inequality that will emerge from the fact they had spent most of their time fooling around at my expense instead of securing the material things that get to their heads, just as we would have been able to see the true extent of Political corruption whenever the Politicians trashed my career over two decades to make me fight people like a dog that was more dangerous when starved on account of how they thought my body should be used and the idea I was a lesser person with a big mouth, the extent of corruption to which effect they looked like the public actually voted for them to get into Government buildings to wreck peoples lives seeking certainty of power.

This is not a difficult matter, it is simply noted that before these idiots think about breaking Libras, they want to first of all cease heaping abusive gimmicks associated with fun practical jokes played up on my career while they saved their own and the finances from me because they were stronger conveniently. The rest of their story is the stupid history they have built here so I could never tell them off and each time I did, they reverted to living in a history of hauling insults at me instead of stopping the abuses; their stupid personal and social lives were clearly very stressful for them every time I saw them on the roads, banging walls and doors at me as well etc, it is set to develop into a result where there was a fight over it and when they die I will not get away with it again, so that they had to show up here running my life with the social activities of criminals to finger my bum and inform me that they had lost what was more precious to their stupidities – needs to stop stalling my Bookshop. They do claim I made up everything about myself which is utter nonsense - I am just a Hermit, something I do with my social life was relevant to Church and State interests, what we are now doing was a matter of whether on existing in an environment where I endured abuses all day and waited for a bunch of idiots to do things to me, they wanted to stop it or they wanted me to, technically they have got a stupid media presence and it gets to decide what form reality took - so far its best ability is to pick up areas of National service that was not available to the Public and then set about telling lies and making up facts with it that gets Americans giving it money to tackle me on claims I was in league with communists to get Americans killed and had converted my wealth equity campaign into a suggestion I am a character people bullied to maintain an atmosphere when big profits were considered and to befriend the wealthy, it has also since picked up my career and Bookshop publicity to update this nonsense and build a crowd that will join in before it started complaining (the idiots who show up here to tell market lies over the sexual context insults have now learned that I told better white lies all together and it has also cost lives too that I did as it were). I am told I might want to think about stopping it all for good but there is nothing to stop, I am aware of spiritually unusual things happening around me and how people construe it to mean that if I was abused in a sexual way, they would own me and it would transpire that they got rich, only for a bunch of idiots with a Media presence to build a national level awareness for it and get me to fight their enemies because they thought I was lesser than they were. It does not surprise me much, Celebrities always tended to clash with the authorities most of the time because they were literally the devil incarnate – what then happens is that I try to save as much light as possible when somebody campaigned against bullying a long time, got it all done, ended up in a condition where further campaigning would create more problems and if they were sad it would create more problems as well, a little association with my public image at the Trust left them with a Celebrity career, the rest of it is a simple reality where if something is evil Celebrities will do it, the part where it is linked to money making gimmicks while the victim suffers endlessly is secondary and meant to be unbearably insolent.