The office of budget responsibility has come to the deduction that the way things were is that the UK boom was really big and the UK burst was therefore really big too. On the ground however the statement of insults coming from Politicians and directed at me seems to get any better.

The black ones just think they can waste my money with their familiarities through its insults, claim it is the power they have over me, ruin my life and then tell me I should be using those beauties they have now exposed and can now see and will determine how it is used, to inspire the future, then set off to make themselves better off on the basis of my existence which I really have no idea how they will since I own them anyway, which to me means they must be my gods or something.

They say what they have to say and then contradict them at the same time looking for people who will get frustrated enough to be abused for energy to get rich. That they now have to pay more towards their pensions and work longer then get less out of it for example. The fact remaining of course that they have always been warned about uncontrolled increase in minimum wage which we all know will produce results at the tills because economic activity within areas of consumer goods are very tightly connected but there are other areas such as transportation and Housing where such things will not work at all. So it was always going to happen at some point, where somebody tells them it is enough and they are not getting any more money or the treasury runs out of money all together, either which way it went of which the economy was going to do badly and all these things were going to happen. Of course I could always say this or I could wind them up and see them go instead. so if they say the purpose was that considering their socialist status they were only making sure people were unable to afford things like Housing and transportation so that the government can step in later to create council homes in which case it is not clear why they like to have arguments with the rest of us when we talk about the economy which is a completely different thing.

I do not have a problem here, I can always make sure somebody suffers severely for making sure these fools have money to follow me around and wreck my business, what I am saying here is that they brought up the issue of confusions about why things actually happened the way that they have happened and of course particularly raised the issue of somebody being to blame for it because they want people whom they can hurt to extract energy to get rich and then the complain about the fact both the process of somebody telling them enough is enough and the government running out of money happened at the same time is the fault of people at home and overseas.

As I have mentioned on other occasions bearing in mind they wanted equality and now the boundaries are that I have my talent and they have the treasury but 4 years on since the recession took hold and we are still working out what needs to be done. They got money from the treasury to set up businesses that they feel they do not want to sit down and trade with any more because they had better blackmailed the government and sought power for themselves over society, in order to have other peoples energy to extract hurt them and get rich; to this end therefore they manufacture political interests from hurting me and hand departments of the DWP for black mail that Politicians were not even resisting in the first place. What is the point trying to do business and to make profit with a business when they have so much control of my privacy and use it to make sure that I cannot get out of the business, shut it down and find something else to do that will not catch their attention unless I give up my faith to please their evil powers, now after years of working at the business have ended up creating an empire where the money I earn working with it goes somewhere else because of years of MPs ruining jobs I create for myself and then making sure I don’t get any at the job centres until they move into my right hand, when the rule is to put my products out in the market and work on their money so that when and if they die it will be their fault? I would do nothing the way the government is although I accept they are doing the correct thing bearing in mind also the way things happen in government is a condition where a project costs 2 millions pounds but consultation programmes take up another 4 million pounds. It will simply make the difficult economic conditions drag on for longer.